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Nobody’s Perfect: Bruce Springsteen

Mr. “Born in the USA” Bruce Springsteen was on the Morning Show with Barack Obama today, promoting their joint book “Renegades’.” Bruce looked like a warmed-up tanned version of Joe Biden. He doesn’t even look like he could do a three-hour sit-down let alone a three-hour concert. But Obama needs this white honky to get votes and acceptance from the old boomers who once upon a time, really identified with his born in the USA song. The song that made him famous. A SONG that lamented the destruction of our country by globalization. All the steel mills closing down…whole towns being destroyed, and Bruce sang about that, and the people flocked to his concerts. Now he claims, everybody misinterpreted that song, but he failed to tell us how in his old age.

He sited Trump’s election due to the fact that Trump’s “carney” ability brought back those same people to the voting booth. And that American feeling of being left out, is a…get this…. a WEAKNESS.

Yes, being pissed off about how democrats have destroyed your country is a weakness. Bruce Springsteen says so.

Obama was quick to say that ‘change’ is coming too rapidly for many people: REALLY meaning that Americans are not accepting communism fast enough, or the new tyranny that will control their lives…deferring the dreams of the few at the top, which is, no meat eating, no driving cars, higher taxes, Obey your masters, and giving all the money you earn to the top leaders like Obama. Obama, who now owns five mansions, and keeps acting like he’s a straight guy married to a typical woman?

Can I barf now?

They start out saying they have faults. Sure. Right. This is political speech to endear you to them as being such ordinary guys, instead of what they are doing…. setting you up to tell YOU how many faults YOU have. Notice they don’t admit those faults.

Watch Obama, one of the biggest narcissists on the planet, who is now ‘coaching’ Joe Biden to leave billions to the Taliban, and bring millions into our borders, is being his very special confident self, and showing a clip of him being so honest and pure in his great soul, he once sang “Amazing Grace” in a church.

Again: Right. Obama is SUCH a religious guy.

I’m surprised the church didn’t instantly go into flames.

Obama made sure to remind everybody that 9 blacks were killed by one white boy and how he has to put up with dirty looks because he’s black. Let’s not talk about how many blacks have been killed in Chicago alone by other blacks. No, that will remind the blacks that the democrats like Obama don’t care about THOSE blacks. Obama is great at telling you the white sins. Obama is actually more white than black, speaking with who he lives among.

So, why is Bruce Springsteen joining the bandwagon of helping Barack Obama? Well, Obama said it himself at the end of the video.

“He’s got bills to pay. “It’s clear: If you are famous, and have BIG bills to pay, and want to keep working, you MUST do political ads for the great Obama. Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and hundreds of other people in Hollywood have come out to support the “great new reset” and why? Having big mansions all over the world, and hundreds of cars and servants, gets expensive.

Because the left controls the media, and Hollywood, drugs, and prostitution, if you want into the world of the elites, you WILL do as they say, and come and campaign for them when they call. And I believe, once you become famous, they OWN you.

But then again, THEY own most of Congress.

Do you think Bruce Springsteen REALLY cars about his fans?

No, I don’t either. Will his concerts again be sold out?

Don’t count on it.

Nobody’s Perfect. Especially old rock n roll musicians, who just can’t keep up with the other Jones.

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