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The Great Muslim/Western Civilization Reset. How Long Was This Planned?

Nobody Wonders

Today we watched the Global-puppet bumpkin, Joe Biden, address the United Nations. Everyone looked bored, but John Kerry. He was wide-eyed and paying close attention. What did Joe say? Basically, a bunch of high-sounding platitudes, much of it so hypocritical it was hard not to laugh. He bragged about getting out of Afghanistan, and how America would “come to the help of a friend” in other words, we will send lots of money to Afghanistan. And jumping on board with this is….

Drum roll please: The great reset magicians themselves!

This nobody links you to THIS interesting group that has been making SURE Muslims invade the populations of the West….


Rockefeller group enlisted Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, powerful network for instant embrace of new wave of refugee immigrants – World Tribune: U.S. Politics and Culture, Geopolitics, East Asia Intelligence, China, Geostrategy, Military, National security, Corporate Watch, Media Watch, North Korea, Iran, Columnists: Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, John Metzler, Jeffrey Kuhner, John McNabb, Joe Schaeffer, Bill Juneau, Alexander Maistrovoy, Donald Kirk

The Rockefellers decided to launch a new mass migration movement into the U.S., and the sheer size of scope of the network constructed is startling. Click on this link and just keep scrolling down to get a feel for the vast influence the Rockefellers wield.


Be SURE to click on that LINK, and hold your breathe.

It’s hard to believe that ALL these powerful networks are really into flooding all western nations with Muslim refugees. Why in the world would they want to destroy western civilization? Bush, to his credit, decided that America would be flooded with South American young men, but maybe he actually helped with flooding Europe with Muslims by starting those major Middle Eastern wars? But it doesn’t matter how the nations are flooded…it’s all about the Tower of Babel. Mix the cultures, the languages, and you can divide and conquer quickly. After all, these Muslims could be put in other Muslim nations where they speak the same language. That’s common sense. So, why not?

Add to that, many of our GOP Governors:


In August, only about 10 Republican governors supported the proposed resettlement, including well-known “moderate” Republicans such as Larry Hogan in Maryland, Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Brian Kemp in Georgia, Doug Ducey in Arizona, and Phil Scott in Vermont. But since then, eight more

Republicans have joined in their support for the plan. In total, the 18 states with Republican governors that now support refugee resettlement are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.


But, back to Bush. Many think now, after hearing unrefutably evidence that those two towers were brought down with explosions, that the event was an attempt to get us involved in Middle Eastern wars.  (See video below.) On that day, Bush was busy letting whatever Saudi’s that were in the country, fly out, while he grounded every other plane. This was alarming due to the fact that we were NOT told at that time, 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden himself was from one of the kingdom’s most exalted families. His companies build many of our military bases AND he worked with us as a CIA agent.

But, bin Laden was pretty pissed off at the ruling “secular” family. They were getting rich off the oil, and keeping their people poor and ignorant. (Sound familiar?) Thanks to the Bush family.

The Saudi and the U.S. government jointly announced that five Saudi charitable offices overseas had been designated ‘financiers of terrorism.” This foundation had tentacles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Albanian, Bosnia and the Netherlands. But what are ARE generals concerned about? American patriots. WE are now the terrorists.

What this nobody wants to know is what is Bushes relationship with the Saudi’s, and now Joe Biden has shut down OUR oil production and we are right back into making the Saud’s rich again.

So, while they were trying to get President Trump on Treason, our former Presidents were helping bring about this “global” reset, by fueling mass immigrations into all western nations, in order to destroy and to “Build, Back, better.” This plan could have been born LONG before even Reagan.

Recently, I have read that President Trump had to be part of this plan, BECAUSE…and they have a point. He is promoting the weaponized vaccines: and he worked to put a lot of RINOs in office.

Those facts can’t be denied.

But then again, when you look at that link and ALL the companies and people who are going to make billions off of destroying the world and killing millions of people, you have to wonder.

Look what he is up against? Is he exposing them because there are SO many powerful people doing this? According to this link, most of all the rich, at least 90 percent of them, are on board with this plan to destroy the world, and come back with a China model of global governance.

Nobody Wonders. And yet, how do WE fight for our own country when so many have now decided to burn down western civilization? How do the Australians? The French? The British? Hong Kong? Taiwan? Japan? How?

(sigh) We pray.

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