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Nobody Flashes Andrea Bocelli, Natalie Cole-The Christmas Song

Nobody Flashes.

I was driving home tonight, from the local grocery store, and was listening to Christmas music on the radio. And all of a sudden, the emotions hit me: I couldn’t find any pumpkin pie mix. The shelves were all bought out. It’s the BEST thing that I cook, there you go. Failure.

Okay, my fault. I should have gone out before Thanksgiving. Who knows when they can get more?

“I’ll be home for Christmas” started playing on the radio. That just made things worse, because they guy kept singing “We’ll muddle through somehoooooowwwww!” Visions of Judy Garland singing to the sad little sister in “Meet me in St. Louis” came to mind. And…

Ain’t that the truth I thought.

And then I pulled down my neighborhood street. Christmas lights were up everywhere. People that had NEVER put-up decorations, had gone overboard with Christmas lights, Angels, balloons, Wreaths.

WAIT! What’s this? A sudden burst of Holiday spirit? Cool!

Tonight, I made the pies from an old can I found in the closet. (Uh…how long is canned pumpkin good for?)

The pies are done. Tomorrow I’ll find out. Pumpkin pie makes a great breakfast because tomorrow, we will be putting up OUR lights. Either that, or I’ll die of botulism.

Anyway…, nobody sings Christmas songs better than Natalie Cole, which is a talent passed down by her famous dad.

It’s a beautiful rendition, truly made my night. Hope it makes yours.

So ….enjoy!

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