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So, Australia? What Are You Going to Do?

Nobody Cares

Funny. When Hong Kong was being repressed by China, all the leaders of the world condemned it, and loudly….but DID NOTHING. Now, when Australia is turning into Nazi Germany, we hear crickets. Where’s the Queen on this? Prince Charles? Are they talking?

Anyone care to explain?

At least some of them are fighting back. But, let this be a lesson to Americans.

NEVER, EVER, give up your guns.

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  1. That said…… it is escalating.

    The socialist gummunt in Victoria has turned the police into militarised, weaponised thugs. The cops are happy to ‘bend the knee’ to BLM protesters (which have nothing to do with Oz) but use rubber bullets against the man / woman in the street.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 23, 2021 | Reply

  2. Let me reassure you. It is not ‘Australia’, Joyanna. It is Victoria. We have States here, a Federation, just like America. Victoria (about as big as the UK, and is the second-smallest State in Oz)) is where the troubles are happening. The big protests, of which you see just a small example here, are happening in one city, in Victoria, not the whole nation. The police thuggery (far worse than you show) is in Melbourne, the main city in Victoria which is infected by a far-left government and a Premier who is in the pocket of China. Many examples (probably not shown on American TV) have happened to individuals like that poor woman and her child.

    We have seen cops snatch phones from the hand of old ladies and arrest them for sitting on a park bench in the sunshine. We have seen a pregnant woman arrested in her kitchen, in her pajamas, for daring to tweet info about a protest march. We have seen a 74 year old woman pushed violently to the ground and pepper-sprayed by TWO burly cops for daring to walk down the street in a protest mob of one. We have seen journalists arrested and handcuffed for daring to film such appalling behaviour.

    But…..I could remind you of the far worse, destructive, damaging riots and wicked behaviour, with guns, mayhem and murder in the streets, that have occurred all across America over the past few years. We have not even in Victoria seen the bloodshed, burning buildings and chaos that you have experienced.

    But then, we don’t have guns (we do have many though) to anything like the everyday extent that you have. Thank goodness.

    Let me give another State example: Tasmania. This State is about as big as many of your smaller States. Most of Oz States are enormous, being as large as several of your larger states put together. Indeed we have a ‘Ranch’ (a Station, we call it) in one of our States that is bigger than Texas. But Tasmania is quiet and peaceful, ( and happily an Island !! ) and we observe Victoria with the same alarm as you do. We do not have ‘lockdowns’. We do not have riots in the street. We do not have mass protests. Nor do we have a socialist/communist mob running the politics here. Life has gone on here as before, but even quieter, as the Cruise Ships no longer call in here.

    The other States are being managed far more competently and peacefully than Victoria. Yes, there are many here who do not like the restrictions caused by the irrational responses by all Oz Governments. Many refuse the Vaccine. Many are angry at the suspension of key elements of our Constitution (such as inter-State commerce and movement). That anger is contained, not by cops and guns, nor by overly heavy handed politicians. It is contained by the generally sensible and civil Australian people.

    This may change, of course. While Victoria is taking the brunt of authoritarian excess, the rest of the nation is watching with great alarm, just as you are. I am heartened that you are sympathetic to our troubles. God knows we over here have been sympathetic over many years and tears to your troubles. Here, things may be reaching a head. Anger is spilling over. We Ozfolk do not like seeing our Premiers and federal PM acting like dictators, and we resent the way the police have morphed from the friendly cop into the thug. But again, that is so far only in Victoria.

    Keep watching, my dear friend. Keep sympathising. I hope Oz comes through this with some decorum, sense and sanity. I pray for Oz just as I pray for America.

    The sickness is across the west. It is not covid.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 22, 2021 | Reply

    • Good points. The riots in America have been going on since the sixties, and put on and funded by the communists and the poverty caused by the democrats. But, our police force has handled the ‘citizen’ rioters with kid gloves.  Like your Victoria, our Washington D.C. “protest” was our warning sign that the police state or the powerful elites would not tolerate protest. That is the concern here, not the usual decay of cities in America. We are bigger than Australia, and our cities have been cesspools of poverty and crime for quite some time. BY DESIGN. So in that way, we are worse off than you.  But, that’s different than police actions against their own people. The arresting of common citizens for really their basic rights of speech is EVERYWHERE it seems in the world now, and when the police get to becoming idiots and Gestapo’s in the WEST, the world is in trouble.  So, we agree.  It’s good news to hear that much of Australia is not having to deal with it so far. Like a war plan, the globalists are going for the BIG cities first.: Hong Kong, New York. L.A. Chicago, Malborne, and the state of Texas. It seems China already owns Trudeau. London. Paris…not looking good.  I don’t think the people of the world will NOT put up a fight.  Yes, we have lots of guns here. Most everyone owns a gun, but those that do, hardly use them. Still, history has shown, has it not, that when a people is disarmed, tyrants can come in with armed police and game is over. And that game is over for a long time.  WE hope that our police, military, and others will see the madness and refuse to do the state’s bidding. Here in America, nurses and military men are quitting by the thousands because they refuse to take the vaccine, god bless them for it.  How is it in Australia? And so I take it you would prefer people NOT own guns but wait for the right politician to fix things?  Nobody Wonders. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 23, 2021 | Reply

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