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Tucker Carlson says more than I could ever say…about the illegal and pathological raid on President’s Trump house, but what I do want to say about the raid on Mar-a-Lago is that our major institutions are now run mostly by criminal communists who really don’t care about the law, are ABOVE the law, and if you believe that Trump had nuclear secrets tucked in Malania’s underwear than I suggest you take a few more hits of that bong.

You’re going to need it.

What’s even more predictable is how the media is trying to convince us ALL that the Trump supporters are coming to get all FBI agents with their ‘ghost guns’ and bombs. We’re too busy trying to find a fast food place that doesn’t charge the same price as a 5-star restarant. We went to one tonight, a Steak N Shake, and you got to eat inside, but there were NO waitresses. Just a machine where you could order your food.

Can you imagine how many kids now in high school will not find that first job?

This is Obama and Hillary STILL trying to arrest Trump, or at least cost him so much pain that they can keep him from running.

In the meantime, they passed another bill to destroy us all. Which one you may ask?

All of them.

Nobody Knows how much worse it can get do we? As Tucker says, this is all about coming after not only Trump, but ALL his supporters.

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