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Trump, Truman, and the “Majority” of the Press.

Nobody Remembers….

I was reading today some history on President Truman, and the same thing that is happening to Trump, happened to Truman…Only it was the republicans AND the Washington Post that angered President Truman.

Who knew?

Rather than make this a long explanation by what I mean, here’s a sort of summary…and some excerpts out of the biography Harry S. Truman, by his daughter Margaret.

Margaret: A few weeks after his second administration began the reactionaries, an unimaginative lot, first tried the most obvious trick in the political book—smearing the President by finding corruption in his administration. Their target was Major General Harry Vaughan. Dad was told to fire General Vaughan immediately.

Nobody: What was the good General Vaughan’s crime? He took an ‘honor’ award from thankful people of Argentina, and dutifully, according to the law, handed it over to the State Department. Many other generals in history had been given awards in our history from other nations but that didn’t matter, because at that time, Truman had his own “pencil neck’…and it was a man named Drew Pearson. The Washington Post took up his cause.

Vaughan was one of Truman’s most trusted friends. Can you say…General Flynn?

Want another comparison?

General Vaughn hired a man named John Maragon; a Greek America who was called before the Congress to testify against the General.

Margaret: Maragon was one of those little men who loved to be on the fringes of big-time politics. They are tireless in attempting to do favors for anyone who will let them, and when they are in earshot, they will loudly proclaim their important contacts in the White House or Congress, or the State Department, alleging to their friends or anyone who will listen to them, that the invert wheels of the government cannot turn without their advice and consent.

Nobody: Can you say…. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci? He worked under Trump for just eleven days, claimed he knew him better than anyone else, was fired, and then said Trump would not be able to win the election. “It’s gonna become very clear that it’s impossible for him to win,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Sounds like a ‘Maragon’ man to me.

By the way—General Vaughan testified but the Congress was forced to admit there was no evidence of corruption.

Margaret: But that did not prevent headlines and editorial about deepfreezes and influence peddling, which gave the impression that the Truman Administration was riddled with corruption.
When you read the headlines, the investigation created with practically no evidence of guilt by anyone. It is frightening to think of what might have happened if some of the behind the scenes plotting had succeeded. A loyal Louisiana congressman informed Dad that Pearson leg men were scouring New Orleans and its environs for democrats willing to take a bribe and swear that Harry Vaughn had helped them fix an income tax case. Fortunately, these smear tactics got nowhere.

Nobody: Gee. It’s 2019 and the democrats did the exact same thing. Hired people to dig up dirt on Trump, couldn’t find any, so they just made it up. But this time the Obama administration had the help of the FBI, CIA, and State Department with Hillary Clinton’s figure prints all over it.

Margaret: The reactionary attack of 1949 darkened Dad’s already dim view of the objectivity of our free press. Looking back on his experience after he left office, Dad Said:

President Harry S. Truman:

After I sent my message on domestic policy to the Congress on September 6th, 1945, a campaign of vilification and misrepresentation in editing the news by the special interest-controlled press began. It is difficult for the average citizen of this great republic to understand how a “free press” can be used to distort facts as a means of character assassination. I do not mean to condemn the whole press and charge all of the newspapers and magazines with this campaign, but the vast majority was guilty. This systematic attack was not confined solely to matter of policy and administration. Individuals were singled out and made the victims of character assassination in the hope of destroying public confidence in my administration.

So, while we all think that this kind of attacks from a ‘free press’ are new, no, it’s not. And that’s why history is being destroyed in our school systems.

President Truman went through much the same vilification that President Trump is going through, but he NEVER had it half as bad.

And notice: President Truman called us rightly…. a Republic. Why has no pundit refreshed our memories about this?

Because, they really would rather you not know just how long the political games have been played.

I don’t know about you, but reading these words of history and how they mirror the words of President Trump today…

Once again: How long has this been going on?

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It’s About Time Somebody Did This!

Nobody Flashes

This is SO funny. She’s pretty good.

Who needs SNL when you have Millennial Millie?


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China’s Control: Over their Students and American Companies

Nobody Reports

This is what will happen here, if our corporations continue to bow to China: Thomas Edison did nothing BUT daydream inside his school classes, and thank god for us that he did. This will take away ALL creativity, and it’s why China has to steal, even now, all American’s greatest inventions. Robotic minds, completely controlled, will imagine nothing.

Here’s what Kurt Schlichter….had to say: (read the rest here.) 

The NBA can’t disrespect Americans enough for knowing which bathroom to use, or having guns, or not being sufficiently woke, but let the Chinese communists get fussy because some dude dunks the reds over oppression in Hong Kong – you know, supporting freedom – and the billionaire ballers can’t gimp it up fast enough for Mao’s heirs. We haven’t seen such pathetic, eager submission to the forces of evil since the last time some Bulwark scribbler got a chance to be on a CNN panel about Trump with Ana Navarro and a cross-dressing furry.

And it’s not just the rich schmucks who own the basketball teams. It’s our entire elite, the whole useless lot of them, who can’t wait to bow down to the Pinko Peril. You just sprinkle a few bucks around DC and NY and the whole sorry lot of those who presume to be our betters start chanting, “Thank you, comrade, may I have another.”

Would you like YOUR child this controlled in school?

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President Trump’s Saves the Light Bulb!

Nobody Cares

President Trump did a wonderful thing today, he gave us back the lightbulb we all love.

I remember thinking how INSANE it was to make us all buy light bulbs with mercury inside if it happened to break. You had to run, and put on a mask, hope your pets or your kids didn’t inhale the fumes…find a broom…and pray. Those of us who actually got educated before the great progressive takeover of our schools were told time and time again how dangerous mercury was and to be extra careful with thermometers.

All I could think of when they put those bulbs on the shelves was “I guess that’s just another way the deep state has thought up to cleverly make us all sick.”

For years, I’ve gone from store to store searching for the old bulbs, especially the 100 watts which give you more light. When I find them, it’s truly like finding an old friend.

By the way…Thomas Edison had a huge bulb in his lab in Ft. Meyers, Florida which burned for over 40 years. And yet, we were told the new lights would burn longer.

Okay,maybe. But you couldn’t read very well  by them.

So, Thank you Mr. President! You continue to “Make America Great Again!” by bringing back the more sensible light bulb we all loved.

And just in case you’re like those mercury filled things: You will STILL be able to buy them. At the extra cost.

Go ahead. It’s your dime.

exposure to light bulb mercury.


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Two Globalist Buddies!

Nobody Wonders

Poor George. It’s getting harder to get rid of Trump, and it’s come down to making sure liberals see him as their friend. That’s why he probably invited Ellen to come sit with him. Don’t you wonder what she is texting on her cell phone?

Probably, “Can you believe I’m sitting next to this moron?”

What was she going to do? Rufuse to sit with him? She’s full on board with George on Trump hatred.

If you think this wasn’t arranged: think again pumpkins. You know the President has private seats and tons of protection that even Ellen doesn’t have.

Today everyone was talking about it, and Karl Rove said it was a clear example of how everybody can get along, no matter what their differences. He said the two ‘radicals’ of each party are the ones who are not being American (Remember what he called the Tea Party people at one time?) They want to pull the republican voters BACK into Bush’s corner.

You don’t want to know what Karl said about the Tea Party people. He hated them.

Bush has got to be fuming that President Trump is getting Americans out of foreign wars, but since he said nothing all through the Obama years, if he comes out now, he’s going to look like the neocon he is.  Karl is his mouthpiece on FOX.

I’m with Trump. Why should our boys be sacrificed in endless wars? The Kurds were our allies? HOW much money have we spent defending them?

Now they are saying the Christians in Syria will be slaughtered. Well, they’ve been being slaughtered for decades, and nobody seemed to care at all. No Christians were flown over here…just Muslims. No politicians cared.

They were blocked.

The politicians are all hypocrites.

As for Ellen? I got tired of her show once she started humiliating everybody who she could with stupid games. And the games are all about making fools of everyone but her. It’s almost sadistic. She might think it’s funny, but it’s getting old.

Is she a man? A girl? A man girl? Or just another Hollywood star who is controlled by the globalists?

Anyway, take another look at that picture. Neither  one of them are looking at each other. He’s probably thinking…

“So,they think this is really going to work?

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How to Control those Pesky Conservatives: Wire THEM to Google!

Nobody Wins

Instead of trying to solve the problems of the world, the three megalomaniacs of the great tech companies that rules the planet aren’t happy that they can’t control us all…

The answer? We all need our brains attached to their systems. SO much easier to just download their demands of the New World Order.

Trying to tame all these humans will take just too long.

From CNBC:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this year announced he and his wife Priscilla Chan would donate $68 million to support the mapping of all the cells in the human body. Facebook also recently acquired a company called CTRL Labs that lets you control computers with your mind. And Neuralink, a start-up once backed by Elon Musk, announced its brain-computer will start trials on humans next year.

Of course, Google is at the top of this who makes it sound so….sweet by saying “biology” is the next frontier in computing. Eric Schmidt…is ready to tell us all how we are going to want this new trend.

Somehow the fact that computers crash on everyone just about every 7 months from viruses is not something they are worried about. What are they going to do? Just cut out the part of your brain that got infected? Make us all plug in to our computers with wires coming out of the front of our head? Finally get those pesky conservatives to eat veggie burgers?

And how about those people who look like the brain is empty already?

Isn’t it funny? The men who think they are the most intelligent beings to ever walk the plant actually think this is a GOOD thing?

Well, I say, let them plug themselves up! What fun! And we can all get online and send twitter messages to their brains in 140 different languages, and they can then prove to us all that their virus protection that we will have to download at the price of $20,000 a year is worth the money they will want us all to pay.

This is our future?  Seriously?

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Muslim Woman Has Baby in Cab…All Because of Trump

Nobody Knows

Today on C-Span, there was some kind of Congressional session on President Trump’s Muslim ban. They had two Muslim men testify how unfair this ban was. Illan Omar was on the committee.

I don’t recall the guy’s name was, the Muslim who was testifiy, but evidently, he owned a shop in the Bronx, and had a successful grocery store. He said he liked to help all his customers no matter who they were. My first thought was: Where did he get the money to open a store in the first place? It’s a question I ask myself again and again: How do foreigners, who supposedly are so poor and desperate, manage to get the money to open up businesses here in America? I’m sure there’s some kind of program helping them, because in every city, they come here, open up shops, and I have always wondered…if they are so poor, where DO they get the money?

Anyway, he continued his story: He was a citizen. He was never asked how he became a citizen, but he wanted to bring his wife and two children to America, but they were from Yemen and it was denied. He went on to say that he would go BACK to Yemen and on his trips, he fathered two children.

His wife’s pregnancy was bad, he was so worried, and it was horrible because she went into labor in Yemen, and they called a cab, and she had the baby in the uber cab. It was the most horrifying day of his life. To him, she should have been allowed to have her baby here, in the best hospitals, which had been denied to him.

My second thought was, well, whatever this dire pregnancy was, she didn’t have any problems having the baby in a cab. Something that is done even in America during rush hour traffic.  If she had been that sick, she might have died. But the WAY the man told the story, you would have thought the baby died, the mother died, etc, all because of our mean President Trump.

Me, listening to the sob stories.

But no, she had a healthy baby, and he had to come back to America to support them because he couldn’t find a job…well I guess, in any other country. He put on a pitiful face.

Nobody ever asked the man why his wife wasn’t a citizen, or how he became one…but the rest of the show was all about how the President was SO unfair to Muslims. Ilian made sure that everyone knew that.

The other guy wanted to bring his wife’s mother, and father, and some brother…well, you know the story.

While I was listening to it, I felt sorry for them, but then, I got to thinking…why? There are homeless veterens on the streets of California. Veterans coming back from war committing suicide.

If the man really wanted to be with his wife, he’d go to another country, start up another business, and live with his wife and children. That’s what I would do. But no, we all know why they come here.

So much free stuff.

Nobody Knows how really good the liberals are at tucking at your emotions. The Pope came out again and said all nations should welcome all migrants from everywhere.

Well, let the Pope feed them.


Okay. I’ll shut up now.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Hamill VS Robert DeNiro

Nobodys Perfect

It’s pretty sad, when you haven’t had a successful movie since you were twenty. In order to get attention you have to come out and insult a couple where their young son wears a Star Wars costume.

Mark (the I think I’m still Luke Skywalker) Hamill, who couldn’t make it on his talent and hasn’t been in a hit movie for all of the rest of his entire adult life, has taken second place to Robert DeNiro in the crude and immature contest of who can be the most vile adults on the planet.

Who’s worse? Mark Hamill or Robert? Here’s Mark’s reaction to a clearly innocent and sweet family photo…with a young son who is simply so cute in his costume….any parent would be proud.

And here was Mark’s really classy reply:

And then there’s the fabulous protrayor of every Mafia King that ever walked the planet, Robert DeNiro, who in his last interview just said Trump was crazy and shouldn’t be President. Don’t ask him for specifics, he can’t think that deeply. His brain is like a needle stuck on a broken record. It only repeats one word. Or…make that two.


So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? Mark Hamill, who hates the Trumps so much he had to attack a small child and his parents for an innocent picture?

Or Robert DeNiro: Who can’t seem to get out of the character of the foul mouthed Mafia boss, off stage?

Mmmmm…I think it’s a tie. Both men are stupid.

Any thoughts?

Well, clearly Ivanka was right. The Force is so strong in the Trump family, it causes the truly vile and wickly evil people to come out.

And it’s not even a full moon yet.

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Just How LONG Have the Elites Been Running the Show?

Nobody’s Opinion

I don’t know about you, but if I hear one more sanctimonious dweeble politician declare that they are protecting the constitution from our President—by impeaching him, I think I’m taking up throwing darts at pictures of media donkeys, and play pin the tail on Pelosi’s butt.

Somebody needs to tell them to read it. One of the President’s jobs is to handle all foreign affairs, and he can send whomever he likes to help him out with that, whether it’s Rudi Giuliani, his daughter, Ivanka, or even a nobody like me.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it say “But ONLY the President can do that.”

What it does say is that it’s his responsibility, not Congresses.

The progressives are destroying the Constitution by telling us all daily what’s not in it. What’s NOT in it is their demand to listen to all his phone calls.

He also swore an oath to protect and defend us from all enemies foreign or domestic, and the deep state has become our enemy. If President Trump has done nothing else by being the dynamic achiever that he is, it’s the fact we are discovering just how corrupt most of Washington is.

And MAN is it depressing.

“Do you want a democracy in this country or a deep state?” Said Mr. Stephen Miller said. “The president of the United States is a whistleblower.”

Stephen is right.
This nobody thinks that he could blow that whistle even harder. Hillary Clinton should be in prison by now.

Most of us are shocked at the blatant attempt to destroy America by the ‘progressives’ within by calling anyone who disagrees with us racists. All white people are deemed unworthy of even living. Now, in my neighborhood, you can drive up to a McDonalds, and sometimes the young black woman won’t even take your order. No kidding. Or they will say that they are out of whatever it is you want. The democrat’s message has especially hit the young and naïve.

The progressives WANT a civil war. And they fight like the crooks that they are.

I still say it: The Mafia didn’t disappear, it just merged with the democrats.

Sal Alinsky, the father of Hillary and Obama, learned everything he knows from the Mafia, and they in turn became his children. The democrats act like thugs, like Mafia Capones. And yes, they idolized the Mafia. They still use the mafia.

Chicago has always been run by the democrats/mafia. It’s understandable that both Hillary and Obama came out of Chicago.

And when you’re in the Mafia, if you don’t like somebody, just have them killed. Just look at the Clintons’ kill list.

Hollywood has glamorized the Mafia, with the Godfather, and the Sopranos, and now they have another movie lead by the foul mouth mafia imitator himself, Robert Dinero. Murdering Mafia lords are just doing what they do to protect their family.

After all, they were once ostracized like the Mexicans are now.

We can expect Dinero to make another disgusting Oscar speech right before the next election.

Yes, the enemy within, are silencing all opposition. They are demeaning and destroying everything that is good and decent, and Hollywood and the press is going full force to destroy all America stands for, and we should wonder: Hey, if we are just finding out about this now, how long has this been going on?

Was LBJ behind the drug smuggling CIA operation in Vietnam? (Who sold those drugs? Mafia) Bill Clinton was running drugs while still a teenager in Arkansas. Nobody has ever disputed that. Obama was a drug addict and no doubt still is. That little news made him look: Oh, just so honest, while our current President never even touched drugs or alcohol in his life.

And the Iraq war? Bush was a republican, but he protected those opium fields, didn’t he? The Bushes voted for Hillary, which makes you wonder…. who is really making the money off our country being swamped with opioids? Or marijuana for that matter?

Politicians who bought all the stocks? John Boehner is in on the ground floor. The death toll from driving has doubled since they legalized the drug.

And where does that lead us? They want to discourage us from fighting them. They are all relentless and overwhelming and they want us to believe that Americans, patriots, are in the minority.

Yesterday I heard an older man at the pool say, he was so disgusted with the politicians that he was thinking of leaving the country.

Well, that’s how they want you to feel. Hopeless.

Today, I listened to some Sunday shows, and just turned it off.

I am SO tired of it all, because, when you think about it, they’ve been hiding behind their holier than thou masks for much too long.

I say, it’s time, to rip them off. We don’t have to fall into their violent ‘civil’ war game.

We will just defeat them, with a simple courage.

Fly the flag. Put on your USA 45 hats. Stand up. And stand by the one man who has shown more courage since Abraham Lincoln.

He knows what’s going on. We just don’t know how LONG it’s been going on.

It’s time we knew.

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Nobody’s Fool: President Trump

Nobody’s Fool

Yesterday, in Houston, President Trump spoke to the Indian population here in America. He is building a coalition against China and Russia, (which includes Iran.) He already had Australia’s support, now he is getting India’s. President Modi was there and gave him astounding support. India has almost as many people as China.

Once again, President Trump is four steps ahead of all his enemies. I can’t think of one single democrat running for office drawing this kind of admiration and crowd.

Nobody in the liberal media showed this huge crowd (Even FOX hide it) and this particular response: It was…amazing.

Somewhere…Barack Hussein Obama is fuming.

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Nobody Flashes: What a Fool Believes

Nobody Flashes

This is one of my favorite songs. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s about…something about he was in love with someone long ago and THINKS she still loves him, but she really doesn’t…I don’t know. You tell me.

Mike is from Ferguson, MO. Yes THAT Ferguson. I used to go see him in his first band here in St. Louis when I was 16, in a club called THE CASTAWAYS. And I played in bands with many of the musicians that he grew up playing with.

That’s how long he’s been singing. He didn’t play piano then, he was the lead singer of the Sheratons. He left this town and went on to the Doobie Brothers and the rest is history.

The neighborhood where he grew up is very pretty. Almost plantation looking houses.

I love his voice. It’s almost painful to watch him sing, but there it is.

The piano and bass lines on this is so…original. That man can SING.

Mike…IS an original. Showing that good things did come out of Ferguson. And this version is…one I just saw.


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Nobody Remembers Rules of Civility

Nobody Remembers

I was reading today that Nancy Pelosi called Mitch McConnell the “Grim reaper.” Name calling seems to be the favorite pastime of all the politicians now. They SAY President Trump started it. But, he only started if AFTER someone had called him dirty names.

Trump is ALWAYS a counterpuncher. And he has been called every bad name in the book. And still, both parties accuse the other party of being non-civil.

I was thinking about a book that George Washington carried around with him….social rules he abided by.

While the progressives are trying to erase and disgrace the images and memories of our founders, including probably the most beloved one of all, I thought I’d reach back into George Washington’s book that he carried everywhere with him:

It was called Rules of Civility: Here’s a few lessons our first President swore by: 

1st Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.

6th Sleep not when others speak,

22nd Show not yourself glad at the misfortune of another, though he were your enemy.

35th Let your discourse with men of business be short and comprehensible.

40th Strive not with your superiors in argument but always submit your judgment to others with modesty.

109th Let your recreations be manly not sinful.

This little book is sold in most bookstores. It’s worth having in your library. There are so many good suggestions in this book it’s like the lost book of manners that nobody ever read but him.

President Washington would be appalled at the manners of our Congress. They have the manners of pigs at the trough, and for ANY of them to trash our first President is….almost…well…

Makes you want to say: We’ve come a long way baby!


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Nobody Wins: Sears Will Be a Distant Memory

Nobody Wins

Pretty sad I thought, as my husband and I drove past the last closing Sears within 60 miles of our home.

The sign said, “60% off!” Right. I’ve been to too many store closings to even bother. They never mark anything down, the sign just says it’s marked down.

Still, I’ve shopped at Sears so many times in my life I can’t even remember then all. Then Amazon came in, and Wal-Mart, who had all the best deals from the politicians, and they drove Sears out of business.

Sear was the only place you could buy decent tools for the guys. That went.

After they bought K-Mart, all the stores stopped looking nice, and started looking like the Salvation Army.

Wikipedia says they just couldn’t compete with Amazon and Wal-Mart. Tell me, do YOU think Wal-Mart is actually better than Sears? Have you ever seen a better drying machine at Wal-Mart?

Me neither.

I guess since Sears was always attached to some malls, and all the malls are closing, it was bound to happen.

I call it controlled destruction.

After we passed the mall where the Sears was closing down, we passed a big building recently put not far away. From the highway I saw a big sign which read: Logistics: Now hiring. All benefits.

Mmmmm…Logistics. I wonder….

I went home and google it.

Yep. It’s an Amazon warehouse. You would THINK they’d just put AMAZON on the building but this is the Midwest where middle class jobs are very hard to find. A lot of people around here would be embarrassed to say they worked at Amazon. They can say, “I work at Logistics” and nobody would know.


I’m going to miss Sears. Nobody Wins when the ONLY place you will be able to shop is Amazon or Wal-Mart.

And guess who owns the Sears Building in Chicago?


Check THEM out. There’s not much they do not own.

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Nobody’s Perfect: The New York Time’s: Blowing Blanks


You would think that the ‘intellectual’ brains of the leftist communist world would spread better lies. Now that Kavannaugh is on the Supreme court, the New York Times is spreading the ‘rumor’ that the judge once shook his “junk” in the face of some girl long ago and she was so traumatized it took her this long to run to the times to start his impeachment.

This made up lie, is about as stupid as the one they used to try to destroy Trump. You remember that one don’t you? Trump paid two prostitutes to pee on Obama and Michelle’s hotel bed while he watched?

What genius propaganda guru thought up both these beyond belief lies? Really. It sounds like something only Epstein would enjoy. Maybe Bill Clinton was guilty of both these acts, but clean to perfection Donald Trump?

Boy Scout Kavannagh? Some guy who was the kind that took a girl out on a date and you’d wonder the whole time you were with him if he was a virgin?

As for Trump, all you had to do was see the inside of any hotel he owned to know that he would probably not only fire any employee that did that, but make sure he never worked again. He’d have the room fumigated. Even redecorated.

And yet, the New York Times and the liberal elite, who themselves not only know about these acts, but probably did them at some times in their own lives, want to think up the grossest thing they can to infuriated all the ‘women’ in the world, and at the same time keep the real news off the networks.

The New York Times, is much like the NFL.


Frankly, I always found the New York Times boring. If you are going to read trash, might as well read Vanity Fair.

They don’t try to hide their ‘progressive’ leaning. They are full frontal….junk in your face.

Sorry New York Times: You might think you’ve planted the image of Judge Kavanaugh waving his ‘junk’ in some poor innocent college girls’ face…but…most of us know:

As far as real journalism goes: You’ve been ‘exposed.’ And YOUR ‘junk’ is blowing blanks.

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