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The Churches Go First….

Nobody Flashes,

Another beautiful Catholic church destroyed in France. I know many Catholics here in my own neighborhood. They were freaking out when the Governor told them they could NOT go to church due to the virus. They can now, but not many are showing up.

They seem to think their church will always be there, so this bit of news really doesn’t alarm them.

Churches are being destroyed all over Europe. And nobody is making a big deal about it.

They are also being burned down here, but that too, is kept off the news.

It’s not just old people being killed off for the NWO, it’s also Christianity.

It’s what the communist do. Destroy religion, and history.

And most all of the Western Leaders don’t say a word. Only our President.

Where will the people go when they can’t go to their church?

I don’t know about you, but to see these beautiful churches being destroyed breaks my heart.

If I were the leader of France, I would have paid to have those churches guarded night and day.

But then again, Macron is a moron. And it’s not our country.

And THAT’s why they all attacked Trump when he went to the little church across from the White House when they tried to destroy it.  Churches must be destroyed. Most religious people support Trump.

The Drudge Report, did not even mention it.

It’s Sunday. And somehow everyone thinks the ‘new normal’, where you listen to your sermon on your computer,  will be okay.

(sigh) Yeah, and fish survive out of water for days.


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