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Nobody Knows HOW They Can Get Into Your Blog….

Nobody Knows.

Well, it’s going to take me a while to figure out HOW somebody got into my pages and rewrote my words.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, but, finding a new place to go is going to take time.

It’s not just me that’s being censored and watched. The President of the United States and I’m sure MANY nobodies are being controlled, and censored, and well…it’s not a conspiracy, it’s happening.¬† When politicians are wanting to DEFUND the police?¬†Censoring a blog is minor…but in the end, just as shocking. Who would have imagined we would all slowly be “shamed” into obeying criminals and communists in America?

First I’m going to try to contact WordPress, but I’ve done that before and it’s not easy. It’s much like when you have a problem with a company and they say “Sorry, we are having heavy traffic at this time, your wait is 20 minutes, and you WAIT 20 minutes and…the line goes dead.”¬†


I might have to leave WordPress.

Give me the weekend, and if THIS posts, I’ll be back here on Monday…and by the way, that comment from Anonymous was right.

Bill Gates WANTS to vaccinate everyone on the planet, with a digital imprint on their hands. He already has a patent on it.

The Bible, was right. But when is it not? And yes, they have done it VERY slowly, so we would accept it all.

Please bear with me…and…I love you guys. I am thankful for everyone that comes here and reads my personal frustrations.

Stay healthy. GET SOME SUN!




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