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I’m BACK! Well..maybe…

Dear Readers

These last few weeks have been a real headache. I basically suffered a “ransom” attack, by some tech guy in India.

A tech guy who was suppose to be fixing a problem inside my computer, but instead, stole all my passwords (you know all the ones that Microsoft says (want us to save this for you?) and then continued on to buy ‘gift cards’ on my credit cards from Amazon. (And probably other places I will find out about soon.) By the way, I called his number which was ON my bank statement. It was quite a scam. But if you are in India, whose going to say anything if you buy a few gifts for yourself off of Amazon curtesy of that idiot American?

This guy was NOT Russian. He was probably a tech out of Bill Gates main complex.

In the meantime, I have an account at Best Buy, and pay a yearly fee just for things like this, where I bought this computer, that if anything happens they are to fix it for free, so I contacted them.

Be careful about that ‘free’ stuff. As an old history teacher once told me “You realized don’t you, nothing is ever FREE?”

The first guy from Best Buy was from India, and I watched him service online for over 5 hours. Basically he put some Norton software on the computer and just fiddled around, and then ASSURED me the problem was solved.

Uh…two hours later, the ‘intruder’ took over my computer. I unplugged it. Stupid me. I thought passwords were protected by whomever, but NO….they are ON your computer for ANY hacker to see! Thanks Bill!

I had no idea. I actually believed it when the words on my computer said, “This site is secure.”

Ha ha ha ha.

So, I called to have a tech come out to the house.

He was the nicest guy. All he did was talk my arm off about his day, and took some kind of program off. And he kept talking about how he could ONLY stay an hour. But, right to the minute he was gone, and insisted that everything was fine! He also mentioned he was going on vacation, but to request him if it didn’t work and he would come back.

Don’t worry. Be Happy. This is no big deal he insisted.

Okay, figuring I was safe, I went to my banking and voila! There was my intruder, who basically puts up a big Microsoft looking screen that says, “Updates 25%, do not turn off your computer.” and then takes over your mouse. Ha ha ha. Ha.

And THEN a page of passwords appears on the screen and once again, I unplugged it all. Some lady from China did call me on the phone while I was driving and said, “We need more information!” Right. Sure. I bet you do.

There was only one thing left to do. Wrap it up in a blanket and lug it to the store.

A few days go by and I’ve just hooked it up. They really didn’t do much…but they SAID they did.

IF they did not get this ‘ransom’ tech guy off my computer then back to the shop it goes and they send it away, probably to India, where cows will watch the guy laughing while he copies my passwords once again.

THIS means, I have to change every password I ever created in the last 20 years, and NOT save them on my computer.

Thus, the headache.

And I have to contact all credit cards, banks, etc.

And it’s summer. Mask restrictions have been lifted. I want to be at the pool, which, by the way, rose their prices by $100. They know we will pay it. It’s the only pool around.


The last thing I want to do is spend my days doing this, but hey, I just heard “President” Biden announce to be careful of “ransom” attacks on your personal computers!

Thanks Joe! Good to know you are looking out for us all! Send my ‘ransom’ check to me right away, as I blame this on the tech men who this Nobody Thinks are now targeting all conservatives.

Anyway, that’s about it. I should know in a day or two if this guy is really gone.

God willing, I will start back up again tomorrow.

In the meantime….go out and enjoy the sun! What are you doing inside? Why do they torture us? Give me an aspirin.

Drugs. A vacation in Florida before they start passing out vaccine Nazi cards.

Okay. I’m out of practice. See you tomorrow.

I hope.

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  1. I’m so sorry Joyanna! If you lived near me, my tech “guru” son could probably help you (he’s our go to guy for computer stuff; it’s his day job, plus he does it for our church ~ and yes it’s the musician son too). Alas, we’re probably almost a thousand miles apart, and doing stuff in person is probably what you need now. Here’s hoping you get things resolved soon (thankfully I never trusted my computer for saving passwords, due to my husband’s and son’s hyper security consciousness).
    Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | June 14, 2021 | Reply

    • Thanks Mrs. O. You’re lucky to have guru’s in your family.  Like anything else, it takes time and study.  And…sigh. I’d rather be walking in the woods.  It’s now been five hours and so far, no sign of the “intruder.” 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 14, 2021 | Reply

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