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The Year is Half Over….What’s Next?

Nobody’s Opinion

Well…here we are, one day after the weapon of mass- obedience, almost shut down every fire works and 4th celebration in our country. To his credit, President Trump gave us two to watch…one at Mt. Rushmore, where he told the thugs pulling down statues of great Americans that he was going to BUILD a spot full of statues to honor them all, simply because he knows and we know, they will not stop tearing every one they can…down…And he also gave us one to watch in D.C.

Thank you, President Trump.

Then, you had on TV, Macy’s 4th filled with Liberal palpitations, which made sure that the fireworks over the harbor in New York, made a spectacular splash, along with the Empire State building getting in on the action.

Dubai inspired no doubt.

Nobody mentioned if ANY New Yorkers were onshore watching it, and they showed no pictures of the crowd, so you would think that all the New Yorkers were being obedience dogs.

Right. And I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

Compared with the D.C. fireworks, it was ten times better on our TVs.

Why? They were done with all the Hollywood cameras works they could muster. That billion taken from the cops must have went to pay for fireworks. They just couldn’t let Trump’s fireworks overpower the great New York, now could they?

No matter. What was thrilling is that everybody in the country went out and bought their own fireworks and shot them off in the backyard, where dads got to have a lot of fun showing the kids how it’s done. A memory most kids nowadays have grown up without…. watching dad enjoy thrilling the kids. My neighborhood went crazy with some really fine explosives. I just sat in my back yard with the full moon and the loud bangs, it was a real celebration. It felt…bonding somehow. It was illegal but that didn’t stop anybody.

The next day on the commie news, they had a whole cartoon propaganda show done to warn the dads out there that they should NEVER EVER try putting fireworks into the air themselves.

Well hey! Let the woman do it! (I’m so sick of them making asses out of men.)

The next day we had the announcement that Kanye West was going to run for President. Well, why not? Kim in the White House? Will we have the Kardashians on our TV every day giving us all makeup tips?

Biden is picking some ‘black’ women for VP, and many blacks will vote for Kanye just so they can tell their friends that they voted for the black guy.

I guess this is the Perot strategy. If it is, it works in Trump’s favor. Or maybe not.

Who the heck knows? Do we REALLY want these two show biz people running our country? Uh….

Can I have a vowel?

And then there’s the “Russia” is the most dangerous country to us all cry: AGAIN. To see Susan Rice, the woman who was in charge of our NATIONAL SECURITY when Russia took over the Ukraine, say how much she cares our soldiers and how Russia is killing our men by proxy, is almost laughable.

Here China releases a bioweapon on the world, and she’s crying about a few men in Russia and how dangerous it is that our President is not taking this seriously.

How many remember MS Rice going on TV and swearing that the Bengasi attack was about a video, raise your hands?

Is MS Rice going to be Joe Biden’s pick for VP?

Nobody Knows, but she is all over the Cable Commie stations.

In the meantime, the GOP remains silent and showing up only to work out at the Senate Gym, and eat in the secret dining halls.

What? TELL me they don’t have five-star dining halls in Congress.

So, half the year is over, and the fear mongering goes on.

In fact, the BLM are now armed with BIG guns and threatening to kill all the white men, being allowed to march anywhere with threats of violence.

Nothing they would like better than to start Soros’s civil war.

In the meantime, where’s Hunter Biden? Where’s Hillary Clinton? Where’s Prince Andrew? Where’s Bill Clinton? Where’s Comey? Where is Obama? Where is Joe Biden?

Even more important, where the HECK is our Attorney General, Mr. Barr?

Nobody Knows. 

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