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I’m still finding time to read The Federalist. Funny. I’ve read so many political books in my lifetime, just never got around to reading it.  I’m on No. 3. In which John Jay writes about how IMPORTANT it is for any country to NOT be fractured into different pieces. He uses England as a model. If England alone faced the world, without Scotland and Ireland, and the Welsh, how would it far against a war with Spain? Or France?

Good point.

Some of you might remember my old friend amfortas, I remember, he once told me how angry the Englishmen were at the Irish who did NOT join the fight with England against Hitler during WWII.

He was right to be angry. The English speaking territories had a long history of not getting along.

When you have nations with nukes, and billions more people, you’d BETTER stay united. Too bad our kids don’t get that. And too bad many blacks don’t get that if they walk away and hurt all whites, THEY will lose the fight and end up worse off than before.

Anyway, nere’s some commons sense from John Jay’s NO 3:

Jay: Among the many objects to which a wise and free people find it necessary to direct their attention, that of providing for their safety seems to be the first.

At present I mean only to consider it as it respects security over the preservation of peace and tranquility, as well against dangers from foreign wars and influence, as against dangers arising with domestic causes.

It is of high importance to the peace of America, that she observe the law of nations towards all those in powers, and to me it seems evident that this will be more perfectly and Punctually done by one national government, it could be by either thirteen separate states, or by three or four district confederacies.

Nobody: Do you think it EVER occurred to all these BLM and liberal college kids that dividing the country with such violence, makes our country safer? Not only against the poor people who are having their businesses and loved ones attacked, but safer from an attack against China or Russia?

NO, it weakens us in the eyes of the world, and it weakens our President.

Does the attacks from our former Presidents, and their former cabinet members like John Kerry going to Iran and France and taking a stand AGAISNT our President, do us any good? Isn’t this fooling with America’s destruction?

Of course it is. They don’t care. They want to get in on the GLOBAL government.

President Trump expresses the same exact sentiment that John Jay does. Protect America. Get along with foreign leaders if at all possible, even the tyrants.

John Jay would make the point: The democrats do NOT bring safety to any family. They promote violence, and more suffering, and the final surrender to outside enemies. IN fact, they are working with them.

Nobody Says how refreshing it is to read an educated mind. The founders were ions beyond any brains that we have today.  They would be astonished at what has been done not only to the country, but to the English language.

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