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Nobody Flashes An Important Message from Neil Oliver: Guess W.H.O.?

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Nobody Flashes

I’m sorry. I was looking for something funny to post, and came upon this, and laughed all the way through it.

Not sure WHAT that means except…I don’t know. The world is losing it. And right now, when mothers can’t find formula for their babies because Biden sent it all to the border…I’ll take anything at this moment. Even North Koreans having to march like this.

Who THOUGHT of this step?

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Nobody Wins When Pneumatic Pelosi Talks

–Or if Nancy Pelosi stays in control of the House. She is one of the biggest criminals on the known planet, and for her to quote Jesus OR the Constitution, as she does constantly, when her own district has been suffering for years on the streets of her own city San Francisco, is beyond laughable. It’s also why the American people are SICK of being told how to behave. Especially by the hot air lips of Speaker Pelosi.

The theory that we should send $40 billion to Ukraine when our own children here will be starving is a good reason to get REALLY mad.

Since we watched billions of our own military and most important military base being given to the Taliban under Biden, whose to say that THIS money will even go to fed anybody but the Klaus puppet Xelenskyy and his merry band of Mafia Congressmen and CEO’s? And it goes through the State Department?

Oh, Hillay is protected. Good to know.

By the way Nancy, how about taking care of your own people? This money is being used to not only deplete our own military, but to make Nancy, and their hero in Ukraine, Miami Vice wannabe hero…Volodymyr, and all those in Congress who make a forturne off of war, richer.

Zelenskyy himself is worth over 33 million and has his own mansion in Miami. Uh. What’s a president of Ukraine doing living in Miami? Anyone?

We are not allowed to SAY what we wish for this lady, but I can tell you that is why they monitor every word we speak….it is any wonder she will throw you in jail and throw away the key?

God forbid they get their way and put computer chips in our brains….the thoughts and words I have about this woman would surely be…untouchable.

Just like she is.

Tell me, does Nancy have the Gospel of Matthew in her Ice Cream freezer? Must be there. Somewhere. Beneath the chocolate marshmellow strawberry.

Nobody Wins with this woman…and the sooner she is out of there, the better.

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PSAKI: She’s not Black OR Gay.

Nobody Reports

What do the democrats do, when they can’t defend anymore their horrible President or his record?

WHY, they replace the White House Press Secretary with: A GAY BLACK WOMAN!

And she is even more radical if you can believe it.

IF you criticize this new upcoming star, in the White House Press Room, you will be accused of being racist and…you hate woman AND gay people.

A black women is much more likely to call “RACIST!” than a white Irish looking woman.

It worked for Obama. It worked in Chicago. It’s their biggest Ace in the Hole, to keep you from talking back or even questioning them at all.

Except, this old play by play is getting old.

Why is she leaving? Clearly, she is losing the grip on telling so many lies to cover up for Biden. And they desperatly need the black vote, which they are losing.

Watch here as MS Psaki makes the BIG mistake of saying that the president CONTROLS all branches of govenment. The Congress, the Supreme Court…uh…the FBI, the CIA, the WHO, the…need I go on?

Finally, a true confession!

But don’t give up hope…she WILL be on all the Sunday News programs I bet, and the liberal talk shows.

And probably even the View. I’m sure Biden is amazed at just how articulate she is!

Let’s all wish Karine Jean-Pierre…GOOD LUCK! (Or not.)

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Nobody Reads, National Geographic

Nobody Reads

I was only nine when my grandfather bought a subscription to National Geographic. He told my parents he brought it for my brother and I, but I never saw my brother open one…or read one. Me? I read every single issue. I kept up that subscription until Gilbert Grosvenor was retired. (1875-1966) After that, around 2000, I stopped. I couldn’t take one more picture of a trash dump in some South American city. It became the propaganda arm for global warming, and human horror. Before that it was a celebration of different cultures, mysteries, histories, and maps. I hated to even open one. I was as mad as hell.

They had ruined my treasure.

When Obama was President, he cleared out the libraires, and turned them all into computer hubs. There was a huge sale on all the books…including old issues of National Geographic, and I went crazy, as you can see from my little Egyptian Library.

Whole sets of books were being sold for two to three dollars. And then quietly, most of the bookstores closed. Nobody really knew why.

If knowledge is power, then the elites were planning on NOBODY being able to have books. On the computer, you can control what everybody reads.

Don’t tell me that wasn’t a plan.

I’ve been so busy with my life, I’ve had little time to read any books from my library, and yesterday, just for grins, I grabbed a NG mag at random. February 1989.

I started reading about SKYSCRAPERS: Above the crowd. Donald Trump was mentioned with admiration throughout the piece, and the article spoke about how there isn’t much sunshine in New York because the Twin Towers pretty much blocks it all. There were pictures of the architects and there were maps of all the famous skyscrapers in the U.S. and I started thinking about: Dubai.

Funny, Dubai is the skyscraper capitol of the world now. And it was the Saudi’s who took out the Twin Towers.

What? Was it all about the “MINE IS BIGGER”? Makes you wonder.

Nobody Wondered: Were there skyscarpers in Dubai in 1989?

How times have changed. Next to Dubai, New York looks old.

I started thinking  about how LITTLE our cable and TV networks show us about other countries. If they do, it’s VERY fleeting, as if they don’t want you to SEE the money and beautiful buildings in other countries.  Like the huge skyscrapers in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. When the Twin Towers were destroyed then DUBAI became the capitol of the skyscrapers. New York was no longer numero uno. You must admit, in 2022, the skyscrapers here are old, outdated, and empty.  Our wealth is gone. Mostly to Dubai: To China.

I often ask myself who BUILT those skyscrapers in the other countries—American companies? I couldn’t find out.

But, one thing I had never thought about, as I read this:

“The stores they tore down were where the people gathered. They were the plazas. We don’t have piazzas in New York. We have a dry cleaner and a bar and a grocery store and a deli. These new towers with their plazas deaden the block, creating a barrier, a moat of lifelessness. This has literally drained the life out of certain neighborhoods and the upper East Side for example. “

Now, think about what the U.N agenda is: They want to get everyone into cities, small apartments. We are already seeing how the “cities” have degraded into hellholes. Detroit. St. Louis. Chicago. Kids are being raised in cities filled with crime. In the suburbs at least the kids could get out into woods. I wondered what it must have been like for a city kid, living in a world of drugs, and concrete. Never to have enjoyed the woods, the freedom of dirt on your feet, building forts in the trees, I had all of that when I was a kid. I spent my life in the swamps, every day. Watching nature. Never being afraid of anything. Now the kids have to dodge the homeless, the mentally ill, the needles on the ground. The urine. The feces.

What was the real value of not having to spend your days in concrete and no sun? Or a small bedroom where you couldn’t see the sky?

What was the difference of being raised out in the Midlands of America?

FREEDOM. In the city, you are controlled. Out in the midlands, your time is your own. It’s that simple. You can control a population if they are all in one place.

I read that John Adams spend so much time out in the woods when he was kid, hunting and hanging out, the LAST thing he wanted to do was go to school. Back then, the people would gather every night, even in the cities, there was a small town atmosphere.

Freedom was their lives…is it any wonder they wanted it so badly?

Do the Chinese know freedom from birth?

I doubt it very much.

The next piece was called SMALL-TOWN AMERICA. I found out that Gilbert had attended the University of Missouri. He picked many small towns in Missouri to capture what he saw as a dying lost America.

“We draw upon the unique archive as we look at life in Small Town America, a charming contrast to the impersonal world of skyscraper living.” said Gilbert.

What we have been living in for the last two years, was like living in a big city, where you knew no one but the view outside your 43rd floor window. We were masked, told to stay away from our friends, our family, and not to gather ANYWHERE.

Humans ARE social animals. We NEED other people.

And mostly, humans NEED freedom to create and survive.

After they took away the malls which were where everyone use to congregate, it got worse. Since they took away our books, (although they like to make the reporters look smart on TV, showing off their libraries in the background) —they now only want us to get together on our computers, or like Zuckerberg wants, to live in a fake world where we can gather, and they can watch us all.

The elites in America no longer want skyscrapers. They would prefer we all live in basically housing projects. Like we see in many communist countries. All the same. Boring. No grass, no trees.

Or what? What DO they want? They want us all to rent and own nothing, so they can own it all.

The last piece in the magazine was called THE GREAT YELLOWSTONE FIRES

Sigh. Maybe if there are enough fires, people WILL move into the cities. Is that the plan?

By the way, did you know that National Geographic’s biggest stockholder in 1989 was Disney? One wonders if CHINA owns the most stock now…anybody?

America, because of FREEDOM, invented most of the technology that runs the world, then the rest of the world benefited. If not for the elevator, invented by Elisha Graves Otis of Yonkers, Skyscrapers would still be some rich man’s dream. And one of the greatest builders of all, Donald J. Trump, while President, couldn’t even get a border wall built because, the elites have decided there should BE no borders, and stopped him.

Will America build again? Will New York ever come back?

I think we know the answer to that don’t we?

Paul Simon…take it away…

TIME IT WAS AND WHAT A TIME IT WAS, Preserve your memories they’re all that’s left you.

Somehow it’s a comfort to know, I can still escape to my library, when I’m tired of the news, where the world was once, a marvelous gathering of beauty and wonder.

And I don’t need to be looking down from a skyscraper to see it.

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Nobody’s Perfect: World Dictator, Bill Gates

Here’s is a video where Russell Brand does an excellent job (Being rather kind) about the new plans that Bill Gates has put forth for the planet. As IF he hasn’t done enough damage.

You all know that I think this man is evil, and should not be in control of anything.

He lies, I bet nobody on the planet has made more money off the Covid vaccine than Bill Gates, except maybe Fauci, but Fauci didn’t sell all those computers to the world because of the shutdowns.

Recently he said that he had NO clue that the virus would spread and kill the old, and the young should have stayed in school. “They” just didn’t know that, he said with innocence. Then he blamed the governments who did not follow China and Australia who did it right.

If HE had been in charge, HE would have done it RIGHT.

Everyone on the planet knew, but he didn’t? And now he wants all governments (meaning you and me and everybody) to be taxed to promote further lockdowns and suffering?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been in the news a lot lately for having warned how bad the COVID-19 pandemic would get. In April 2018, he said, “there is a significant probability of a large and lethal, modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes.” He cautioned, “even in the U.S., our response to a pandemic or widespread bioterror attack would be insufficient.” He suggested it might be an unknown pathogen, like SARS or MERS, that “is capable of killing millions of people, bringing economies to a standstill, and casting nations into chaos.” 

(Uh, where have you been Bill? Isn’t that just what happened?) You can BET he’s already working on a new one.

Controversial vaccine advocate Bill Gates revealed that he plans to hire 3,000 people as part of a new social media unit to spread “good” vaccine information on the big tech platforms.

Speaking during the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Summit, Gates was critical of the purchase of Twitter by fellow billionaire Elon Musk, who has advocated transforming the Big Tech platform into a site where “free speech” is protected.

Gates has been a huge proponent of vaccines, and has funded vaccines for various diseases around the world, including a vaccine for a recent polio outbreak, which had been caused in part by a vaccine that Gates had funded, according to a report from NPR.

And he’s worried that Elon Musk buying Twitter will ruin his takeover of the world.

He’s a meglomaniac on an grand scale and should be stopped from doing any more damage. Yes, he’s untouchable for the average man or woman, all we can do is INSIST that he is a scam artist, who is killing millions because he sees himself as God, the rest of the world as his little monoploy board. And refuse to take him seriously.

How do we prevent the next pandemic?

That’s easy: Put the man on trial, and stop him from trying to kill off the population with his grand dreams of delusions…if he doesn’t stop, tell Elon to put him on top of one of his rocket ships and send him to the moon.

Stop him from buying up all our land to starve us all into eating crap. Keep him from messing up the DNA of bugs.

I could go on, but Russell says it all:

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Nobody Flashes, a VERY Rich Strike

Forget about my long ranting and mostly depressing opinions this Monday…Instead watch and enjoy a man and his horse win the most famous horse race in the world. Okay, in the United States at least.

Nobody Wonders how much money was LOST on this race. I didn’t watch it, because it was Mother’s Day and I was planting flowers. I used to never miss it when my mother was alive. It was our favorite day to get together and watch.

It was reported that President Trump was there fundraising, and the crowd gave him a rousing welcome.

For once, we didn’t see the rich owners who usually win, or the Saudi horses, we saw the small trainers, jockeys and owners, beat the money with sheer work and brains.


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Nobody Wishes ALL the Mothers, Joy and Love

Nobody wishes all the mothers–will have a wonderful day with their families!

Really. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Nobody Flashes Amistad and JQA

Anthony Hopkins BECAME JQA, in Amistad. A great movie by Steven Spielburg, if you’ve never seen it. More was done by JQA to fight slavery than any other politician of the Revolution or after, and yet, there really is no memoral in D.C. for him OR his father.

They WERE, in my Nobody Opinion, too honest to fit in the curruption even in their time. They both gave us so much…and yet, history has erased their memories except for a few biography’s and this movie.

I saw this scene again tonight, and Anthony Hopkins was absolutely brilliant. And the script?


Freedom. The words fit us ALL now, don’t they? As we watch OUR freedoms slowly being destroyed.

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Nobody Reports NGFS Insanity

Nobody Reports

On the big plans that the ‘elites’ have for us: Here’s an example from the book The Great Narrative by Klaus Schwab on saving us all from carbon:

The NGFS (Network for Greening the Financial System) suggest that possibly nations, companies, and individuals who draw carbon from the atmosphere could be paid for it directly. Possibly petrostates could be compensated for the fossil fuels they keep in the ground. Possibly oil companies could be paid to suck carbon from the air and then pump it back into the ground: they could also be paid to pump water from under the great glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland, which are currently sliding into the sea on newly melted subterranean water slides. Of course, legislatures and citizens will need to urge their central banks, and ultimately to instruct or order them, to do these things. But the good news is that with these new strategies in hand, even in our current political economy, awkwardly suited at best to the task at hand, we might be able to pay ourselves to do the necessary things and thus dodge the coming mass-extinction event.

I don’t know about you, but who’s going to pay to PUMP the water out of the Antarctica and Greenland? Oil companies? And what are they going to do with that water? Sell it? In the Coke plastic bottles that we all buy? And SUCK carbon from the air?


“And ultimately to instruct or ORDER them” key words here.

Yes, Klaus has big plans. Insanity. And speaking of insanity, here’s an insane rant from one of Biden’s appointee’s:  

Yep, better buy that new fridge NOW.

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Nobody Cares If Mark Dice Wears a Blue wig?

I’m sorry. If you haven’t seen this, it’s pretty funny. The guy in the back is enjoying it to,


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Nobody Wonders: Abortion Rights? Again?

Nobody Wonders

Here we go again: The war of the ‘right to choose’. Abortion is on the docket at the Supreme Court. What’s not on the docket is just how much money Biden has given countries all over the world to pay for abortions. No, we won’t mention that. The elections are more important.

Could this have been planned more perfectly?

First: Denise D’Souza’s new film 2000 mules where he proves that the election was stolen, complete with video’s of ‘mules’ stuffing Zuckerburg ballot boxes in key states, while not being shown on any major outlets, nevertheless, millions of people will see it. Of course, anybody with a brain knew it was stolen, but having a film show the cheating? Not good for Hillary or the democrats.

 SO…to war we go:

The democrats send in the machine guns:

SECOND: The night before the showing Hillary Clinton comes out to the MET ball in a stunning royal dress, looking the best she has looked in years, posing as the woman’s representee of the Queen of woman’s rights, and ready to fight to be the first woman president and save all the lonely women on the planet.

 Isn’t she lovely? That picture was plastered everywhere.

THIRD: A once in history leak from the Supreme Court, of an opinion from a justice, that the democratic women’s cry for “right to do with my body what I want”, the illegally passed Roe VS Wade, was not Constitutional, will start the fight that will ensue right up to the midterms. The final blow into the midterms and the “WE MUST NOT HAVE TRUMP AGAIN” election.

It’s the last big bomb in the progressive gun to make ALL the woman forget about the price of gas, diapers, baby food, their future will depend on…

HILLARY to save them.

Uh, will it work?

Wait. You don’t think they are going run Hillary again? George W. Bush would love it. So would Turtle O’Connell and Pence. They are all ready to pounce on the fight, to show the pros and cons, and keep up the money right up to the last minute. After all, they’ve waited HOW many years to take up this subject?

I’m sick of the fight already, and it’s only been one day.

This abortion rights fits BOTH the RINOs and the Progressives to beat Donald Trump. Funny, isn’t it? The Supreme Court couldn’t even take up the biggest fraud in American election History, submitted by over half the states, but Roe VS Wade? Oh, this is the perfect time for it. High food, gas, nuclear war…threats of another pandemic, what a better time to get that all off the networks.

It’s right up the political alley. Think of the money that will come into all the media stations with the big NEW fight going on day after day, after day: Right up until the midterms.

ONE DAY went by: And the mob was out with their pickets.

As for the abortion rights: I grew up when the ‘sexual revolution’ came into the country from the communists getting into our universities, selling “free sex” and the “women’s right to her own body” and the media was in full force of destroying the family, men’s rights, the lawyers getting rich off divorce, children being aborted or raised by a single mom, who didn’t HAVE the money to have too many children…(Unless of course you were black, on welfare, and voted democrat.)

And yes, it angers me that NOBODY talks about the huge gargantuan Wale of an elephant in the room which is:

ABORTION: When it comes to abortion, ask the women: It’s the economy stupid.

So, all those orgasmic sex-filled movie promoted sex filled nights with no responsibility to the man really, but the woman gets to raise the children. After all, why should the men lose their hard-earned money to someone he just wanted to have sex with?

But one catch: raising a child is VERY expensive now. And women, by nature alone, tend to fall in love. They WANT marriage, love, children, family. I don’t care WHAT kind of BS they say.

Taking that notion out of them has not been easy, but the propaganda has been VERY successful.

Abortion is murder. But it’s a very lucrative business for Bill Gate sand his buddies. And let’s not forget the aborted babies stuff goes into the vaccines—How cool is that?

The whole Planned Parenthood, ‘destroy the family’ and let the woman raise the kids didn’t work so well for most western nations. As Elon Musk has pointed out: We didn’t have ENOUGH babies.

Whose fault is that? (Wow, there’s a big blog.)

MILLIONS of women were told to have their babies and give them up to adoption. Uh…I mean, it’s not a baby yet, so get rid of it and live your life. He’s not marrying you.

How many men, would have gone through 9 months of feeling a child in their belly and then see it, and THEN give it up?

Calling Glenn Beck. You want to answer that?

The whole argument from men, who by the way, have no idea what the woman goes through when they get pregnant and have NO support system, but DO know and are outraged by the whole thing, somehow dismiss the fact that it takes TWO to make the baby.

Either find a way, with a charity to support the woman who have the baby with extra money, and help her, or MAKE the man responsible pay.

Better yet, find fathers for these poor kids. BETTER yet, bring back religion and marriage.

The state made sure both were destroyed.

The whole ‘feminist’ movement brainwashed women to the absurd idea that it’s THEIR body and if the man wants the child, it’s HER decision. Or make him pay.

But Nobody wonders: Has this great aborted baby factories, where millions are made off aborted babies, been a well thought out plan by those Bilderberg evil scions?

Sure it has. Some states even want to kill the child AFTER it’s born.

Why? The organs are worth more. It’s that simple.

Ever read “It takes a village by Hillary Clinton?”

Millions of babies have been aborted. And we hear the screams of mostly sad and naive young women crying for the ‘choice’ because God forbid, she gets a date, has sex, and comes up pregnant.

Isn’t he supposed to love me she asks?

Nope. Hey baby, its YOUR body not mine.  

And that’s why the morality of the Church was so very effective.

And THATs why they are destroying it.

Nobody Liked DeSantis ruling in Florida. But he seems to be on the right track as usual.

I’m not ready to hear this ‘Back-alley abortions’ once again, are you?  

Nobody Thinks that MOST women want babies. It’s mother nature. And I’m shocked that so many women have been brainwashed to not have them.

And then, when they get old, they die…. alone.

And wonder…why? Why? Why wasn’t I loved enough by one man?

Let’s ask Hugh Hefner: Wait…he’s dead.

Sorry. There’s always Beyonce.

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Nobody’s Fool: Mark Levin

When it comes to the law, nobody beats the mind of Mark Levin. And then, when he gets going, it’s like a cresendo of a perfect brain explosion of magnificence. Like the end of a Beethovan Ode to Joy.

Don’t miss this great rant. It starts out slow, but…Mark ALWAYS delivers the best punches.

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I Want My, I Want My, I Want My Catalytic Converter…BACK

Nobody’s Opinion

Every two years here in Missouri, you must pay a fee to make sure you get an emissions test: And if your car fails, you have the expense of making sure it passes, or you do not get plates.

I tried to look up exactly when this started, but each state varies. Most people find it annoying and have always wondered if it was just another way for the government to make money. The EPA long ago forced all the newer cars to make the cars EPA efficient, but no matter. You still must take it to be checked, new or not.

So, what’s a climate- global- warming- democratic- screamer of “The PLANET IS DYING!” going to do when thieves from all across the country are stealing the Catalytic converters to make money?

Isn’t this more polluting than cow burbs?

Funny…I have not heard Biden, Harris, or Pelosi even MENTION this crime. They are stil on Jan. 6.


Catalytic converters are an emission control device that prevent carbon monoxide from leaking out of a vehicle’s tailpipe and into the atmosphere. Catalytic converters consist of platinum, rhodium and palladium metals, which run for $200 up to over $1,000 for rare pieces.

Investigates took an in-depth look into reports of catalytic converter thefts in the county and found the number jumped from 74 reported thefts in 2018 to 1,214 as of October 2021 — a 1,540% increase.


That’s the least amount they can get. In fact, the bigger trucks can bring you up to $10,000 a pop. In California, they don’t prosecute for this crime because it’s “property.” The crime is so massive, criminals are now going where the cars are like car lots: California doesn’t prosecute these crimes. They take a page out of the Soviet Union:


Soviet Union made self-defense illegal. This was part of a larger strategy to encourage crime against citizens, because the more the citizens are worrying about criminals, the less they think about the regime they are living in. They will even welcome more police oversight, because it is the only protection against crime they have. (Crimes against the state, on the other hand, were punished extremely.)

Here a manager of a car lot in California explains:


Ataya said catalytic converters are getting stolen from his lot faster than he can replace them “I have like maybe nine cars I cannot find cats for them. They’re just sitting. It’s a loss,” Ataya said.

He added that he’s paid $40,000 out of pocket to replace catalytic converters recently stolen from cars on his lot.

  • Thief steals a converter and sells it to a person for about $200
  • That person sells it to another person for $400
  • Person three sells the stolen converter on the market for an even higher profit, somewhere around the $1,200 range

“It’s very lucrative,” McCue said.

It only takes a thief a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, to steal a catalytic converter.

“The fastest I’ve seen is just over 40 seconds,” McCue said.

“They kind of look like a NASCAR crew because they jump out with two people. One lifts the car and the other one climbs underneath — and a minute, minute and a half later, maybe two minutes, there they go with your catalytic, and nowhere to be seen,” he said.

So ultimately, when it goes to the first, second, third person, they are not going to scrap yards here in Sacramento County. They are being shipped to people that just melt it, basically ‘smelt’ it is what they call it. 


NOBODY WONDERS: Who benefits from this? Who is BUYING this smelted material that they cannot get anymore?

The car manufacturers? Or the people who want to get us all off the roads? Nobody Knows, but it pays more than robbing a Walgreens, doesn’t it?

And yet, the democrats AND the Gop is pretty silent on the subject, but they can sure tell you, the future is electric.

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