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Nobody Knows Just How Treasonous the Clintons Have Been

Nobody Knows

Remember when Bill Clinton wrote about New Orleans and how much he loved it in his book “MY LIFE”? Of course, you probably never read it. I remember not only reading it, but thinking of how STRANGE it was for him to be so loving about New Orleans. Out of all the states in America, he wrote about that city, and how dear the old people in it were to him. This was BEFORE Katrina….Did he know? If there is such a thing as weather manipulation, then he knew. Typical Bill.

Fast forward to one of his last fiction books, where he wrote about a President and what that President considered the most likely attack on the United States: An EMP attack.

Now, with that in mind, watch if you will at least the first part of Bongino’s remarks on how Bill and Hillary are behind China getting this wonderful new weapon, that basically, could put an EMP attack over the United States…and wonder…

Was Bill trying to ease his own conscience, in his last ‘fiction’ book? Is this what we can expect?

Nobody Wonders as much as me.

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