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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden

Yesterday at our local hardware store, the manager ran up to me and said, “So, do you think Joe Biden is really dead?”

I must admit, I think he’s brain dead, but REALLY dead? It hadn’t occured to me. He told me all about the conspriacy’s on the internet.

Evidently, this video is getting a lot of attention:

I must admit, I wouldn’t put anything past the elites to ‘fake’ Joe Biden whenever they could. While the ears, the teeth, the face looks the same, the VOICE is the main difference. Could it be an actor digitally enhanced to LOOK like Joe? Sure it could.

One guys put hit this way:


When deepfakes first came on the scene in late 2017, after Motherboard found someone tinkering with face-replacing AI algorithms that put celebrities’ faces in porn, one of the biggest concerns experts raised was about the threat to our shared reality: Once the public can call into question the authenticity of every image and video that’s disseminated online, it’s very hard to convince people that anything is trustworthy, anymore. 


Which means, is it advantageous to put out the rumor that Joe is Dead? Sure it is. Propaganda is abundant. Still, we’ve seen enough of Joe and all his stupid stutters to think that why would they want him dead when he’s doing SUCH a good job destroying the country and therefore the people behind him giving him all the answers and directions will NEVER be blamed OR prosecuted? Thats’ a win/win for all the criminals running the world.

He’s too much of a good thing.

“Well, I don’t think he’s dead. But I DO think they pump him up with steriods and other drugs to keep him alive.” I said.

The manager wasn’t convinced.

“No, Joe is probably not dead, but then again, Barack Obama WAS gay and Michelle WAS a transvestite just like Joan Rivers said. Remember, she died on the operating table about a month after she made that statement.”

The reason I think Michelle was a man was because anyone who has seen a transvestite in real life knows they can put an ordinary real woman to shame, Even Marilyn Monroe would have had a hard time competing with some of them. They CAN make a man look like a woman, and they doctored many a picture to make ‘her’ MIKE….look fabulous.

They CONTROL everything.

So, is Joe Dead? Could they REALLY digitally put his face on another body and make it talk?

Uh…can most politicians lie? Can a man beat a woman in swimming? Can two plus two equal four?

Would they REALLY put up a fake Joe Biden to run the world?

Sure they would! Nobodys’ Perfect! Not even a dead Joe can be perfect.

Nevertheless, I still think they might just fix up the video to make him talk better. We couldn’t be so lucky now, could we?

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  1. he also changed clothes


    Comment by Debbie | August 15, 2022 | Reply

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