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TWO Thanksgiving Parades That Were Bi-Polar

Okay. Anybody with a brain knows the plan is to destroy the holidays in America: which hold our families and great American traditions together. Halloween has been destroyed for the kids. Since the malls have all been ransacked all through the Obama Presidency, and were closed all over America, visits with Santa are not even feasible to millions of kids. Due to political correctness, (P.C.-Plague of Communism) I’ve stopped watching the Oscars, the Grammys, and the New Year’s Day parade, which became an ad for China, and Mexico, and the blending of the world…with flowers of course. And a few horses.

This morning, since it was cold, I decided to see how they could possibly ruin the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. And the FIRST thing I saw…was this:

What? It started out okay, but really? Did we need to shock the millions of little kids watching? Was this considered ‘family’ material?

“Let’s watch the St. Louis Parade” I said to my husband, already seeing the Macy’s parade was trying to get the men off the porn sites and back to Broadway. It started out stealing Monroe’s famous act, and ended up…you tell me. What was little Johnnie thinking?

We turned the channel and found out that NOBODY went downtown to watch the parade in St. Louis, which is no surprise. People now going downtown are getting their cars broken into. I doubt they had even 500 people there. The name of the parade, put on by our electric company Ameren, was called, NOT the Thanksgiving parade but Ameren’s “For Giving” parade. The first ten minutes and all throughout the parade it was all about ‘giving’ your money to this charity or that. could do it right then! Just put your phone up to the screen, scan and GIVE! Yep, it was all about collecting your donations. The whole parade.

Sorry. I’m NOT holding my cell phone up to my TV screen. And I’m NOT apologizing to the Salvation Army for being white.

“Ameren UE should ‘give’ to all it’s customers free electric for a whole year then.” said my husband.

The St. Louis parade consisted of mostly people driving their jeeps. Over 70 jeeps went down the street, and four of them carried in gays Queens. One major normal ‘queen’ of the parade and 4 gay ones.

I didn’t see it, but I read Macy’s had a ‘gay’ display too.

So, I switched back and forth from St. Louis to New York. We had soft porn for the adults, and gays, but how about the kids?

Well…shocker. YODA’s ears grew incredible…small. He looked more like a big bug.

And warrior like balloons….

St. Louis had a giant shark balloon which was pretty cool, and I missed the Rockettes. But I hear they did NOT do their high kicks.

That’s probably due to Covid. Who know how many Rockett’s high kicks could have spread it to the crowd? (Just kidding)

In the end the highlight for me were the Clydesdales horses in St. Louis. I found a picture, but it was “copyrighted” so I couldn’t post it. Pretty funny.

I guess feeding those horses is getting expensive.

There were a few country singers, and shocker…a float of Mt. Rushmore, but I’m not sure that many people stayed around. Not many cops, but New York now has a woman chief of police and a mayor who is the biggest turkey, next to Joe Biden, who by the way, called Al Roker on his cell phone from some billionaire mansion up East.

Was it Obama’s?

In the end, clearly there was a tug of war between the “old” traditional Thanksgiving Parade and the Build back Better progressive friendly/porn/gay/stop being racist parade. And I don’t know about you, but nothing says Thanksgiving like a bunch of girls singing, “Divorce, Beheaded, Die.” Or survive. If you did NOT know this was about Henry’ the 8th wives, (they certainly didn’t say so) all I could think was …okay, now they want all the divorced men to be beheaded? I know I’m certainly not fond of my first husband but that’s going a bit too far.

Maybe that’s why Wal-Mart is buying up all those guillotines and Obamacare mentions guillotines in its pages.

After the ‘shock’ we went out to a Big Bear Restarant and had a great old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner, came home and slept, watched a stupid disaster movie, and I then I had to go and spoil it all by watching this: (WHY? WHY?)

Pray for our children.

Next Year, I think I’ll just go for a walk.

How was YOUR Day?

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