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Mrs. S: Cuban Tells Us About Communism

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We are a world of basically nobodies, ruled by a few somebodies, but such is history, except NOW, the elites are, as they say, “Putting their boots on the neck of billions underneath.”

As Wayne Allen Root noted this week in his blog, communism is here.

The Radical Communist Takeover of Our Country. America is Finished…Unless We Move Quickly. Here’s a Solution. – Root For America

Having said this, I wanted to post the words of a Cuban woman, who lived in Cuba’s communism  under Fidel. I post her words from the book “Does Fidel Eat More Than Your Father? Conversations in Cuba” by Barry Reckord.

Barry went to Cuba in 1971 to talk to the Cubans…and he reports his conversations with Mrs. S.


The block was shabby, overcrowded, two or three to a room, the rooms kept clean by mothers and grannies who had been poor all their lives but impervious to politics, holding on to their poverty because for them the only alternative to bad is worse. (Think Chicago South Side) Left to them Fidel would still be slaying mosquitoes in the Orient bush. Their normal self-interest has been crippled by propaganda and fear. Like Che’s Bolivian Indians, they are “impenetrable as stones”. In Latin America revolutionaries have nearly always ended on the gallows. As a result, young Cubans believe that the foundations of liberty is political awareness, and call elections held without this awareness the “electoral farce.”

A few days later I ran into a hurricane named Mrs. S, a wiry, untidy woman with a bitter mouth although her eyes had a brightness which might have been amusement. The famous Cuban literacy, she stormed, was indoctrination. There was no dissent, Literacy wasn’t everything. Dr Goebbels was a Ph.D. It was like a new dark age in Cuba. The New York and London Times were there in the National Library and the students were so brainwashed they never read them. She had lectured in the States and was not ill and ageing. “And anyway, can’t you see that it is better to be illiterate and poor than spied on?” They know who visits me and who I visit. My God, can you believe it and if any crisis comes, I’m marked for jail. Under Mr. Castro it’s suddenly my neighbor’s duty to know how I live. Everybody knows that in any civilized country your neighbors are your natural enemies. Your house is a fortress.  Here in Cuba every jackass is knocking on your door to give you advice about who you should see and who is dangerous. And if you say to go hell, they feel righteous.

NOBODY: Think about this. Fidel had a system where everyone was spied on. Tell me, what does the NSA do, with every phone call, every internet visit, every bank transaction being recorded? The Politicians and CEOs, our Homeland security is warning everyone of white supremists, Trump supporters are now the country’s enemies and are being stalked everywhere as enemies of the state.


“You tell me this happens in all countries where there is danger of attack, but this thing is inherent in communism. It is happening to Russia and again now in China. Communism wants to destroy man’s indestructible sense of territory, clean up the jungle. They want to take the lock off my front door. You say, I don’t have to go to their eternal meetings, but then I feel disapproved of, I sit here groaning, felling I’m a public enemy. I can’t have leave. I’m a Cuban. I have no family to go to. (We can’t leave America. It’s the last fortress against global communism.) I can see you sitting there, thinking I’m a gusano and that I exaggerate. Well, you don’t live here. At first, I went out into the fields, I stood guard. People, people, people. Even after you lock your door and sit alone by the radio, you dread it won’t be for long. And what for?  So, everybody has it, who wants it? People only desperately want what they don’t have. Don’t they understand that? Our deepest need is to be on our own, different, non-conformist. To avoid other people, no matter how virtuous they are. To laugh at them, hate them, have defenses against them. I am much as a fighter for independence as Fidel Castro. My motto is “Leave people alone.” —to be crooks, exploiters, saints, torturers, anything that satisfies their private needs which no man can measure. Compared with this, literacy, food, hospitals are nothing. You said just now, why don’t I just do the Minimum and everybody would accept that.  I could lock my door in peace. Well, why don’t I? I agree there are several people on the block who do the minimum, or even do nothing, and seem quite happy. ( I have MANY neighbors like that. Biden is destroying the country but they are very happy.) Everybody knows that they like Fidel, even if they are a bit lazy. Everybody knows who visits them but nobody cares very much. I suppose that’s true. They don’t complain of interference. If a crisis comes, they won’t be arrested. But what sort of people are they? Grey people, weak people, not like me. They could live under stones. The world is full of obedient little people, but they’ll never invent anything. Inventors are people basically disobedient: opposed to any status quo. Their instinct is to be different. This is the whole principle of invention and freedom to see things differently. This is what democracies enshrine.

Nobody: True. All the real inventions that affect our modern life were invented in freedom. What did the Muslims give us? Russia? China? Right. They live on mostly American and Western Civilization’s inventions.

There’s more that she said, but I will post more another day.

Communism: NOW we know why they left its history out of our schools. Read Wayne’s blog. Nobody could agree more.  

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