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Dr. Fauci: Designing the Perfect Pet

Nobody’s Opinion

I was looking through some of my old magazines yesterday, and I found that on the front cover of National Geographic, March 2011, was a cute red fox with the headline: Designing the Perfect Pet.

It was all about a Russian experiment…where they were trying to genetically alter Foxes into a collection of genes that conferred a propensity to tameness. After many years they succeeded in breeding aggressiveness out of some of the foxes…making them LESS aggressive, and even more like dogs. YET: They found out that even if the mother was a non-aggressive, they found out the fox’s response to humans ended up being more nature than it is nurture. In other words, they couldn’t actually do it. It took way too long. Too many years of breeding genetics. They didn’t give up. They found that if they managed to alter chemicals in the foxes brains, they got a more ‘obedient’ fox.

Elain Ostrander, of the NATIONAL Human Genome Research Institute at NIH said “Everyone is waiting with great excitement for what they come out with.”

Why do this? Isn’t it obvious? For years the rulers have been trying to find a way to make their citizens more…subservient. Slavery is not exactly good for rulers in the end. Nobody LIKES being a slave.

Hitler had a man who did a lot of genetic research…he was called the “Angel of Death” Josef Megenle: Hitler’s Fauci.

From Wiki:


Josef earned a doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Munich in 1935 at the age of 24. He followed this by working in genetics with some of the leading medical minds of Germany at the time, and he earned a second, medical doctorate with honors in 1938. He studied genetic traits such as cleft palates and his fascination with twins as experiment subjects was already growing.


Fast forward to today: The elites NEED to have humanity under control. We have our own Mengele in Dr. Fauci. You would have to be completely shut down mentally to NOT compare that Dr. Fauci is pretty much the same as Josef. Fauci funded the virus, AND the vaccine, along with the Gates Foundation and many other global enterprises.

The mere fact that he is pushing the untested, vaccine even on our children, and threatening job losses and starvation of the planet, in fact a complete shutdown of Western civilization if you do NOT get vaccinated, should tell you that there is SOMETHING in that vaccine that will render you…obedient.

Or dead.

Bill Gates already has the next virus cooked up, and he insures you it’s VERY lethal. So, get with the program!

According to many of the top doctors of the world, the vaccine is filled with poison. It’s not even a vaccine…it’s a bio-weapon, with nano-technology that will surround your brain, your heart, your sexual organs…and break down your immune system. Some even say the final goal is control of your brain. They are already putting movies out about that.

This vaccine has been unleashed upon the world for the very same reason the Russians were trying to domesticate Foxes: Control.

The elites have been trying for years to knock out all aggressiveness in human males by pushing gay lifestyle in every way they can. Like every ruler that has every lived, they are afraid of the aggressive human. And the MOST aggressive human is the heterosexual male.

And if they cannot get this vaccine into every human, the NEXT step is to force every human to be connected by their brains to A.I.

Kissinger is on it. Zuckerface has launched it.

If YOU are connected to their internet world, your brain can and WILL be controlled.

In the meantime, they need chaos. The ‘tribes” and the “old” must be erased, and if you think I’m crazy, then think;

Any man who would cut out the tongues of Beagles Pups and have them bitten by fleas with their heads held in a cage, with no other reasoning than he gives to the world about people losing their whole LIVES and their children’s lives…just to satisfy Dr. Fauci’s? Is he NOT just as bad if not worse than Dr. Megele?

Has Fauci not killed many more people than Josef? Josef killed about 15,000. Shall we compare numbers?

Nobody Wonders if Fauci will someday be hunted down like Josef Megela. Or…will the world be too stoned and braindead from being hooked up to some 5G virtual world to even care?

The real question is: If you refuse to be the “perfect pet” will they just kill you?

Are they trying to make humans into the “perfect pet.”?

Nobody Knows. But thank GOD, Rand Paul is standing up to this mad tyrant.

The sooner he is off the stage of controlling the world, the better for us all.


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