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Hollywood: Master the Art of Social Engineering.

Nobody Wins

Okay. We watched this movie on Netflick last weekend. It’s a typical fast moving, bad-ass, lots of guns action film.

Here’s what’s wrong and what bothers me to no end: It’s the deep state propaganda brain washing at it’s highest art form.

FIRST: The main character is a woman called “Andy” and she’s called “THE BOSS” by the other five in the group of warriors. The story is these people are immortal and can’t die. Two in the group are a Muslim, and a Christian, who tried to kill each other in the crusades and now they are lovers. Men. Who kiss a lot and talk about true poetic love. Why not kill two deep state themes with one stone?

Then you have the one white guy who is lonely and turns against “the boss.” He’s the traitor.

Andy of course used to have a ‘lover’ who was Chinese woman, but was drowned as a witch once upon a time.

And then..the theme. They are being hunted down for their “DNA.” And a young black girl who is a Marine is found out to be just like them, and ANDY takes her into the team, trains her to ‘kill’ and there are lots of talk about being warriors etc..and you know that the young black women is going to take over as “BOSS.” White macho Andy is there to guide her into her role.

Oh, and Andy has gone about throughout history saving the young, mostly black, and helpless children being persecuted. She’s a ‘hero.’

The must have “puke” scene was included. Yes, I’m going to bug my readers with this until somebody notices it too.

For YEARS Hollywood has been socially engineering our young and mushy minds into thinking that blacks, and women, should be our next leaders, and the macho man is usually the bad guy.

Even though the bad guy in the movie was a young tech guy, it doesn’t matter.

The themes are ALWAYS subluminal. And they are the same themes coming out of Obama’s and Hillary’s mouth..

Now, you and I might not think much of this, but trust me…everyone else is being conditioned to accept women leading military operations, and being in command. It’s not that I don’t believe woman can not be leaders, it’s that most women cannot compete physically with men in combat jobs.

WE ARE NOT BUILT TO “KICK ASS.”  A few of us maybe, but in the deep state, it’s the new order.

Butch haircut, no sex partners, no kids, just a mission to save the world. How…noble.

How many young women are going to want to emulate these ‘heros’?

You tell me.

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YES! I pass this spot all the time! Thanks to our Police!

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