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Justice Roberts: Bush’s Butt Boy.


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Was it a surprise to anyone that Chief Supreme Justice Roberts voted with the liberals on DACA? Everyone is calling him a liberal. He was appointed by President Bush. He’s Bush’s baby. Nobody has fought stronger for the Mexicans and open borders more than the Bush family.

BOTH the Clintons and the Bushes are working toward Daddy’s Bush’s New World Order. And to NOT control the man in the White House is driving them all mad. Crazy enough to push up the destruction of America.

Roberts saved Bush in the 2000 election: He saved the globalists dream of universal health care with making Obamacare a law, and now he is surpassing Congress to give the DACA children taxpayers money.

We lived under the BUSH/CLINTON dynasties for over 40 years. The Bushes want open borders.

I found this tweet today, and the guy is right:  The first thing that will be taken away is our guns, if a democrat gets into the Presidency.

It will be okay for criminals to have guns, but not citizens.

It’s coming.  They can’t enforce their global government without first disarming us.

Killing off old and infirm is one thing: But killing off everybody else with a civil war?

Well gee…if they can get you to stay at home, they won’t need a war.

They will just cut off the water and food. Okay. I’m getting cynical.

Sorry, Roberts is a traitor.

But let’s put the blame where it should be: on the Bush’s.

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