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Now…We Pray

This is the time everyone who wants to SAVE the world, should pray for our President, for THIS is the time, the devils will come for him if they can.

Remember, he is surrounded by evil.

God be with the President and his family at this time, and may every good soul on this planet pray for his health.

Get some sleep Mr. President, and…make sure your sons are there to watch your back at all times.

The Deep State Crime syndicate is alive and well.

Jews, and Christians pray for our President

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Is it me? Are you, like me, starting to feel like we are living in a pre-Russia, pre-China, state of the union? The “YOU ARE A WHITE SUPREMISIT!” label is being pumped up by all the media.

Nobody Remembers

I wonder what ‘think tank’ sat around and thought up THAT lovely label to put us all in line?

The ‘colored’ communist revolution tactics, which were used by Stalin and China, is being used here in America by the democrats to divide us all…into classes of race, so that we start attacking each other and thereby cause the chaos they want. Divide and conquer: the tactic used since the cave man decided he wanted to control another man’s cave, so that he could hog all the meat.

And for the first time in our American history, there are many powerful politicians helping our enemies, destroy us with ‘race’ wars. They threaten us every day with chaos and destruction if we Don’t Elect them.

BLM. (Or black lives murder) ….ONLY Black Lives Matter. But the kicker is, the democrats have played the race card so many times, it’s getting old. The blacks are waking up. They see a lot of white kids in the black neighborhoods destroying their towns, and they don’t like it.

And it’s dawning on them that it’s the democratic politicians that are fanning the flames of hatred, just to put themselves in power.

Yes, it’s dawning on them that they have been suckered.

When wondering about the upcoming Constitution, in No 60 he said this:

But what is to be the object of this capricious partiality in the national councils? Is it to be exercised in a discrimination between the different departments of industry, or between the different kinds of property, or between the different degrees of property? Will it lean in favor of the landed interest, or the monied interest, or the mercantile interest, or the manufacturing interest? Or to speak in the fashionable language of the adversaries of the constitution, will it court the elevation of the “wealthy and the well born.” To the exclusion and debasement of all the rest of the society.”

Well, isn’t that who is doing this damage? The “wealthy and the well born.”

We can add those from the upper echelons of Washington D.C., Harvard, Yale, and Oxford.

Yep. Our founders KNEW about the greed of mankind. They KNEW unity was important. They tried to divide up the various branches of government in order to stop one party from staying in power.

And now, we are coming too close to that happening.

If none of the elites who are working to destroy our constitution and way of life are NOT prosecuted, (Hillary, Comey, Obama, etc.)  than…

Hamilton once said:

Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been, and ever will be, pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit. In a society, under the forms of which the stronger faction can readily unite and oppress the weaker, anarchy many as truly be said to reign, as in a state of nature, where the weaker individual is not secured against the violence of the stronger

Yes, anarchy will reign, and liberty will be lost.

Let’s make SURE that doesn’t happen.

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Nobody Wonders about Mitt, China, And Laser Beams

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders about a lot these days. Since RBG died, the cable news networks have been ecstatic. Everybody is so burnt out on politics, they were tuning out, going outside, enjoying barbeques…I mean “COME ON MAN!” every hour on the hour it’s reported that a guy who has dementia and can’t draw a crowd over 20 is winning every state.

And now, the democrats are threatening to burn down the whole system of government, something by the way, they have been doing for decades.  Impeachment, violence against Trump supporters, and years of not allowing ANYBODY to make a living, is on the table. Puerto Rico will become a state as will D.C. And all you rednecks in the suburbs…they are coming to burn YOUR house down too if Trump wins in November.

Yes, the upcoming fight for the Supreme Court is being advertised as the greatest fight in history.

Choose you man! Get out the popcorn! That is, if your popcorn popper wasn’t burnt up in some forest fire in California, or Portland, or New York, or by some hurricane.

Nobody Wonders, with all the fires being started by “the left” and countless of poor people losing their lives and homes, you don’t hear much sympathy for them, do we? The camera shoots of the devastation from the fire are not as important as the Wuhan virus. No, they are short.

VERY SHORT. Or…who is REALLY starting all these fires and natural disasters?

The deep state is keeping the news on the virus. It’s the only way they can continue with the global takeover of the planet. And everybody’s mind off the real threats we face.

In fact, I heard one guy on the radio claim that China will nuke us, and then we will all gladly come together to be controlled, and BEG for the state to come and help us. And then, those of us who do NOT want a world government will be…taken. It’s won’t be pretty.

I have another friend who swears that the East and West coast will be hit by a tsunami, caused by Russian submarines.

I don’t even think if we had an alien attack that the left and right would join together. No, Nancy would sacrifice us all to the aliens to destroy. And China would take them over offering them their cheap labor market to make their alien weapons.

So, all eyes were on Mitt Romney today, afraid that he would be the one to stop the vote on Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court…all he actually said was that he would vote for it.

But this Nobody Wondered if Mitt’s ‘deal’ for HIS vote was that he would insist on the woman the globalist want: Which seems to be Amy. The Catholic with 7 kids. (Or so it’s reported by some.)

And who is to say, that she won’t vote with globalists Justice Roberts?

Mitt will get his ‘revenge’ if she votes with Justice Roberts and votes against the President, when the dems take the whole thing to the Supreme Court.

Or maybe they will just skip that and come for us.

And then there’s this:

(Natural News) “Michael Caputo, an assistant secretary for public affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), warned viewers during a Sep. 13 Facebook Live session that the Democrats are planning an armed insurrection against President Donald Trump.

Let’s hope Trump was not bluffing today. A few well-pointed American lazes from space would do fine.


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Jim Gordan VS Dr. Fauci–Priceless

Nobody Flashes

The sheer genius of Rep. Jim Gordon. Watch, and smile. And by the way, Fauci was promoting that very expensive drug to use on the virus, Remdesivir, and he said that Hydroxychloraquine does not work.

Remdesivir is VERY expensive. He basically called the doctors that use hydroxychloraquine stupid. Hey, I thought he was in research?

What a scam artist. Foggy Fraudi Fauci; Wants Brad Pitt to play him in a movie. What…Outbreak Covid-22? Whose going to play Bill Gates?

Robert Redford? (I still think Redford is Brad Pitt’s dad.)

Okay, I enjoyed this…Jim Jordan made him show his true colors.

So if you missed it, YOU enjoy it too! It was the highlight of the day.

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Nobody Knows What Madonna Knows (And We Don’t WANT To.)


Nobody Knows—

Today was going to be an exciting day! Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple…all their CEO’s were in Congress to express how they NEVER did anything wrong to anyone, but were instead, following what every business does…and that is to put all others out of business!

(Laugh or not here.)

Well, they got that right. While they never admitted that they are all devoted to making sure that Trump does NOT get elected, you can bet your next scam phone call that nothing is going to happen to ANY of these companies.  They lie, our Congress says a few things, and everybody goes out to a steak dinner.

That’s Washington.

Nobody Knows if President Trump has any power to reign them in and making them pay for taking away all conservative free speech, but I’m pretty sure Congress could care less. (As always.)

Nobody Knows….about Madonna. She’s in the news again. She once said very loudly that we had the first GAY African Muslim President and WASN’T It Wonderful? (I guess they couldn’t pay off her plastic surgeon.)  And now, she is saying that the rich already have a vaccine for the virus, they’re just holding on to it to make money. She is so emotional, isn’t she? BUT…we can always count on Madonna to tell the truth. She said she wanted to bomb the White House, and I believe it. Still, I THINK she is still an American citizen, unlike Tom Hanks and his wife who are now citizens of Greece. Did they give up their American citizenship? Nobody Knows. 

Nobody Knows...I went swimming today and the news was that SOME guy is being caught on our outside home camera’s stealing our RINGS. He’s white, and we have him on video. He was in my back driveway while I was in the Kitchen checking out my garage. He saw me and got out of there REAL fast. My 93-year old friends said that her son had put up a camera and he went out to get the film…it was gone. Nobody Knows, but we all wondered if the threat of Antifa and the democrats to start a civil war in the suburbs is real. They COULD be checking out the neighborhoods they want to attack, and making sure there will BE no video tapes of what they plan to do. At least we will all be on the lookout. But Nobody Knows if they will do this BEFORE the election, or after.

Nobody KnowsHow Germany is going to survive without our troops protecting her, since Trump is bringing home our troops,  but since Merkel is Hillary’s best bud, I imagine it’s bugging her. Will the German people go along with getting cuts in their retirement benefits? Or, has Merkel already given up Germany to Russia?

Nobody Knows. And by the way, MOST of America did not see the four horseman of the TECHOPOLAS give their lying testimony today because everyone’s satellite feed was having problems. Lucky for them, most of us missed it.

Something tells me, since Google and Facebook work with the Chinese military, I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

And on a happy note: Nobody Knows that I LOVE it when President Trump is at his best!

Watch, and be amazed.


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Nobody Flashes: Another Important Message

Nobody Flashes

The women in my neighborhood was talking about the “Mark of the Beast” today. All go to church, and all swear that the Bible predicted the fact that someday we would all have to have “the mark of the beast” to do anything: buy food, work, have children, etc..

I said, and I truly believe this, that here in Missouri, you cannot now go into any store without a mask on. In other words, you cannot buy food or clothing or groceries, without the mask. It may not be a mark on our foreheads, but it IS a mark nontheless…just our face.

Is this not a test of control to get us all use to having to ‘obey’ in order to even trade or buy food? You can’t say this it to protect the merchants, because nobody can sue them for the flu…or this. They say it’s to “protect” others.

I think it’s more about control. After this, the mandated vaccination will happen. Like Spiro says, the mandates will come from your local politicians.

President Trump doesn’t have to make it mandatory, your local politicians will.

We are on the verge of a deep state tyrannical takeover. I thought this video was important enough to show it now.

Because we ALL need to know, what’s happening, and what’s coming. And it seems, they’ve scared enough of us to comply.

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Intellectual Froglegs Releases Another Masterpiece Depicting Today’s Events Entitled: Commie Dearest

Nobody’s Fool: I had to post this today.

It’s just too great and uplifting not to.

Joe wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for this year, for just getting us all back to our sense of humor and a lot of other things.

Thanks Joe!


Joe Dan Gorman released another great video at Intellectual Froglegs depicting today’s events.  This guy is so talented and funny which is why social media giants like YouTube won’t provide him access.  Enjoy this month’s video, entitled – Commie Dearest!  This video is hilarious and enlightening!

Source: Intellectual Froglegs Releases Another Masterpiece Depicting Today’s Events Entitled: Commie Dearest

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And For Our Next Trick….let’s hit the Restaurants!

Nobody Knows

Just who is paying these idiots to go to restaurants and try to start a fight. Odds are: George Soros.

The more we see of this, the more people capture this on video’s, the more President Trump wins in November.

The democrats believe if they just could get Texas, they could win. I’m not sure this will help their odds.

Notice, the black man who made this video is starting to get it.

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YES! I pass this spot all the time! Thanks to our Police!

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Nobody Flashes: One Big Bear Family

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There’s MORE!

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Happy 4th! Stay the Course…Of Protecting Our History and Liberty

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Grant Predicted BLM Democratic Marxist Revolution in 2020

Nobody Reads

Sent in from a reader, a quote from General Grant, the man who helped end slavery.

“If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence,” he said, “I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason’s and Dixon’s, but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition, and ignorance on the other.”

‘Thanks to g-man’

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Nobody Flashes Tucker Carlson: Voice of Sanity

Nobody Flashes 

Voice of Sanity.

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