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A Video They Do NOT Want You to See

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They are censoring…no doubt about it.

I could not, as usual, upload this video. But, it’s very moving and worth watching. The deep state and the tech companies do NOT want you to see these videos. This black woman had a gun pointed at her by a black man. She had gone to her store to get her mother’s medicine and her children supplies.

What she found was distressing.

This is happening all over the U.S. The poor neighborhoods local stores are being demolished. Macy’s might recover.

The local Dollar Store, probably not.

I talked to some lady from Florida today who told me the ‘protests’ were over.

Obviously, she lived in a gated community.

Here…feel the pain…and wonder why the left is doing this.

It’s called “Stop President Trump at all costs.” It’s about the 21 down on the right.

NO…it’s called “Shoot me? You going to shoot me.!” It’s from Chicago. The video is down a ways and she’s in a gray tee shirt with lettering on it.

UPDATE I posted this, and when I went to see the post on my site, SOMEBODY had inserted “Stop President Trump at all costs”

I did NOT write that title. You know me. Would I even write that? No. SO…

It HAD to be someone who works FOR WordPress. WordPress is now overwriting my blog. Inserting stuff I did NOT write.

HEY WordPress, I PAY FOR THIS SITE. Knock it off. 

Now, go watch this video.


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