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Potty Training: Part of White Privilege

Nobody Flashes

If you are “white” and reading this, I have some good news: You are NOT the only white person on the planet that is now being prosecuted for the color of your “privileged” white skin.

It seems, the newly arrived Muslims in Germany don’t like ‘white’ skinned people either, and like the blacks in America, they can protest their hatred of the “white and privileged” person whenever they like, because they now have a right to do just that, according to the ‘white” privileged elite political class of Germany.migrants running

From Infowars:

Residents in the German town of Ellwangen are reporting that thousands of migrants who recently arrived are defecating on people’s gardens, staging riots in church and stealing from local stores, while police in the area struggle to cope with the disorder.

Taking a page from their black comrades-in-arms in America, they are stealing from stores. It takes a real Hillary village to put up with watching Muslims walk into their stores and walk out without having to pay. Obviously the Muslims have been watching the hundreds of Youtube video’s, where the blacks in America are teaching colored people all over the world how to steal with success! This is because OUR black American President sees absolutely nothing wrong with black people stealing. Not to be outdone by a black American President, (Yes, the EU elites compete with the U.S. elites to see who can be the biggest snob.) the white elite politicians of the E.U. are NOT to be outdone. Ashamed of their white skin, they are out to arrest anyone who dares not have compassion for those poor Muslims, because let’s face it, they were born brown, and according to this report, are not potty trained. The white E.U. elites also know that in their heart of hearts, they really DO feel superior to every brown and black person on the planet, so being rich and knowing they really are making lots of money doing nothing, the guilt gets overwhelming.

Even half-white Obama seems to have that shame.

To be born white is now considered…a crime to face

So far, my Muslims neighbors have NOT defecated on my lawn, and I believe there is a good reason.

Half of the neighborhood have American Flags flying on their front porches.

Nobody Suggests how to solve that problem. The Mayor of Ellwangen should give the Muslims some flower seeds and grass, a plot of land, and let them defecate in their own garden. The Mayor could bring in a few dogs to show them how to do it properly. Using their feet to use the soil to cover up their mess, as dogs do, could help them understand a bit of proper excretion.

Make them feel…special and help them develop brown privilege.

Real potty training could come later. One step at a time.

Who knew, that being potty trained was a ‘privileged’?

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