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What Harvey Weinstein DIDN’T Do Is The Question.

Nobody Remembers

Nothing takes a rich man down like a sexual scandal, Right?

We had Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Allies, Newt Gingrich, various house speakers, Weiner boy, and too many Congressmen to even talk about who have lost their reputations and lots of payoff money to women who claim to have been harassed.

Yes, I hate to admit it, but it happens quite often. It’s happened to me: You walk into a room, it’s your boss, and pretty much it’s made known to you in ever so careful words that if you want the job, there IS a line he would ‘prefer’ you to cross…but he smiles and lets YOU decide.

Most girls, don’t take it. But, don’t you wonder, how many women in Hollywood did? Dolly Parton practically admitted it in her autobiography. Marilyn Monroe? Slept with just about everybody.

And that’s the news tonight, it’s all about a powerful man in Hollywood, who was basically a scum bag.

Now that Harvey Weinstein, not exactly a man any woman would consider sexy in any way, is on the front page of the Drudge Report, you have to ask yourself: What did he do to piss off Hillary Clinton?
He’s reportedly going to quit and campaign now against he NRA, so I guess the “Boss” gave him an ultimatum. You either give me the money, do what I say: or I will ruin you.

But I’m imagining things…sorry. The Clinton’s don’t have any power in Hollywood…uh…do they?

What’s really funny is that, lo and behold, that famous “I’m a dirty woman” pussy Ashley Judd, told some ‘Weinstein” stories to the Times, and now, he’s been outed.

You know the usual thing that powerful men do: Come on up darling and talk over your contract, which in Bill Clinton usual place, was being exposed in Arkansas technicolor.

And then the pretty woman has to decide: Do I message it like he wants, and make millions? Or…do I say “no thanks.” and walk out the door to stay poor forever?

Like I said: Only men with power do this. The guy you are working with, sitting next to you every day in the office, wouldn’t dare try it. And I like to believe that the majority of them wouldn’t do it even if they HAD the power.

But…Joyanna. What makes you think President Trump isn’t the same way?

1st: Most men that do this never divorce their wives. Their wives know them, and put up with it because of the money.

2nd: Trump, made all his mistakes in public. And all his x-wives are good friends with him.

3rd. That locker room talk? That’s the talk of a man who is, like the boxer said: talking the talk.

That doesn’t mean that now, hundreds of reporters are not trying to find sexual dirt on him. The Russia dossier, the one where Trump was in the Russian hotel having prostitutes pee on Obama’s bed?
They tried it, it was fake, so it didn’t work. They couldn’t even FAKE a good sexual scandal the idiots, but they made it the basis for the FBI to investigate.


And by the way, if I had taken the offer of rich and powerful men who offered me that suggestion, I’d be writing this too you from my own island, sipping fruity drinks with furry little dogs sitting at my feet near the pool, instead of an old house, in need of repair, and water bottles from Shop N. Save.

It was always just funny to me.

If you have to FORCE a woman to have sex with you, how pitiful is your life, I don’t care how rich you are.

As it is, I’m just enjoying the irony of it all.

Harvey Weinstein…a perve? Who knew? Maybe it was his breath.



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Have Democrats Started the Civil War?

Nobody Wins

Who out there feels like the left has fired its biggest first attack in the war for America, raise your hand?

To me, the hated talk of the left has inspired deadly action: The left has declared war: literally.

This Nobody thinks that we will find out in a matter of weeks or sooner, that the shooter who staged the worst shooting in American history was a ‘liberal.’ Fueled on by the hatred of CNN, MSNBC, probably the nightly news he was bombarded with every single night as he lay lonely in his hotel casino rooms, he had many nights to lay awake and plan his final statement.

After all, look at him? Who listens to the drunk in the casino? Not many.

Nobody believes that the “lone” wolf wasn’t alone in this. No, he had a thousand voices of hatred going through his head. Add to that the usual drugs, and alcohol, and you’ve got a bomb ready to explode.

And boy did it.

And let’s add THIS to the bomb mix:

Michelle Obama:

“People don’t trust politics because GOP is All Men All White.”

I couldn’t believe it when I read this headline: What a time to make a nasty remark about white people…after reading this I remember Obama saying that some people “cling to their guns and religion.”
It’s shows you exactly what a despicable person Michelle is. What a racist she is. To even say this after this horrible attack, or..was it before? I put it right up there with the “deplorable” statement of Hillary Clinton.

And to think: These two women were at the pinnacle of power. They HATE half the country. Yes, they hate the Trump supporters and they still have power unimaginable to us all.

And so, I don’t think it’s beyond any reasonable deduction to realize that this last shooting on mostly conservative, religious, white people, can be laid in the Antifa movement, which by the way, Hillary has donated to, and George Soros has donated to, and Kellogg’s has donated to, and Mandalay Hotel’s owner had donated too, and I’m sure the Obama’s, and probably Jimmy Kimmel, and most all the left…

Because they don’t think President Trump will be impeached, they figure violence is necessary. Look how long we’ve been seeing Antifa beat up Trump supporters? His supporters are his strength. 

After all, they aren’t saying much about it yet, but Antifa literature (along with Isis propaganda) was found in the shooter’s room.

Here’s a few more questions about the whole thing:

I’ve worked in a lot of hotels as an entertainer. They have camera’s everywhere. If someone was dragging up 40 guns in bags, they would notice. Who was covering for him?

And what about the girlfriend saying she had no clue? Come on, who buys that many guns and the woman thinks it’s normal? She’s lying. This coming from a woman who was married to two men at the same time and had various Social Security numbers?

She’s putting on a good act, as is his brother.

No. This guy was old enough, mad enough, and depressed enough to commit this act. As they’ve been saying: Two thirds of the gun violence are committed by suicide.

A conservative patriot soldier just takes his own life when it gets hopeless.  But…some wicked and drugged up men just decide to take the world with them.

THIS guy…I don’t think was that brilliant, I don’t care what his brother says. Somewhere along the line, he had help.

And the fact that a woman in the crowd (who was Hispanic) knew it was coming was proof of it.

It’s pretty scary to think that one man could kill so many innocent people. ISIS, Antifa…no difference in their tactics.

And so, gun sales, will go up once again. And more democrats will blame this shooting on conservatives who actually own guns.

When in reality, it’s the hatred that THEY hold in their hearts that pulls the trigger.

What’s happening? If the liberals can’t have America, then they will just destroy it.

God be with, and protect our President, because THAT would be the final push. An attempt on his life.

We all…know it.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Miley Cyrus.

Nobody’s Perfect:

NOBODY could do a better job at making fun of Miley Cyrus than Paul Joseph Watson.

Especially when he puts up the lyrics to her music. Really funny.

Mr. Watson, doesn’t even need a Holmes, that’s how good he is.


And yes, she really is trying to go back to her original self. And that’s because the elites think we have the attention span of Hillary Clinton in front of a Congressional investigation.



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Nobody Knows Why the Shooter Did It — Seriously?

Nobody Knows

Last night, I went to bed early…. which is a rarity. And I had a dream…a most horrifying dream. It was one of those dreams that you think is really happening…you really believe that you are in real-time.
Suffice it to say, that I heard my dog barking by my bed, and I got up to see what she was barking about, and then…a powerful invisible force literally picked me off my feet, carried me across the room high, and set me down. 

I was scared. WHAT!! Was this evil? Okay…so there IS a force in the universe that was trying to tell me something, but it was defiantly in control. It was showing me I had NO power whatsoever to resist it physically. It was an invisible evil presence that picked me up again…and did it once more. Time and again it picked me up, and carried me across the room in the air, and then put me down.

I tried demanding it to answer me… “What do you want?!” Imagine if you had found out that evil WAS real, invisible, and like the burning bush was shown to Moses, it just showed itself to you?

Wouldn’t it freak you out? 

Now, it took me a while to realized that I was NOT in reality. Most of my dreams are very creative, and I wander around in them solving some puzzle in my life, I always KNOW I’m dreaming…but not last night.

So, I got up, got a drink of water and decided to go into my office and try to shake it out.

And then, I turned on the TV.

And saw, in real-time, the shooting in Las Vegas. The evil in my room, was in Las Vegas.

Here’s what’s disturbing. After a whole day of ‘news’ nobody wants to admit that its was conservative and brave Americans that had been purposely targeted. There was a whisper that they found Antifa flyers in the shooters room, that he was, probably, much like the man who targeted the Republicans at their baseball game in Washington D.C. because you see, they can’t tell the American people what’s really happening. One Senator…well..but 59 Americans killed and white ones at that? 

They are walking…carefully.

And pretty soon, the news of the woman who came down into the crowd and told them they all were going to die, will be forgotten. So, will the ISIS claim, even thought they claimed it was them.

What most people think, is that this man, hated conservatives…and who knows what really happened? As far as we know, this could have all been a plot by Soros. We really don’t know.

What’s happening is that the left, wants war…on America. They KNOW they don’t’ have a chance to win this war UNLESS and until they disarm the American people.

I don’t know about you, but anybody who spends his time gambling, hanging out in bars, is pretty much a scum bag.

There were pictures on the internet of him wearing a “Pussy” hat, it may be him, but who knows?

And let’s not forget that this very well could have been a false flag attack. The liberals HAVE to get rid of our guns. It’s the last freedom they need to get…before they can finish their plans.

What we CAN be sure of, is it was meant to attack, patriotic Americans. That was…no accident.
Many ‘stars’ and liberals are thinking tonight…” serves them right.”

This morning I felt much like I did on 9/11, except this time, one man was fueled by our liberal (and a few disgusting rino’s) to hate President Trump, his supporters, and America.

It seems the fight for America has begun. ISIS? Lone Wolf? Democratic hatred? CIA false flag?

Probably all of the above if you ask me. As Americans, we need to unite.

Let the football players kneel…. they won’t get as many free drinks, even car salesmen will rip them off.

I really believe with all my heart that decency will win out. Machine guns are outlawed and last night was not done by lone shots, it was full machine gun attack.  So, don’t listen to the hysterical noise that is coming.

Last night, the true greatness of America was shown. Throughout the carnage, good people were helping each other…just like on 9.11, the firemen, the police, the average Joe on the street who loves his country.

The struggle to take our guns is still on track. NO gun law will stop this crap from happening.
If there is one thing America MUST do, is not lose the right to have a gun. The talk is already starting, and we MUST remember, that the deep state wants this too. The liberals are spewing hatred and violence all across our nation, and we must name the enemy within even if the media won’t.

Many republicans will be behind gun control too. Remember, after every shooting Obama tried to get our guns, and he failed.

We need to stand strong on this.

I really believe that somehow the evil that gripped that madman last night sent an echo out into the universe’s wire and crept into my dream. Like an echo, it reverberated across the dimensions of dreams.

Think I’ll stay up for a while…and play this a few more times;

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PBS: Reminds Nobody How DEMOCRATS Start the Wars

Nobody’s Opinion

I got a present today in the mail from a childhood friend, who sort of got smitten with me when he was 10, because I paid attention to his pet rabbit.

Okay. I have no idea why he was smitten with me, but we have written letters throughout our life, kept in touch so to speak, and many a times I’ve had words with him, because he thinks that until I devote my soul and life to Jesus I will be damned to eternity. This from a man who bedded a young Ukraine teenager while on a ministry visit…and by the way, did I mention he was married at the time?

After so many years of me always saying that I’m sure Jesus would find me an upstanding follower of God and the Ten Commandments, he finally gave up. I hadn’t heard from him in a year.

Until today.

He sent me a book on the “end times” and said, “Did you watch the series on Vietnam?” PBS has had a series on Vietnam, which, I didn’t watch too much, because frankly, I went through it, had friends die there, and it was the WORST of times for us all.

So, tonight I watched the ending. And low and behold, it ended showing Obama and Bill Clinton going BACK to Vietnam and shaking hands with the communists—- Everybody loved them! It also gave a big shout out to John McCain and John Kerry, who helped bring the great American franchises to their country, lifting the embargo, so that our corporations could get in.

The point of this being, that getting our corporations in wasn’t said, but really…what else did all those men die for?

Nobody has really ever answered that question. The whole theme of the PBS series was the horrible damage we did to the people there.

Hey, it wasn’t OUR fault, was it? Damn LBJ, McNamara, Kennedy, and Nixon.

Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and many an ex-CIA agent will tell you that the ‘deep state’ got very rich off of drug trafficking in Vietnam. I’ve heard a few Navy Seals that have said the same.

Still, I must admit, PBS did do a wonderful piece on the Vietnam memorial, which, of course, hits anyone with a sense of morality like a ton of bricks.

When I saw it, I was mortified and couldn’t stop crying. After that, I couldn’t get out of the tour bus to see Arlington Cemetery.

There is only so much reality one can take in an hour.

Yes, Yes, PBS did an excellent documentary, but what I didn’t see was the fact that it was the incompetent LBJ who sent thousands of our boys over there KNOWING…. let me say that again…. KNOWING that the war could not be won. It was simply a matter of politics.

As I look back over history, it seems more to me that the DEMOCRATS start the wars, the conservatives and young patriotic Americans end up losing their lives, and THEN, they cleverly blame the GOP for being war mongers. Somehow, the democrats always come out as having their hands all clean of war.

FDR(D.)…. put in the building blocks to get us into WWII.

Woodrow Wilson (D.)…WWI.

Kennedy and LBJ…(D.) Vietnam.

Bill Clinton (D.)  ignored the threat of bin Laden…too many times to mention….then 9/11.

And Obama helped build ISIS. Hillary destroyed Libya, which will eventually be the defeat of Europe.

Now, we see the democrats, like John McCain (come on, he’s a democrat) and Hillary, calling for war against Russia, for God’s sake.


And they call President Trump dangerous? We have been brainwashed for so many years, that now, half the American people do not even SEE the hypocrisy.

In the meantime, the communists, that the liberals love, like China, are letting the mad dogs of North Korea try to get President Trump to attack him, and start WWIII.

And if we go to war again…it will be President Trump that will be blamed. Not the President before him that fueled the fires…and did nothing but dismantle our military to scraps.

So, ask yourself, how do the democrats keep managing to start these wars, and then act like they are against them all?

They control the media, and my old friend Ray, is a big liberal bleeding heart who will also remember Vietnam, but is not well educated enough to see, he was being duped by PBS….and taken back to his own emotions and sad memories of our generation.

It’s what the democrats do best. And they learned it from their old pals: the communists.

So, am I going to write Ray back? Yes, I am, and this is what I am going to say…

Dear Ray: Can we forget about Jane Fonda…PLEASE?

I’d rather pet your rabbits. If you don’t have any I suggest you get some, and pet them every day.

I think, Jesus would approve. 


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Nobody Misses Carl Sagan

Nobody Flashes ‘God’ on a Sunday: 

Carl Sagan succinctly asks what just about everybody with a mind has asked since they looked up into the sky….

Where is God? What created us, and who created him?

Later on in other video’s, it’s explained that the reason we can’t SEE god, is because, he is in another higher dimension. We see the shadows of that dimension, but we can’t see the whole because we are down in the 3rd.

Sort of like synchronicities and miracles that happen in life: there is no explanation but the small touch of a higher power, a shadow if you will, of God’s presence, something I was lucky enough to experience myself a few times in my life.

I miss Carl Sagan. He was a wonder of God all in himself, wasn’t he?


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Nobody Could Solve the Problem With a Little Bit of Humor

Nobody Flashes

Okay, I have it. I have a way to solve this whole ugly, messy, nasty, fight between the black football players and their VERY angry followers.

BEFORE the National Anthem is played, they could all come out and kneel, then stand up, and this song should be blasted throughout the stadium.

And THEN, those same football players could, grab each other shoulders, line up, and do this Greek Dance…to Zorba the Greek.

Wouldn’t that simply be hilarious? Wouldn’t that make you just want to forgive them?

Okay. So that will never happen. But in a sane world, if this Nobody owned a football team, I would tell the players they would have to do this ( as a form of asking forgiveness for being such idiots) or else they wouldn’t get paid.

Pretty simple. If they refuse, then, let them get a lawyer.

Go ahead, picture it in your mind…good idea huh?

All nonsense aside, I grew up on Herb Alpert, simply because my brother was a professional trumpet player, and every Christmas he would buy ME a Herb Alpert album.

Right. Just what I wanted. But, I had to admit looking back, the guy truly was a talent.

Zorba the Greek. I wonder, if the Greeks still dance to this?

Enjoy…and feel free to give it a try next time you celebrate…..anything that looks like America has gone back to sanity.

(Might be a while.)

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It’s a Dog’s Day Afternoon on MSNBC

Nobody Reports

Can we get serious here?

By some mistake, I left the TV on MSNBC today in my living room. I know, cruel thing to do to my dogs who were walking around in that room looking for treats— because I was not IN the room. I was on my computer in another room, but I couldn’t help hearing the discussions.

And what WERE those discussions?

Why, Russia influenced the election by buying time on Facebook and putting ads on Twitter. In FACT, they targeted key states, and probably Trump TOLD them to do this!

The Russia link, they are SURE, has been found.

Because of this breaking news, it has been reported that Zuckerberg of Facebook, AND the big honchos of Twitter ran to the most important and very worried democrats and rino’s in Congress to give their findings on this horrible situation. Social media was used…to elect Donald Trump.

Wonders never seize. The dog ate their homework.

So, let me get this straight. If this is true, then middle America did NOT listen to the debates, use their own logic to judge who they wanted to vote for, didn’t look around at the last decades of American political landscape, decide that woman who passed out liked a beached whale in front of her limo was just Hillary working too hard… BUT…TRUSTED the Russian ads on Twitter and Facebook instead—

That WOULD be, an historical first.

I’ll tell you what really happened. Donald J. Trump got on Twitter and Facebook, and sent his message out to everyone. Then all of America got on their blogs, (people like me) their Facebook pages, and their twitter accounts and spread the support.

It’s the reason Zuckerberg is now trying to put conservative sites at the bottom of the Google bin.

It’s the reason why Youtube is cutting financial ads from popular conservative’s video’s.

It’s the reason why, when you get on Bing, or Yahoo News, all you see is Trump bashing.

So, controlling the internet and the people’s voice on the internet has to begin… before the next election, and they will use RUSSIA influence in our elections to do it.

It’s the fake crisis that will be created to take over control over Facebook and Twitter to make it ‘safe’ for next election.

It’s the same thing they are doing to the NFL. It’s all about control. You WILL not bow to any flag, because the elites want open borders.

So far, FOX news kept off this nonsense. But, the fact that Facebook and Twitter are being held accountable for letting Russia influence the election, but the Clinton are NOT…

Tells you all you need to know about the fact that, it’s all a big lie.

Nobody had more illegal influence from foreign governments than the Clintons. All their lives, they’ve sold military hardware, plutonium, pay for play to China, Ukraine, Russia, England, Saudi Arabia, Iran, you name it, they’ve gotten money from them all. Billions in fact.

Nobody is guiltier of letting foreign governments influence the elections than the Clintons.

Okay, So, after about 30 minutes of this, I finally got up from the computer and turned it back to FOX, where all they talked about is how the nation is trying to be brought to its knees by the NFL.

My dogs…were peacefully sleeping on the floor.

When MSNBC is on, it’s a dog day afternoon. Too bad, I wasn’t doing the same.



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Bill O’Reilly–Finds Out The Hard Way, What Obama REALLY Put In Place

 Nobody Cares

This afternoon, on the radio, there was one of those screeching ‘warning’ federal emergency tests. It went on for some time, so I almost wondered if it was real, because it wasn’t Monday. It broke into Rush Limbaugh’s program which was strange.

What are they expecting, I wondered? We’re in the middle of the country. If you read me you know, that I believe that they can manipulate the weather. And I happened to believe President Clinton’s secretary of defense, earthquakes and droughts, and many other things.

I try not to think about it.

Not too long ago, I read that Steven Spielberg was trying to convince people who the late Michael Crichton, would believe in climate change if he were alive today.

Crichton didn’t believe it, in fact he wrote a book that starts out with men putting explosives in icebergs to cause breakups. You can be sure Spielberg won’t make a movie out of that anytime soon.

But…I’m off the subject of the video….

I saw this video on Breitbart later, and I thought it was so important that I posted it tonight. Just in case, any of my readers missed it.  What’s scary about it, is that Bill and Sean tell the audience how they were THREATENED if they got together and did the interview.

That’s how thin the line is between our favorite conservative media people disappearing forever.

What if Drudge disappears? Drudge himself has said that a Supreme Court Judge told him “that’s the plan.”

How about Rush? Have you noticed that in the last two years, his signal has been weakening?

So, what’s even more important, is Bill’s belief that what the liberals really want, is the whites to give up power, the Constitution to be damned, and capitalism to be dumped into the dustbin of American history.

He did not go into the “globalist” motives as Steve Bannon does, he’s not there yet….but I bet he gets there soon.





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Here Comes the Judge!

Nobody Wonders

Well, well, well. Isn’t it amazing? President Donald Trump stumped for establishment candidate Luther Strange to win in Alabama, and Steve Bannon, the man who helped put Trump in the oval office, got HIS candidate elected.

Judge Moore to the rescue!

Or was it really President Trump’s candidate all along?

Nobody really Knows. Steve Bannon has become the new firebrand, and hated conservative warrior of America, taking the torch of Breitbart to the real enemies of our country:

“For Mitch McConnell and Ward Baker and Karl Rove and Steven Law — all the instruments that tried to destroy Judge Moore and his family — your day of reckoning is coming,” Bannon told the crowd, according to Politico.

Nobody Wonders how many of the Rino’s Bannon can get rid of, since Obamacare was kept in place? Let’s hope…all of the them.

And in other Nobody Wonders…about this football protest crap:

St. Louis used to have football teams. We lost the RAMS Football team a few year ago. They just left. Good riddance to them, most of us said. BUT…after they left, the city fathers tried to make the taxpayers fork out millions of their hard-earned tax money to build a soccer stadium downtown. They could have used the old Ram’s field, but no, they wanted a NEW one. (We said, ….no thanks.)

I don’t know about YOUR town, but all the little kids I see, are NOT playing much baseball. No, now they’ve built soccer fields all over town.

Soccer is a much gentler game. Just ask Obama.

Soccer is THE game of the rest of the world, and if America keeps funding illegals, the population of America in 50 years WILL be Hispanic. Not black, not white, but Hispanic.

So, guess what football players? If you keep this up, you might just get replaced.

Nobody Wonders if 50 years from now, all those football stadiums will become home to soccer teams in the new ‘global citizen’ world that the elites envision. Instead of the Dallas Cowboys VS the Patriots, it will be the Detroit Soccer Club VS Italy’s.

Nobody Also Wonders when the big CEO’s of all the sports teams will just stop playing the National Anthem. One of Obama’s big wishes.

Which brings me back to Bannon.

The liberals will be PRAYING for the day that Bannon was silent and still in the Oval Office. Bannon showed us this week, that he knows the pulse of the nation, perhaps even more so than the President himself.

So, If I were Mr. Bannon, I would not have any drinks in any bar with George Clooney: Keep talking to American, and…..NEVER walk the streets alone.

And now the man: See his great speech for the Judge HERE. 

Eat your heart out Hillary Clinton:


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Nobody’s Fools: Liz Wheeler & Woman from Texas

Nobody’s Fool

Liz Wheeler is not only pretty to look at, she’s makes the FOX news women look like beginners when it comes to laying out all the points on just about any subject.

Here she tells Hillary “What Happened” and I can’t think of one thing she missed.

Except, the moment they had to shove her into the limo.

But, I’m thinking Liz didn’t miss that, she just left that out on purpose, because she has class and professionalism.

I’m more like the President. Call a turd a turd. But that’s me, I enjoy Liz’s video’s very much!

So, Congratulations Liz! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the BEST explanation of why Hillary lost the election.

Something tells me you are going to be a driving force of making the next election a home run.

And I can’t stay with just one great Nobody Fool, here is a woman…I would fly to TEXAS just to meet!

She’s great….don’t miss her rant on life and white privilege. You will LOVE it.

And you’re welcome.


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Attention, Rich Sports Stars: You CAN be Replaced with XBOX

Nobody’s Opinion

Once upon a time, in a long-ago America, football was just a game. It was a game meant to give adolescent young men an outlet to compete: learn how to become a team player, and blow off that high testosterone steam.  These teams were led by the high school coach, usually a man’s man, who took those young boys and taught them how to play with honor, and more than once, sometimes how to grow up and become a man. They taught them how to win gracefully, compete with all their hearts and minds, and to lose with dignity still intact.

A game where small towns all over America could gather together on a Friday or Saturday night, and watch the high school game. Those young men, went on into the American business world, and used the skills and confidence learned on high school football field and to build this great country.

Many of them served in our military.

So…fast forward to 2017…..SSSsssssCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!

What the f$*$&% happened?

An America President is upset because football players are disrespecting our flag, and the whole vast sports world goes out of their friggin minds?


The average citizen, just wants the good old days. Remember those? They played the game…they stood at the National Anthem. To stand for the flag showed respect for all the men who gave their lives overseas in bloody conflicts, leaving wives at home with kids to raise without them.

And now, I’m reading on the pages of the internet quotes from billionaire club owners saying that they stand behind these very rich football players who want us to watch them and say…get this…SAY…

Those football players are brave?

Kiss my American ass.

Let those rich, and very spoiled millionaires serve a few years in the heat of an Iraq desert. Or on the border of North Korea. Brave? BRAVE? How much does a ticket cost nowadays? Brave is when you work all week long and go without lunch so that you can take you kid to a baseball game.

How much do they get paid to ….play a game?

How many years have we been reading about the drugs, the sex parties, the drunken brawls that these football players have gotten away with. Oh sure, they show up at a few events, but everything they do is to promote themselves, so that people will buy their jerseys, and sports crap, and they can add another Mercedes Benz to their 10-car collection. And God bless the America who gave them that opportunity, I say. And if they DON’T see it that way, then they are just rich jerks.

What’s REALLY happening here is Hillary.

What? You might say? Hillary? Why?

Yes, it’s all about how much the democrats lost the black vote in the last election. It’s the black players that started this “I’m protesting because cops treat the blacks bad.”


This is Obama…Soros, Hillary, and now that the big NFL is being hurt in the pocket book, they have to attack Trump.

How DARE he be a Patriot!

It’s just another way to get rid of Trump.

This is all about the money and the democrats.

Americans have stopped watching football because of these ridiculous protests, and even going to the games. And the big NFL coaches, players and owners are freaking out.

It’s all about the money.

What if they gave a game and nobody came? (It’s happening)

So, I’m with President Trump. Boycott them?

Why not? Is your life so boring you can’t boycott football for one year of your life?

Those black men who started all this crap should be kissing the flag that they play under. And putting “god” in it, is just a scam.

This is just a new twist on the old “America is a bad country” mantra that Obama and the liberals have to keep singing. You know, we don’t mind if they want to protest, but good god, do it some other time than during the game…show some class. Wait. Is there anyone out there left in sports who has it?


There must be. So, find them, and support them. Or turn the TV off and go play XBOX with your kid.

Let the whimpering wussies suffer. One less Aston Martin in the driveway….isn’t going to kill them.

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Machio Kaku: The Mind of God

Nobody Flashes

GOD according to Michio KaKu!


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You Don’t Even NEED to Brush Your Teeth Today

Nobody Flashes

Well…according to about 30 YouTube video’s Nostradamus, NASA, the Bible, Jesus, Michio Kaku, TODAY, will be our last day on the planet. (Well, maybe.)

The earth will be hit by planet Nibiru and there you go. We won’t have to hear the shrill voice of Hillary Clinton ever again.

It seems the elites that knew this, didn’t want to panic us, so they just gave us hints in movies.

Today, September 23, 2017, will be our last day on earth.

Hopefully, I can wash my car first, and it waits until after lunch.

I’d  HATE to die on an empty stomach.


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