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Nobody’s Perfect: Kanye and Courtney


Nobody’s Perfect:

This week, we got another big laugh when Kanye West announced that he was running for President.

I admit. I do NOT know one song that Kanye West ever sang. Or any fashion statement that made him a billionaire. I DO remember him going to the Oval office making a big splash with his “Make America Great” hat on his head, and praising Trump up and down. Recently, he got religion.

He has been ‘saved.’ He tried to make a lot of money off that too. Sorry. I didn’t pay much attention. What I DO remember, like most Americans is when 19-year-old Taylor Swift won a Music Award, Kanye jumped up on stage and tried to take it from her.

Taylor Swift, I’m ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best videos of all time!” In the 10 years following, those words have been memed, mocked, and forever burned into the brains of anyone who has ever listened to music.

Making me wonder when Will Smith is going to jump up at the Oscars and take the Oscar away from Tom Hanks.

But let’s be real. Making headlines makes you BIG money. It’s awfully late to get into the race, so why is he doing it? It’s confusing everyone.

Take your pick: Number one: He is trying to help President Trump by taking just enough black votes away from Biden and his black woman VP whomever she is. Many would say, including myself, that one of the reasons we are seeing the BLM revolution is precisely because the blacks are waking up to the 50-year-old con of jumping from the slavery of cotton picking to the slavery of being kept in welfare ridden crime cities.


Many say that this revolution is going on to hide the many crimes of the deep state, but the black vote is VERY important to the democrats. They must get them back on that plantation. Telling them that the virus hits them harder is just another raciest ploy.

Or was Kanye sent by Obama to sucker up to Trump, make him think that he loves him, and then run for President and get into office in the ultimate humiliation? After all, didn’t Jeff Sessions and John Bolton do just that? After all, two young white rich billionaires say they would vote for him. Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. There are so many plots to take out the President, this would be just one more.

Nothing surprises me.

OR Number Two: Kanye West really just needs the attention and is such a narcist that he really believes that with Kim by his side, he would make a good president and he just wants the job. Kim could get votes just by showing her boobs. If Trump can ‘brand’ himself, why not Kanye?

Only one problem: Kanye is a rapper. Next to the builder Trump, he knows NOTHING about much of anything.

Polls show it’s more likely he would take votes away from Trump.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”

Oddschecker reported that since his tweet, 61 per cent of all wagers on the presidential race have been placed on Kanye, while 25 per cent have gone for Trump in the belief that Kanye running would take votes away from Joe Biden.

Whatever you may think about Kanye, and I really have no idea about him except he loves the limelight, THIS liberal is pretty pissed off that he is running, because SHE thinks he will take votes away from Biden.

I have to warn you though…the language is pretty shocking.

Home schooled…she’s not.

What do we think about all of this? Nobody’s Perfect. Despite his wishes, I don’t think Kanye has a change, and Courtney?

Too bad your mind is so ‘fucked’ up. You do have a nice voice. Like I said: Nobody’s Perfect.

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