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Nobody Warns: Do NOT Dream in Color

Nobody’s Opinion

I had a dream last night. It was a horrible dream…. but first let me lay the groundwork for it.

Recently, a huge snake was seen by some plumbers in our big bush at the end of our driveway one morning. They took a picture of it. I must admit, my first reaction was that I was glad he was there, because he could eat up the mice, and therefore, I would not get another infestation in the house.

The plumbers told me that that snake was crawling up to the top of the bush (which is as tall as a crabapple tree) to eat the birds, not something I thought big snakes would do in the middle of the suburbs.

And since I LOVE birds, then I got to thinking…wait. I must get rid of him. He’s big, but probably not poisonous.

I must drive under that big bush every time I leave the house, and I always look for him, but so far, no luck.

It’s been on my mind that snake. I love my hummingbirds that come every year to feast on my flowers in that bush, is he eating them?

And last night, he appeared in my dream; First it was just him in the backyard, big as a python. He was trying to eat a small dog, then out of nowhere, other snakes appeared, swallowing birds, raccoons, squirrels, other snakes: Add to that orgy came some crocodiles, it was a bloody feeding frenzy of HUNDREDS of animals, horrible to watch, The closest I can describe it was it was a Hieronymus Bosh painting but live and with animals instead of people.

When I woke, my first thought was to get those horrible images out of my head. But I know myself. For some reason I always dream in metaphors. ALL the time. And that horror was just a metaphor for what I read every day, what I KNOW is happening not only to the United States but to the world.

The elite are promising hell on earth, and we see it happening every day.

Just read the headlines on The Liberty Daily: 🔔 The Liberty Daily ⋆ The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report, and you might get the idea.

I was trying to pick out just ONE subject to go into from that site, but there were so many, and all of them important and dire. From Hillary’s band of FBI thugs going once again for Trump’s throat: To the vaccine mandates still destroying lives and businesses, to Nancy Pelosi, to China, to INFLATION—you name it.

Today, we went shopping for a new shirt for my husband. He has tee shirts, and nice shirts for work, but not many ‘dress’ shirts to wear to a nice restaurant. We now have to travel pretty far to shop, all the stores in our area are gone. (Replaced by Amazon) In fact we drive a good half hour…and in this one very nice strip of stores, were all …. illegals? They all were shopping at the expensive stores, and one family pulled up in a $75,000 brand new truck, and blocked our car so we couldn’t back out. We waited as a big family, very well dressed came out of the store and piled their purchases in the back of the truck. They were ALL very happy…and obviously, very rich.

Nobody spoke English. This is Missouri, not Texas. They all look like they had a lot of money. Not like the Americans shopping, who look tired, woren out, and mostly in old clothes.

As we were driving home, we stopped at a stop sign and I looked over at two black men sitting waiting for a bus. We don’t have air in our old car, so he shouted at me…“You have any cold water?”

No, we didn’t. ‘Yeah, It’s hot” I said. “Sorry. But hey, there is an excellent Chinese food place right behind you that serves great food.”

“Oh, I’m homeless.” said the black guy…he was looking for food too.

Was he homeless? I doubt it. He looked pretty healthy. But I did think, about getting the air conditioner fixed on the car so that I could keep the windows up. It’s not money I want to spend…because we just found out we need a new air conditioner AND heater for our house. God knows how much that will cost.

We had a man come out and look at it and give us a price.

“Are you really planning on staying in this house?” He asked. After he saw the damage that had been done from the sewer. Or maybe it was the neighborhood.


So, there you are. My dream reflected the stress that I think many Americans are going through right now. Tyranny has come to our country, to the WORLD frankly, and the threats we are witnessing everyday are as frightening as a backyard full of wild and vicious animals.

Because that’s what the leaders of the world are. VICIOUS ANIMALS. They are eating us all whole. Sending many of us to their own version of hell.

Nevertheless…in my dream, they were still OUTSIDE the house. I was still safe. But for how long?

In the world, many of us are still sheltered in our homes, hoping the hungry and dangerous animals do not get in…and you know what?

I think that’s where they want us. Full of fear, and inside.

Which means…I am determined to find that snake…and….well…get him out of my dreams once and for all.

I want him….gone.

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