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A Day In the Life Hasn’t Changed One Bit

Nobody Flashes

I don’t watch the Grammy’s anymore. I hear it’s going to be all rap this year.

When you grow up listening to the genius of George Martin and the Beatles, rap music is like going back to the dark ages.

After watching this I wondered if George Martin did acid too. Whoever edited this video must have.


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Nobody Flashes Bulldog

Nobody Flashes

Let’s start the weekend with a bang shall we?

Okay..I admit…. I was a HUGE Beatles fan, and I never, EVER tire of this song. It wasn’t one of their hits, but it was so originally great.

John’s voice is raw—as much as I loved Paul’s voice, he could NEVER do this as well as John.

simply rock. Powerful. The words are meaningless, and then they hit you he’s putting some idiot down, and then says, “You can talk to me..If you’re lonely you can talk to me.”

The BASS lines are incredible, the guitar riff never gets old, and George Martin is simply a genius. Martin never got half the credit he deserved in my Nobody Opinion, and I like this version because it shows some pictures of him.



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We’re All Working Class Heros

Nobody Cares

I grew up with the Beatles. Like most young girls, Paul was my favorite, but the older I get, I find myself admiring John. John was really more of the intellectual…and if stories from history are right, he was the leader from the start.  Somewhere after Yoko came into his life, he just let Paul take it over, as we all saw on Let It Be. Not that he could help himself…not many humans on the planet are blessed with that much raw creativity.

Still…this song is haunting. It’s simple…and like every true great piece of art…it evokes real emotion. Like the words or not…to many people on the planet, who get up, go to work, and try to fit in, and yet know,  deep inside they are just passing the days because…they have to, feel connected to this song. This is one of my favorite songs by him.

I still love the soothing sound of John’s voice. …even to this day, I thank Tom Edison for giving us the gift of ‘recorded sound.”

A lot of bad things came out of my generation, but the BEATLES…was not one of them. In fact, we were blessed to be witnesses to the genius of John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Martin.

I was GOING to post Dylan’s Master of War next to this…but I just couldn’t spoil John.



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