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First up, for the ‘classical’ lovers, the ultimate performer…Luciano…sung with perfection.

And then, a flash from my ‘fav’ albums…Prince. Being an x drummer, I like the drums on this, and the words. Evidently, like many famous people, Prince’s childhood was a depressing one. That comes out here.

Prince took Elvis, James Brown, and put his own experience into his music. I’ve always had trouble watching him, he seemed so…feminine, but I just watched an episode on Autopsy that gave me a more understanding of him. Not many people knew he was always in a lot of physical pain, and probably very lonely. Sadly he died in his own elevator from a mistaken overdose of Fentanyl. No matter what you think of Prince, he WAS original.

Some will hate Prince, some will hate opera. This nobody loves ALL forms of music, because since I was a musician and entertainer for years, I know how much practice it takes to even get to the point that these two got. Music is emotion from the soul.

Machines cannot do that. NO A.I. is ever going to write great music.

I also have played with MANY, many musicians that were more talented than those that became famous.

It’s like Tesla and Edison. Two different geniuses. But Edison had what Tesla did not: he was a common sense businessman on top of his great mind. To me, that’s why so many people voted for Trump: They KNEW he had worked hard at being a businessman and he appreciated the skill that all his employees and contractors had…To have the talent AND the business sense, well, that takes double the effort. Politicians knew nothing about the common American.

They still don’t. They just know how to manipulate them.

Okay, I’m off subject: Enjoy!

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  1. Fine manly men singing are quite tolerable to me, but very few populate modern music. Most modern music does little for me. So the Pavarotti types in operatic mode have a strong edge. But it is the ladies that appeal to me.

    Is this a difference twixt us, Joyanna? You like the chaps ’cause you are a woman who likes chaps, tenors and basso: and I like the beautiful sopranos and contraltos, the Anna Netrebkos, Elina Garancas and the Angela Gorgious, ’cause I am a chap who likes ladies.

    Singers ‘change’ somewhat over time. The ladies become chumpier and sometimes a little ‘harder’ of face but their voices mature and strengthen, their lungs and vocal chords manage the same songs better as they get older. The chaps often become more maturely handsome but their strength and ‘presence’ fades more than the ladies’ do. Many get fat too!

    To a man and woman they exhibit ‘proper’ male and female deportment and grace right from the start, unlike the modern singing types of both sexes who generally fail to get to the first step let alone mature.

    Any modern male singer who gyrates or ‘thrusts’ his groin on stage, loses my respect almost immediately. Any female who has to show her barely attired crotch while she is warbling and screetching is a born loser.

    But hey, I shan’t be judgemental. I cannot sing for the life of me. Hahahahahaha.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 15, 2021 | Reply

    • The main reason I put up the “man” is because I like his voice. I like the song.  I like most all voices…and if you have to sing the SAME song again and again over and over it’s hard to stay fresh. But I imagine a man’s voice is more appealing simply because I am female and you are male. Simple. I prefer EMOTION expressed in singers, and opera singers seem to be too concerned with the technical to really express emotion.  As for bumping and grinding, there is more to music than singing. People want to be entertained.  My brother was an excellent trumpet player. And every night he would do his biggest request and people would give him standing ovations. At the end, he would act like the last note he blew was incredible HARD. But I was his sister, I KNEW it was very easy for him, he just hammed it up. Acted like it was SO hard.  He was such a ham. Still is.  Pavarotti does that at the end of the song. It’s an old entertainers trick. Notice how his eyes pop out? He’s acting. Funny.   Like, you always start the night with a VERY upbeat song. End with a bang.   I know how HARD it is to sing and dance at the same time. VERY hard, even when you are grinding. Is there an opera singer that can Dance AND SING AT THE SAME TIME? Believe it or not, I used to come out from behind the drums and sing “Let’s get physical” Olivia newton’s Johns song at the time…I would grab some  guy from the audience and PRETEND I was taking off his clothes. I would only take off his belt. and unbutton his shirt. I had to sing and dance around him at the same time. I made sure I would stop and NEVER embarrassed any one. It was all just fun. But I had to sing the song at the same time I danced.  People STILL remember me doing that. LOL. Local people.  All entertainers do that. Opera singers, don’t have to. THEREFORE, they can concentrate on just technic.  Still, Prince did not get gross like many of the black singers of today. And I agree. None of them are singing live, they are basically doing strip.  Now a days they ALL sing along with their tapes onstage. So as not to make mistakes. Most of them do not sing live.  Opera singers don’t do they? I know most of the pop groups do.  As for male voices, I once saw Tom Jones in concert. His voice was as powerful as any man in Opera. And he would grind too. LOL. So we can say, can we not , sex sells? SURPRISE! Even lovely opera lady singers who drive you crazy. And may they continue…as long as you live. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 15, 2021 | Reply

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