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Nobody Flashes Music on a Sunday

First up, for the ‘classical’ lovers, the ultimate performer…Luciano…sung with perfection.

And then, a flash from my ‘fav’ albums…Prince. Being an x drummer, I like the drums on this, and the words. Evidently, like many famous people, Prince’s childhood was a depressing one. That comes out here.

Prince took Elvis, James Brown, and put his own experience into his music. I’ve always had trouble watching him, he seemed so…feminine, but I just watched an episode on Autopsy that gave me a more understanding of him. Not many people knew he was always in a lot of physical pain, and probably very lonely. Sadly he died in his own elevator from a mistaken overdose of Fentanyl. No matter what you think of Prince, he WAS original.

Some will hate Prince, some will hate opera. This nobody loves ALL forms of music, because since I was a musician and entertainer for years, I know how much practice it takes to even get to the point that these two got. Music is emotion from the soul.

Machines cannot do that. NO A.I. is ever going to write great music.

I also have played with MANY, many musicians that were more talented than those that became famous.

It’s like Tesla and Edison. Two different geniuses. But Edison had what Tesla did not: he was a common sense businessman on top of his great mind. To me, that’s why so many people voted for Trump: They KNEW he had worked hard at being a businessman and he appreciated the skill that all his employees and contractors had…To have the talent AND the business sense, well, that takes double the effort. Politicians knew nothing about the common American.

They still don’t. They just know how to manipulate them.

Okay, I’m off subject: Enjoy!

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