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Nobody Wins

According to Robert Kiyosaki, nobody wins but the rich elite and the politicians. Here he explains just how long the world has fallen for…well, you watch learn.

I did.

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Nobody Wonders…

I’ve been watching some of the happenings in England, and just how FAST Charles went to Ireland, and Scotland, to get them all to swear allegiance even before poor mum was put in tomb. I mean really. He did NOT waste a second.

They are riding the dead Queen all over to make sure that her coffin, (which she picked out herself of course) is shown to all the people, and the one thing that makes me wonder…is it me? This is all about KEEPING the show up that only that family can rule forever more. The monarchy. (sigh)

And…Charles seem just too giddy about becoming King. Everyone keeps saying “He suffering so.”

Hardly. Oh, wait, he almost shed a tear, I think.

I kept listening to all his speeches and he kept repeating they must “OBEY” him. Everybody. Its in the legal documents. All of them. Hip, Hip, Hurray! And you Englishmen wonder why Americans don’t like to be forced to “OBEY.” King George had the same mentality.

So, Nobody Wonders, if the King has no powers, and NEVER has to pay taxes on his vast $430 million, WHY does anybody have to ‘obey’ him? Is this just an old custom that means nothing? And if the Queen was so powerless, why did she have daily briefs from the Parliament? Why did she write to great lengths her opinon on everything? Powerless? yeah. right.

It seems to this nobody this great spectacular nonstop display of “WE ARE THE ROYALS,” decendents of Vlad, (Even Charles proudly admits that.) is a family trying to hold on to its place as rulers of the world. They put on quite a show.

And this Nobody Wonders how the people of England really feel about King Charles.

After all, the whole WORLD mourned Diana’s death because, it seemed to most of us she was there to give the monarchy heirs, and then was…as she put it herself, killed in a car crash.

Charles was in love with his…uh…Camilla. King Henry VIII got rid of his wives with beheading…surely it’s a King’s right to marry the one he loves. Right? At least he didn’t behead Diana. Oh, how poor Charles. He had to change with the times.

Charles is now king, so lets’ have a good laugh, shall we? While we can. Because we have our OWN idiotic King to contend with, who is also, woe to us, VERY senile. England will just have to suffer with the rest of us.

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Nobody Flashes Facts

You could go to a psychologist and pay big bucks to help you, and you would come out feeling…not the wiser. Instead, these few minutes of wisdom will help and they are free! Most of us know these already, but it’s good to recycle your old thoughts at least once a week.


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Are Weather Wars REAL?

Nobody’s Opinion.

When you hear the truth, on the weather, and how the climate change scenario is being forced on countries, you go in your mind…”RIGHT“…man is not harming the planet.

The Elites know this is happening,(watch video) —climate change is the excuse they will use just to control us all.

I would go further than Mr. Burns. I would say they are STARTING fires in California, and as I have contended, and enhancing heavy rains everywhere. They can take a regular flood and enhance it 10 fold. It’s a weather weapon. Russia and China have this tech. And liberal Defense Secretary Cohen (Clinton) SAID the next war would be a weather war. I have seen that video, but couldn’t find it. Now you just hear him trashing Trump.


This is not the first time a public official has acknowledged that HAARP and weather control is not only possible, but has been and continues to be, used as a “super weapon,” as evidenced by a statement in 1997 by former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, where he said “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Is it still just a conspiracy theory if public officials admit it is true?


I could show you proof, but Youtube, believe it or not is full of examples….like this lady.

Be rest assured, they have been spraying us for years. No one is talking about it, but a few lonely trumpets. And by the people we see ruling us, I’d say they lay a heavy dose on Washington, D.C.

Anyway, enjoy common sense of the good Doctor of REAL science.

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Nobody Flashes Albert Einstein

It’s Sunday: I stepped on a toothpick jammed into my toe. The funny thing is, I can’t SEE the end of my toe. And all day, I’ve been nursing ‘a puncture wound?’…it hurts like hell. Toes ARE important things.

So, I’m giving myself an excuse to take my day of writing off, and give myself and everyone else reasons to contemplate…the wisdom of Einstein.

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Nobody Flashes Reallygraceful

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R.I.P…to the Beloved Queen Elizabeth

I don’t think ANY American president loved the Queen more than President Donald J. Trump. And I think, she liked him as well. This is one of my favorite video’s of the two. You can tell how dear all the memories of those artifacts are to her, and how graciously Trump listened to her every word, in respect for her leadership. To most of us watching, it was like watching our grandmother talk about her memories of the family album.

I’m not sure I’m ready for King Charles—will England love him as much as they loved their Queen? He will rule very much the opposite of his mother. And thankfully, she KEPT her power until her death. She did not let him rule her, as far as we know.

Nobody Knows how Charles will reign. But, he’s already shown us he is a globalist, and Donald Trump is against globalism. King Charles will do everything in his power to make sure President Trump does not get reelected. Unlike his mother, he will go full wacko on the matter.

The mother was loved because she stayed out of it all.

Queen Elizabeth lived a good full life, and held her office with grace and dignity.

Much condolances to all the Englishmen and women who loved her.

And special love out to amfortas…today. May his memories give him confort. She sure could wear a hat!

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Nobody Wonders About the Headlines

Nobody Wonders…

This morning I was putting on my makeup and was listening to the Brian Kilmeade show. Everyday, most of the media have two subjects: Donald Trump did NOT win the last election and Ukraine needs more money. This morning it was Trump did NOT win that election. Period.

I TRY not to turn the channel. But then I go to my computer, and the Microsoft and Yahoo page is usually FILLED to the top with hatred of Donald Trump. You don’t have to ever read the articles; the titles tell you everything they want you to know: For instance…today:’


Poll: Biden now leads Trump by widest margin in 6 months


Andrew Romano – 6h ago

Yahoo news

Nobody: If you believe that I have an electric car that will go 500 miles without having to charge it, then Biden will win. Really? Now, they just outright lie.


What The FBI Found at Mar-A-Lago Might Have Trump in More Trouble Than Ever

The List


Specifically, the news outlet reports that one document described a foreign country’s military capabilities, including its nuclear weapons capabilities. The document in question is just one of over three hundred documents that the FBI has obtained from Trump’s Florida home and private club this year. 


Nobody: Wow. So, a President knows what countries of the world hold nuclear weapons capabilities. Something that most every top General in the Pentagon, and Defense secretaries, etc., also know. I am sure Obama also knows, and Bill, and WAIT!!…somebody might get this information and leak it to the media! How could Tump do this? That somebody will probably be the FBI! TRUMP how COULD YOU?

Donald was keeping that in a safe place for a good reason. No matter. He’s the President. This is put out to distract everyone from what the FBI DID take illegally from him. And the title is just another “Russia/Pee/phone call hoax.


Eric Trump touts country’s patriotism after crowd turnout at Pennsylvania rally dwarfs Biden’s

Fox News Staff – Yesterday 10:37 PM


Nobody: Fox is actually admitting Trump’s rally was bigger than Biden’s? That’s a new one.


Former Secretary of Defense walks through what would happen to him if he took the documents Trump did

“I can’t recall any other example in my experience in politics, to be sure, where we ever had a president take that kind of information into his personal possession and not have it strictly guarded by official agencies,” said Cohen. “It is just unprecedented. 


Nobody: Well, we DO know that Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Obama still have plenty of ‘documents.” So, Presidents can do that. Nothing in the Constitution says they can’t, and it was their job to protect us all, from enemies “Foreign and Domestic.” That is what Trump was doing. Presidents have that right. But Cohen does not, and neither did Hillary Clinton.


Trump adviser Steve Bannon indicted, expected to surrender at Manhattan DA’s office

The feds said the men spent money they stole from supporters of Trump’s signature immigration policy on cosmetic surgery, golf carts and credit card debt.


Nobody: Can we talk about all the deals made by Joe and Hunter in China? Or Nancy Pelosi’s big stock market insider trading deals?

No, it’s just take out all Trump’s general, one by one.


Trump Is Caught in a Double Bind

The Atlantic

But despite his noted laziness, he sure is trying. Last week, he used his Truth Social site to share (or “ReTruth,” in the platform’s tortured jargon) a series of messages promoting the QAnon-conspiracy universe. A day later, he told a conservative Pennsylvania radio host that if he was reelected president, he would “very, very seriously” consider pardoning people convicted for their roles in the January 6 insurrection, and said that he was financially assisting some defendants. (Don’t take it to the bank.) Then this past weekend, he hosted a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where—among other lowlights—he attacked the current president as an “enemy of the state” while praising the autocrats Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.


Nobody: Right, Trump has noted many times how smart Xi and Putin are compared to our leaders, and he’s right. Not to mention, he’s right to pardon those poor people. This guy is sooooo…I have no words.


Hillary Clinton says she won’t run for president again, urges GOP to ‘grow a backbone’ regarding Donald Trump

UPI news

“It should start in the Republican Party,” she added. “Grow a backbone. Stand up to this guy … And heaven forbid if he gets the nomination, he needs to be defeatedly roundly and sent back to Mar-a-Lago.”


Nobody: The GOP should have grown a backbone and put Hillary in jail YEARS ago, for selling our plutonium to Russia. Because they have none, we still have to listen to the old witch.

Keep digging that hole Hillary, sooner or later you are going to fall in it.
Yes, and so, the news of the day has been, relentlessly against Donald Trump. Endless hated. Endless headlines. Endless lies.

Nobody thinks, Most of the headlines should end up in the San Fransico Bay with the rest of the ‘sewer.’ Reading the daily Yahoo and Microsoft News headlines is enough to give one a headache for the rest of the day.

Nobody Wonders, who actually believes them?

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THOR: Great Satire. Fun for the whole Family.

Nobody Cares

My husband and I went to see this movie today. It was in the afternoon, and only THREE people were there at China’s AMC movie chain. My husband and I, and one other guy.

I laughed all the way through it. I can’t remember a time when I laughed so hard. OMG…it felt so good to laugh. And not at fart jokes that seem to be so popular.

Let me say this: So MANY idiots, like this man who completely trashed the movie, don’t see it for what it really was: Simply FAMILY entertainment. NO, they have to make it into somekind of ‘story’ that they’ve been following all their lives. This guy was so upset that THOR did not met his…expectations.

It was nice to see a script where finally, I felt like I was watching an old Monty Python script. REAL humor is so rare these days.

Russell Crow did a GREAT imitation of an Italian Zues, god of thunder. He was so funny.

Some people, like this scotsman who obviously has seen ALL the Marvel movies, know every charactor, probably read all the comic books, and THIS guy was very upset that there was too MUCH humor in the film. To me, it was a perfect satire on all these Marvel movies where superhumans become real people for the, can I say it? Grown men and women who still haven’t grown up. And I find it even more pathetic that these ‘fans’ can recite every single charactor and WANT them to be…their fantasies.

He kept saying THOR was messing up too much.

Good god scotsman...get a life.

What does it say about a society that knows ALL the hero’s of ALL these Marvel movies (Before, it was Star Wars)? What’s it say?

Too many people can’t find hero’s in real life. And the movies are their only escape. And since most of them are probably not into sports, their hero’s are Marvel movie charactors.


But even sadder was, a short WOKE message before the movie.

It had a young Chinese girl crying, talking about how the society had been mistreating her, misunderstanding her…as she grabbed her black boyfriends hand, tears flowing down her face.

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a Chinese person in America being mistreated, unless they were in the line of fire of one the BLM.

It was NOT an ad to sell anything but how much the Chinese are misunderstood and totally abused by….AMERICA.

Pure commuinst propaganda…which of course, reminded me: China owns AMC.

I enjoyed Chris Helmsworth’s THOR. I think he’s perfect for the part, and even though at the end, he will raise a young “THOR GIRL” warrior, it was funny.

And I didn’t think I would like it BECAUSE…it’s getting such bad reviews.

Don’t listen to them.

In fact, if the reviews are bad, odds are, they don’t WANT you to see the movie.

You want just a simply escape from life? Try it. There is way too much gloom and doom in the world, and THOR puts humor and fun back into our poor worn out gloom and doom brains.

And personally…that’s a winner in my book.

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Nobody’s Fool: Once Again, Tucker

I just read somewhere that FOX is coming back, if it is, it’s only because of this one man: Tucker Carlson.

Without Tucker, Fox would be put in the cesspool of hell with CNN.

Here he gives the dire warning of what will happen if we all are forced to drive electric cars.

It’s insanity. But, you can bet, some rich people have got a lot of money riding on this…not only to control us all, but just to make themselves more rich.

Edison worked on the car battery for YEARS. Read the book Edison by Edmond Morris.

Fantastic book.

In the meantime, heeeeeeeeerrrrrrreee Tucker!

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What? Is Biden a Racist? Ukraine Gets Billions, Jackson, Mississippi…how much?

Nobody’s Opinion

Since I just went through the “can’t use the toilet” episode in my own house, due to a sewer backup that MSD our waste management here in North St. Louis County said was NOT their fault (good to know) I can really sympathize with the people in Jackson Mississippi. Jackson is 80% black.

Yes, like me, they live in a democratically run city. It seems, due to the floods, the whole water mains have broken down, probably built with the same cast iron pipes of old, and SHOULD be replaced…what is this, Haiti?

Why do we sent trillions of dollars all over the world and can’t even send it to our own citizens?

That’s really the question, isn’t it? What, no money?

 I have watched ALL the main employers here in St. Louis, (Mostly car manufacturers and other such huge international businesses) close and move overseas, and yet, the democratic mayors kept giving themselves huge salaries, even though the major tax players moved to China or Mexico.

Not to mention, the big wages of the teacher’s unions, who NEVER suffer.

Nobody wonders if the blacks of Jackson even think about the fact that: Joe Biden sends BILLIONS to Ukraine. Over 54 billion has been sent to Ukraine since Russia went in, and Biden sends billions more every week.

Have you heard Joe say ANYTHING about the poor people in Jackson, Mississippi?

The question I would be asking if I were black would be: Does Biden care more about the ‘white’ people of Ukraine then the black people of Mississippi? I bet it wouldn’t even cost a billion to dig up those old pipes and build a brand-new water system. But…somehow climate change will be blamed, and the people there will be left to suffer.

At least they’re not drinking ‘lead.’  

No, it’s more important to send weapons to Ukraine, so that our politicians can make a lot of money off those weapons.

That is the truth. Many think that Ukraine is just a big money laundering scheme for the corruption that went on before: With Biden, Hillary, Kerry…Obama….and they are just sending the money through another country, so everyone can take a cut.

Here’s some of what was sent…

  • Ammo for HIMARS (high mobility artillery rocket system)
  • 75,000 rounds of ammo (155mm)
  • 20,000 rounds of 120 mm ammo and 20 120 mortar systems
  • NASAMS Munitions (National Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile Systems)
  • 1,000 Javelins
  • 50 vehicles armored and with medical treatment
  • C-4 explosives and more

I’m beginning to think the goal is to destroy America, bankrupt it with as many wars as possible, and just protect all involved, while they sit back and laugh on their private jets.

We are witnessing controlled demolition…are we not?

What city is going to collapse next?

Anybody want to guess?

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Nobody Flashes the VIOLENCE of the Democrats

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Nobody’s Fool: Max Blumenthal

Nobody Flashes

After the great attack and threat by our own ‘President’ Biden, on the very American country he is suppose to care about, I found this was a very refreshing take on why this is happening to the world.

Russell has a man name Max Blumenthal in an interview.

YES! With more men like him, we surely stand a bit of a chance.


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Want an uplift before Biden’s big RANT?

Nobody flashes

THIS man is great. I love it when I come upon a new man of reason…don’t miss this, it’s funny!

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