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Nobody Wins—Chapter One

After watching Biden’s State of the Union speech last night, there were TWO strong opinions and observations I got out of it, and so, today, I’m just sticking with one: What is really going on with the Democrats?

I was paying attention to the details, which to me, said a lot.

FIRST: I noticed the angry look on the Sargent of Arms Face as he announced Joe’s entrance. All he said was “The President of the United States”. Not the usual “The 46th President of the United States, President Joe Biden.” Nancy said the same thing: Just “The President”. NOBODY mentioned Joe’s name. As if even, THEY did not want to admit to the lie. Also, there was some white lady trying to walk next to him, as if someone told him he now had to share his spot with a woman, being as the democrats needs the woman vote. The woman kept looking at him with the look as if to say, “Hey, this wasn’t MY idea.”

He was definitely pissed.

By the way, I couldn’t FIND the picture of the two black man and white woman Sargent at Arms walking down the aisle last night. (No surprise)

SECOND: Unlike the usual stoic decorum that we see when these people gather, instead the room looked like a party before a football game. Very relaxed, like a bunch of gabby teen girls excited about the prom. Some dressed in their everyday fancy clothes, because they announced that not everyone would be invited due to COVID. But, right BEFORE the event, Pelosi and Biden lifted the tyrannical ‘Wear a mask or you will be fined or lose your job’ because they wanted America to see Nancy’s glowing smiling and goofy face. AND they didn’t want the majority of the GOP to be catcalling during the speech. The GOP was missing. The “fines” lifted suddenly. Even the Supreme Court, had the two Roberts wannabes and the retiring liberal. To me, it seemed more people from Biden’s Cabinet attended than either side of the two parties.

You could tell Nancy was the RAH-RAH cheerleader throughout the speech looking out at her minions and it was CLEAR they were all directed by Nancy to REALLY hoot and holler and applaud at every statement. From her goofy smile, jumping up and clapping like she was at a rock concert, and trying VERY hard to hold her bottom dentures in. Harris in contrast gave Biden looks as if to kill.

THIRD: Which brings me to this point. We all know the GOP is divided between the RINOS the TRUMP supports. I think, that there has ALWAYS been a split between the Obama fans and the Hillary fans. I think, like most Presidents in the last decades, the PARTY gets to decide who the VP is, and the candidate either accepts it, or is not supported with the finance to run.

Reagan didn’t want Daddy Bush, who was ruled by the globalist Rockefeller republicans. Clinton’s VP was Gore, who still walks the halls of Global Warming elites. Bill Clinton was on record as calling him an idiot. Then there’s Trump with Pence. I’m sure Trump maybe knew Pence, or not, but was so used to crooked politicians in New York, he did not see what was coming. He did NOT see the rigged election.

And do you REALLY think Obama would pick a racist white guy as his President? Obama would always make fun of Biden, and purposely kept him out of the limelight. Harris called him a racist at the primaries, and he picked HER to be his VP?

I don’t think so.

AND do you really think the Clintons and the Obama’s get along? Hillary wanted to be President, and it wasn’t only Trump that got in her way. So, Obama, probably on orders from the George Soros group, made her Secretary of State where they could use her to continue their takeover plans.

Now, Nancy is for Hillary. She’s been seen by her side. Hillary has been praising, along with Nancy, Biden. Hillary wants to be VP. She KNOWS she would lose to Trump and also not sure if the elites would rig the election for HER. Biden could make her VP.

I believe that Biden was supposed to step down, and let Harris take over, so Hillary doesn’t want that and who knows what SHE is promising him?  That’s why we just heard his wife Jill say, “President Harris” a little too much. Jill wants him to step down.

It’s like they are all saying “JOE…you HAVE to go! You knew the arrangement…for God’s sake, this needs to get going.”

But “Joe” has the power bug. He LIKES being President. And I also think that’s why he is never in the White House, but always going home. He cannot control the people in the White House who might come to kill him, but he can if he goes home. Have you SEEN him in the oval office?

Yeah, me neither. And I wouldn’t doubt if Hillary isn’t in the background with Nancy giving him directions.

Harris on the other hand, was promised to be the first woman President. SHE wants to be the puppet behind Obama’s strings. And since she is getting madder by the minute, she sees Biden destroying her with BS ‘She will fix the border’ jobs. So, many around her are quitting. They have figured out; she is NOT going to be president and they are jumping ship.

What I’m trying to say is Obama and Hillary are still fighting for that ultimate office. Right now, Biden is walking the line of the globalists, doing everything they say, and enjoying the heck out of it.

In this, as senile as he is, he did manage to read the teleprompter and acting as if you are senile and oh, “President Harris” ha ha ha…. some of it is an act. Thomas Edison once said he would ALWAYS act as if he didn’t hear when contracts were being signed. Biden is certainly no Edison, but he is a crook, and a liar and has given our country to China, and Biden is for…BIDEN. I suspect, they expected him to follow orders, not be clever enough to STAY in the office. No doubt he’s senile, but not so senile as to know what is best for HIM. Clearly that speech last night was what Joe Biden has been dreaming about all his life, not what he said, but HOW he said it. He’s SUCH a tough guy.

Sooner or later, something WILL happen to him…but not yet. He is doing what the globalists want. They have prompt him up with the war in Ukraine, and that’s the next blog.

In the meantime, the power struggle for the highest office in the land…is being fought out of sight of us all.

The last Sargent at Arms was fired with the help of O’Connell.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) forced out Senate sergeant-at-arms Michael Stenger one day after rioters breached the Capitol, the GOP leader announced Thursday night.

He was replaced with the first BLACK sergeant-at-arms, and now it seems, next time, it will be him and a white woman, and then the first black people on the Moon by NASA, and no doubt, the first President of the world will be…uh…a black person.

My guess? It’s NOT going to be Ben Carson

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