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Forget Halloween…Zuckerberg Is the New Monster

I’m sorry. This guy intents to connect all of humanity, into living their whole lives online. Sure, it’s exciting to him, but be sure, like we all KNOW the top oligarchy in the world does not live on Facebook, only the rest of us will be sooner or later FORCED to.

You won’t be able to get food, or a job, or anything unless they make that job of your obsolete and you have no choice to to work online in a virtual world of basically controlled kid games.

This IS the new nightmare. Taking people completely out of reality, parking them on their computers all day, and what could go wrong?

In the computer world, you won’t HAVE to wear a mask or distance.

See how clever they are now rolling the obedient world into their world?

It’s still Halloween, and I’ve never been more scared.

Trust me, you will want to watch what the elites have planned for your future…and don’t be fooled. Walking through a forest in virtual reality glasses will never match your own five senses.

Facebook has dumbed down billions of people all over the planet, and they’ve only just begun.

Good god. Beam me up Scottie.

Well said. Also, they are changing how people interact with each other. They are ‘distancing’ people from one another causing them to communicate more and more through technology.

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