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The Queen…Still Rules? A Lesson in the British Empire and How It Still Rules

Nobody Remembers….

I remember a conversation I had many moons ago with my friend amfortas, (The Knight and the Drummer) in which he claimed that the Queen of England had no power whatsoever.

Mmmmm…she sure is rich enough I thought. If she is so powerless, why does her family keep amazing so much wealth? According to these two gentlemen, she has the ‘golden pass’ and yes, she has a lot of power.

I was sent this again, in an email. It was probably one of the most fascinating history lessons that I’ve ever heard anywhere, and these two Americans, really backed up their research.

What I really want to know is…are we still ruled by the British empire? Amfortas would be ecstatic. This nobody hopes amfortas listen to this discussion of British history, pass it around to his MENSA friends, and tell me what they really think.

Is it true? Go ahead, have fun with it.

Anybody else like Mrs. O, or Tim, or anybody: Please jump in with any comments.

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  1. Ecstatic? Me? Good Lord Harry, no. Have you never heard the phrase, “no good deed goes unpunished” ? Britain had the only benign empire in history, although America (which supplanted it with some chicanery) has been almost as benign, both showering the world at large with gifts of civilisation, law, trade, technology and language, but is learning the lesson itself. Calumny is the lot of leaders. That’s the reward. That’s the punishment.

    As for Betty. What is this bizarre bizzo of claiming that Mrs Queen is some sort of leading lizard I/C the world? Calumny there too, perhaps? The ‘wealth’ of which you speak is in her name only, like Biden is president in name only. She long ago bequeathed the whole shebang to the British People (via the gummunt, of course) and gets a modest pension in return as befits a Monarch. Her costs are far less than the White House. The ‘Royals’ bring in Billions in foreign revenue from tourism and ‘association’, that quality so sought after by so many that they pay through the nose for it. Americans in the main. That ‘shebang’ I mentioned of course, like any other physical asset increases in value and earns income. Why should hers (or Britain’s) be any different?

    As for she being some World Ruler, do give over. She is like PINO Bidunce, signing whatever is shoved in front of her on her writing desk. The Commonwealth leaders like their State Dinners but always diss the host.

    The thoughts of Mensa are barely worth canvassing. Put three Ms in a room and you will have 14 stances in half an hour, most not supported even by their champions. I shall be no different here



    Comment by Amfortas | September 25, 2021 | Reply

    • Well, thanks for  that info and good to know. Although, the Queen is certainly sharper than Biden, whose brain surgeries alone should have disqualified him from office, but then again, the New World Order must go on. .Nobody Wonders who IS benefitting from all those golden tickets.  I was watching an old sitcom last night, and the KING OF HELL was reading an ancient document and looked up and said, “Well, it’s a spell, but sorry, it means there is NO reversing the NEW WORLD ORDER.” What?  It kind of like watching the old episode of the Simpsons, where Trump came down the escalator at his hotel and became President, and this was predicted many years before anybody knew he would ever run. They’ve also predicted that Ivanka will be President in 2028.  So the question is: Who ARE these people and what comes first? The chicken or the egg? The Big Bang or God? 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 25, 2021 | Reply

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