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Nobody Knows About the OTHER Vaccines

Nobody Knows

Just how many nurses are quitting because they are being forced to either get the vaccine or lose their jobs. In New York, almost a third of the nurses have quit. Once hero’s, where they worked daily to save the Covid sick, they are now villains’.

I have a friend who was a nurse for years, now retired. She got the Johnston and Johnson vaccine because she was told it was the less of the three evils. Her husband, got it too. Now we find out, that she will have to have a booster every year.

If I sent this to her, she wouldn’t even watch it. She called me yesterday and told me she has Shingles. As I reported, earlier this year I had it too. I did watch a video by a doc that says he saw a huge increase in Shingles from people who had received the vaccine. About three years ago, I asked for a pnemonia vaccine because I noticed that most people who went into the hospitals always caught pnemonia. So, now I wonder, did that pnemonai vaccine also have nano-tech that these current vaccines have?

The last 5 years we have seen a major push for EVERYONE to get a flu shot. They even gave them away free at Walgreens and CVS. I remember thinking THAT was strange.

So, Nobody knows whatever is going on with these vaccines, it’s not about keeping people from getting sick.

As we see in the video, it’s about money, and control.

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