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Nobody’s Fool: James Woods

Nobody’s Fool

I just saw this today on Gateway Pundits site. You would have thought that this interview would have been shown all over the networks, after 9/11, but evidently not. I don’t remember seeing it, and being as I was glued to FOX back then, I’m surprised.

In this video, James makes the point that Al-Qaeda made test runs for 9/11, and he witnessed it on a plane he happened to get on. Thankfully, he WASN”T afraid to speak to the pilot, many people have been too brainwashed to even question Muslims.

This nobody agrees with James Woods. The F.B.I. men and women who work in the field are remarkable. When I contacted them, they did the same to me: They showed up at my front door, early in the morning, and tried to help out.

Unfortunately, it’s the top leaders of almost all our government houses that are corrupt, and the grunts in the field have to obey, but no doubt they have stopped many an attack and got no thanks.

James has the highest I.Q. in Hollywood, ( and probably the country.) but that’s not what makes him so special. What makes him special is his love for the truth, and his strong patriotism, and his honesty.

It’s funny about honesty. It calls to your soul like a magnet.

If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you are really missing some great stuff.

So, Congratulations Mr. Woods! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for not being afraid to go against the liberals idiots in your own profession, and being a great actor.

Don’t stop Tweeting. You’re tweets are bullets to our enemies, and God bless them.



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