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I was listening to an old cassette today. I remembered that I had made a tape of my favorite songs to listen to while I drove to the Smokey Mountains once for a vacation. And the FIRST song on the tape was Ode to Joy, but a longer version. I tried to find it on Youtube, couldn’t but I did find this, which I thought was interesting. Probably if not THE greatest song ever written, right up there at the top. AFTER Ode to Joy, I had put a Michael McDonald song, “I keep forgetting.” on the tape and I thought today while I was listening to it, that the McDonald song was a perfect follow up.

As I’ve said before, Mike was from Ferguson, Mo, not far from where I grew up, and I used to go listen to him when he was a young nobody playing in local bands. I always wondered why he appeared so shy…never much of an entertainer, but then the Doobie Brothers brought out the best in him. You can tell his St. Louis Blues influence.

Funny story about this tape. I was with my husband and my young son at the time in the car and they HATED my tape. I loved every song on that tape and they hated it all. My husband is an AC/DC lover, and my son was into black rap at the time.

I was deprived….of my favorite tape…poor me. It was a long trip. Ha. Anyway, I figured it was due to the fact that neither one of them had much of an understanding of music. And they didn’t have much of a feeling for directions, either.

Today, I learned from a documentary that there are people are are ‘sensitives’. They just feel things more intently than others. According to this psychologist, about 20 percent of woman and 20 percent of men have this…personality. Animals can have it too.

And that explains me. Good lord. If I only could have been told this at 19, it would have saved me a lifetime of wondering why I never seem to fit in anywhere. If you get a chance to watch it, it’s called “The Sensitive”. You might know one.

Yep. The Nobody does learn.

Hey, enjoy!

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  1. Hey Joyanna,
    I finally watched “Sensitive: the untold story” today thru IMDb (I usually get the letters mixed up ~ Internet Movie Data base). It was really good! And I’m a Sensitive too (along with at least one of my children). It made so much sense! Thanks for posting about it.


    Comment by Mrs. O | November 20, 2021 | Reply

    • That’s so COOL Mrs. O! I thought it made a lot of sense and I saw so much of myself in it.  If I get anymore video’s on the subject, I’ll post them.  Welcome to the ‘sensitive” club! 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 20, 2021 | Reply

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