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Morning Joe Needs his “Binky.”

Nobody’s Opinion

If you missed this rant last week, here it is: Morning Joe calling all the deplorables who voted for Trump to leave the country because illegal immigrants coming here will honor the American flag and honor the democracy, MUCH more than any of the Trump supporters because they DARE to question the fraud in the election. Never mind that there are HUNDREDS of good American’s with proof that it was stolen.

Never MIND that for four years Joe and his ‘lovely’ wife Mika were crying “Russia! Russia! Russia!” And saying that Trump did not win the election.

When I first heard this it made me mad. Now I just think it’s pathetic. It’s the democrats that burn the flag, and have tried to erase America, gone after the cops, tried to pick fights by calling us all racists, and it’s the Trump supporters you see waving the American Flag. The Illegals wave Mexico’s. Or Syria’s. Or BLM’s flag. Or the communist.

Does this idiot REALLY think he can fool the people?

I guess he does.

Joe used to be a conservative, until he was not. Now he’s married to Mika Brzezinski, and he has only been going over to her house since they were both 17. Daddy Brzezinski was almost as big a globalists and almost as influence as Kissinger. I find it interesting to think that Daddy’s little girl and her boyfriend, have their own show, since Daddy wants to remain behind the scenes. We have a LOT of Daddy’s little girls, don’t we? Meghan McCain and Liz Cheney…have prime spots on all our network TVs.

Next thing you know, Old Joe will be reciting talking points from Microsoft’s newsite:

Talking points like this:


If you’re a human — and if you’re not, how are you reading this? — you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you’re part of the problem. Earth is headed toward a cliff and the overwhelming majority of very smart people who study our planet say it’s because we can’t stop messing things up. We fill the oceans with plastics, burn old dinosaurs to keep our houses warm and our cars moving, and change the landscape of entire continents, all while pretending our actions will be without consequences. Sigh.


Yep, we are all dirty human scum bags according to the “elites.”

Will Joe ask us all to leave the planet next?

No, that’s Fauci’s job isn’t it? He’s working on it.

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