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Opera, Beethovan & AC/DC?

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One for amfortas, one for me, and one for the road.

September 25, 2021 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I have watched and listened to that piano performance four or five times now. Hmmmmmm. I am still not sure about it. I like pianists. What a pianist does is not possible, of course. You have to change a brain to be able to get close. I guess that is what practice does. It takes a person well beyond what a human is capable of. But…. I still enjoy.

    There are some far and a way better of course. Top of the poster players. Here are some. Leading them off is one I am simply besotted by. Yuja Wang. I would listen to her for an hour and then kiss that mouth for the next hour before listening again 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | September 29, 2021 | Reply

    • Of course, Yuja is one of those One in 50 million who had a direct line to Heaven from birth. Some children have gifts which even most adults cannot approach. The ‘muse’ inside is Divine.

      Here she is just nine years old.


      Comment by Amfortas | September 29, 2021 | Reply

      • Lovely Amfortas! Thanks for posting them. 🙂
        Have you heard Alexander Malofeev play Rach 3 (that’s what my son calls it, as he plays it as well)? That’s another one whose gift showed
        at a very young age.


        Comment by Mrs. O | September 29, 2021

  2. The singer but not the song. In that instance.

    Try this. Both sublime, especially when you know what the words say.



    Comment by Amfortas | September 25, 2021 | Reply

    • Okay, Amfortas ~ I don’t speak any language but American English 😉 (tho’ I know a (very) few words of French, German, Latin) so I didn’t know WHAT she was singing, but after your comment I looked up the lyrics and their translation, for both the one Joyanna posted and the one you did above. I agree the lyrics to the song by Grieg are lovely and much better than the other (sorry Joyanna, tho’ she has a lovely voice). 🙂 Thanks for sharing, both of you! And yes, Joyanna ~ I’ve shared the Peter Bence one w/ my son, as I think he will like it. 🙂


      Comment by Mrs. O | September 26, 2021 | Reply

      • I too, Mrs O, speak only English, with a smattering of parle francais like un natif de Coventry. My Latin, apart from ‘Edepol, mangnum pilae igneum, (Goodness gracious, great balls of fire) is confined to the Holy Mass which has many long, involved prayers that I have off by heart. I listen to beautiful ‘furrin’ songs and have to look up the lyric translations.


        Comment by Amfortas | September 26, 2021

  3. I know—Imagine what Beethoven could have done with this technology! He’s pretty fabulous. I bet your son would like him.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 25, 2021 | Reply

  4. Dear Joyanna,
    Thank you for posting those two YT’s. I enjoyed both, but the young pianist was astounding!


    Comment by Mrs. O | September 25, 2021 | Reply

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