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Nobody Writes A Few Comments to Ann Coulter

Nobody Wins

The biggest problem Trump has right now, is not with the American people, or even with the communist democratic party…it’s with the very elite/Harvard/illuminati/Wall Street GOP that basically are afraid of losing their big paychecks: and that includes most of the GOP and their lap dogs in the media. We all know who they are…Liz Cheney, Paul Ryan, Pence, Mike Wallace, the 13 members who just helped pass Biden’s big welfare giveaway to his democracy buddies. FOX NEWS.

But this lady REALLY is brain dead.

 Let’s start with a woman who made millions off of promoting Trump in her book: In Trump We do Trust.

Ann Coulter just said this:

“I was well familiar with what a narcissistic, ridiculous, tacky, vulgar, arriviste this guy was,” she told Sullivan. “That I knew about. The one thing I underestimated, in fact, did not see at all is, I had no idea how abjectly stupid the man is.”

Here’s a few things you should know about ‘conservative’ Anne. Her father was an FBI agent. Catholic, just like Pelosi and Biden. She’s a lawyer, all from the right schools. Wiki gives you more info on this.

So, by all her very conservative books, you would think that she would at least support Trump and all that he HAS done.

But no, she hates him, and it seems to me to be personal. She claims that he should have built the wall. For those of us who followed all that happened during his Presidency, the ONLY way that wall could have been built was for Donald to pay for it himself…but then again, they would have impeached him for THAT.

He would have if the Congress and the GOP would have let him. Paul Ryan kept immigration off the table the whole time.

Ann knows this, but she is counting on the American people being stupid.

We watched as he struggled through 2 impeachments, (and they still keep at it.) a stolen election, and he even had the materials sent there, ready to be put up…and there it rots.

You have to wonder, what world does Anne live in? She calls Trump stupid but the average American KNOWS WHY he couldn’t get it done, and just how hard he tried. Corporations run the shots.

But she doesn’t know? What kind of ‘great’ constitutionalist is she?

Trump would have had to break the law to do it. The GOP blocked him; the courts blocked him, the BUSH deep state blocked him…is she that stupid?

No, I think Anne is all about her fame and fortune.

So, this nobody says to QUEEN ANNE…gee, why have you not GONE AFTER ALL the people in D.C. who blocked this? WHY?

What are you doing? Laying by the pool and trying to save your own reputation? Doing your nails?

You claim to be a Christian, and yet…you crucify the one man who tried hard to get illegal immigrants to stop flooding our country.

You say Ann, it’s a white genocide. I agree. And hey, I’ve read most of your books. Good stuff. BUT….

Why don’t YOU go to the border and start criticizing Biden? If you truly cared about the border, you’d be attacking the current administration…but no…you really don’t care do you?

Trump is not president anymore sweetheart. And you are trying very hard to keep the present border open by saying the nastiest things you can about him in order to what…make sure YOU stay on Daddy’s FBI good graces and Trump does not get re-elected?

One thing you could do Anne, is go down to the border yourself.

Of all the things that are affecting this country, Trump is the only one you can attack? Wow…too much hairspray maybe?

Yeah, don’t think I’ll be buying anymore of your books. Maybe Daddy can get you a job at the FBI…or…do you already work for them?

Nobody Wonders.

Stupid? I think you should try looking in the mirror. If I had to compare all the books you’ve written to what Trump has done in his lifetime…well, he makes you look like a 2nd grader.

And hey, write a book about how much you hate him. Really. Go ahead.

I’ll look for it at the discount shelf in the dollar store.

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