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Nobody’s Perfect: John Bolton

Nobody’s Perfect

The Porn King of War. That’s how I remember John Bolton. What do we know about him? President Bush had him everywhere. Iraq, Iran, the United Nations. Always on some cable show, talking big. Talking bad. Talking tough. Talking about taking out every nation on the planet. Poppycocking the RINO Bush train to eternity.

President Trump gave him a job. He KNEW President Trump wanted to get OUT of the wars in the middle East. And yet, he stood by his side, as was his job, because, sorry, the Constitution says that the Commander-in-Chief has the last say. HE praised Trump every chance he got.

Now, he is telling everyone that Trump didn’t read the intelligence reports. Trump is a dummy.

In fact, John Bolton says that Trump doesn’t even READ. Well, Obama didn’t read them either. Trump knew what he was going to do as President, and the American people knew it too.

So, why was Bolton even a bit surprised?

Here’s an excerpt from John’s new Trump bashing book:

When Dunford tried to get more specific on what we might do and when in response to an Iranian attack, Trump said the Gulf Arabs could pay. Dunford kept trying to get Trump to focus on specific options along a graduated ladder of possible responses, but somehow, we veered off to South Africa and what Trump was hearing about the treatment of white farmers, asserting he wanted to grant them asylum and citizenship. The discussion on targets then resumed, much of it to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, the mention of our remaining troop presence in Iraq led Trump to inquire, “Why don’t we take them out? In Syria, we got rid of ISIS.” What I heard next was shocking, but I distinctly remember hearing him say, “I don’t care if ISIS comes back into Iraq.”

And why should he? Why SHOULD we care what the heck the Arabs do to each other? The American people are TIRED of fighting the wars. Russia got out. Bush bleed us dry, and President Bush got us into that stupid war. Iraq didn’t attack America. Most of those men who flew those planes were Saudi’s. and by the way, ISIS was Obama’s formation. Trump put a real big hurt on Isis.

President Trump, to John’s dismay wanted to help the poor English farmers who were being slaughtered in Africa.

NOBODY came to their rescue. Not England. They were left for the slaughter.

With actions like these, the post-apartheid government has given the go-ahead on the persecution of whites: there have been thousands of farm attacks, and hundreds of farm murders, since the early 1990s.

The world thinks it’s okay that whites are killed. Because, the new mantra is, they deserve it.

Right John?

And so, I’m not worried a bit about John Bolton. I can imagine the generals of the old Bush dynasty global war machine, with George still at the helm, all ZOOMING daily in their private mansions, about how to takeover and destroy President Trump. Bolton is now part of that anger of one man standing up to having Americans sacrifice their lives so that these rich and powerful ‘military complex” elites, can keep in their dreams of global conquest and war.

Nobody Cares about John Bolton. He can talk all he wants, we are all tired of him.

If President Trump’s big crime is that he wanted to get out of Iraq and help whites being slaughtered in South Africa…and didn’t read Bolton’s opinions on the Middle East, then all WE can do is admire a man who still cares about American and people being slaughtered, and was smart enough to get rid of him

John Bolton is a walking imprecation of human debris.

The good news is: They won’t even give him a statue in any hall of fame.

Yep, he may have said a few good things, but I can’t remember even one of them.

So, Congratulations Mr. Bolton! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week, for stabbing our President and the American people in the back.

In the annuals of history, very few people will remember you at all. All we will remember is your…mustache.


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