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The Elephant in the Room: President Trump and his Stance on the Vaccine

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s time to admit the elephant in the room: President Trump is going to have a big problem in 2024, and not just because of the stolen election. Many Trump supporters were shocked that Trump even left the White House when it was clear the election had been stolen, but then again, when you take into account that VP Pence, the Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, AND FOX, and the other powerful people in the GOP who pull the money strings said that he LOST…well, if you look at it from a legal point of view how in the world would President Trump refute that when leaders from both parties were so vicious about it? His own Attorney General declared that Biden won, as he posted pictures of himself playing his bagpipe.

Which brings to mind: Did Trump KNOW all these people would vote and try to destroy him, and if so, why did he put them in those powerful positions in the FIRST place? Did the New Yorker, the Casino King, who was WELL aware of the criminals in New York actually think that he could appoint the criminals in the deep state and get them to come over to his side?

Nobody Wonders about that. Is Trump really that naive? Or is this some master plan that none of us know about?

This nobody thought that if he didn’t leave, he might have been assassinated. That’s still an option to them I believe. The left has put all their men in high places: The Supreme Court, many of the state governorships…and not to mention Mitt Romney’s NIECE runs the GOP. How the Sam Hill was THAT allowed? How in the world can you send money to the GOP when it’s run by her?

We saw the forces against him every single day. Never in history has one man been so vilified.

So the American people are well aware of the vast communist/moneyed Soros establishment trying to force themselves back in power…and they planned how to do it: They released the virus….and are using it to destroy Western Civilization and take over the world.

Or so they think they will. China will win in the end…but the egos of these people are way too blinding to admit otherwise, and maybe they don’t even care. Jeff Bezos is going to ship us all into space! Of course, only a few elite will be allowed to stay on the planet, and that’s Jeff and his hand-picked elite zillionaires.

But, this nobody thinks that President Trump’s real problem is…the vaccine. He promoted it, got it himself, and STILL acts as if that was a win for him, when clearly, the vaccine has killed and will continue to kill millions.

So…that’s the elephant in the room. That elephant is sitting on a lot of dead bodies.

If Trump continues to promote the vaccine, there are many millions of his voters who just might stay home. They will figure they are screwed either way. Trump seems to be leaving it up to the ‘people’ to vote out his enemies, but how can we when we do not see him personally say much about it all? Yes, he screams it was fraud. It was. But is the system really fixed?

WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO ABOUT OUR ELECTIONS? It would help if he even talked about it more. His plan is for us all to keep voting in…good people. Okay. Is that going to work this time?

Many people like myself (and hundreds of doctors, air line pilots, nurses, etc.) want him to talk more about the DANGERS of that vaccine. He continues to say it’s safe. And millions are losing their jobs. He’s not talking about that, and he should be.

And that’s why I think so many have turned to DeSantis. DeSantis sounds more like our defender at this point than President Trump.

Trump should not only be angry that the election was a fraud, but that the vaccine is, according to many…deadly. But then again, if he admits that, then he hurts his reputation for promoting it in the first place.

So, what do we do?

How does HE see this whole mess? I sure wouldn’t want to be him. Good lord.

He wanted the people to know that he was there to ‘save’ them, but the vaccine had already been made and ready to go because it’s been proven this ‘pandemic’ has been in the works for many years.

And if Trump did NOT know the dangers in that vaccine, then he was more concerned about his own mark in history than people’s lives.

ON THE OTHER HAND: Maybe he does have a plan to fix it all, but needs to get back into power and that might not happen if they just start a war. They could stop all elections if the United States has a nuclear or EMP attack, and this nobody from Missouri would not be surprised if that happened. And maybe, Trump already knows that will happen too.

After all: Bill Clinton has warned us about that in his book.

As for vaccines: After much research, I think you’re better off taking your chances with COVID for now.

But it sure would be nice if President Trump stepped up and joined the American people again…and admit that the vaccine may not be good for everyone and NO child should be forced to get it. And sound a bit more angrier about what’s happening to the “people” and a little less about how corrupt the media and the politicians are. We are WELL passed that mark Mr. President.

Maybe it’s time to take off the gloves and say “All deals are off.” Sure the next election is important, but so are the millions of lives suffering from a vaccine that is killing people as we speak. There is plenty of video’s out there, by doctors who KNOW, that prove that this vaccine is NOT good for anyone really.

It is NOT a vaccine.

Don’t wait until AFTER the damage is done Mr. President.

You might get back in the White House and Air Force One, but to rest of us, it won’t matter whose in there.

We could use a little more fire. A lot less…deal making. None of them will deal with you sir: You do not hold the money strings. What you can hold in your hands is the people of the world…you just need to appear to stand stronger to them. You might want us to do this alone, but 2016 proved that all the men around you are being taken down, along now, with your supporters.

As we all know, they’ve already burned down the board room: You can’t make deals with communists.

Time to show them the HISTORICAL President who just could save the world, and that means you must say more than “The media is corrupt, and so are the RINOS and China…we need…a rallying charge and a much better plan than…”Go vote.”

The communists have been winning, and they are destroying the whole country, and we need more than just a few “Hey, I drew 60,000 people!” comments.

WE know you are loved. Now, show us why. Now bring out your Teddy Roosevelt, your Andrew Jackson, your Bunker Hill cry.

To hell with who doesn’t care to hear it.

You could win again, and they would just deny you the office like before.

We need to know, that if THAT happens, you WILL put up a fight. Because frankly, America is almost gone. We realize you need the help of everyone, but freedom is just waiting for you to ring it’s bell Mr. President.

You may not be able to Tweet, but if you speak, we WILL hear you.

We don’t need another “Trump turned politicians” moment. We need to get that elephant out of the room.

Because no rug cleaner is powerful enough to clean up the stench.

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