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Nobody Flashes: The Truth

This morning, I was going through the cable news as I often do, and there was Biden and Kamala giving their speeches comparing January the 6th to 9/11. Then flashing through many of the global networks, like CNN, MSNBC, Euronews: all of them praising the Presidency of Joe Biden, and how much he has done for the world. It seems the Beijing Biden had a line of candles placed on the Capitol Basin, which one reporter described as a beacon of beauty celebrating Joe Biden. (Barf)

Clearly, they are going to try to use this to ARREST Trump, and his supporters. They will try to make this all about an insurrection, but what they will do, is stupid.

The more they attack the American people for that day, the more people will vote for Trump.

I finally found Tucker Carlson’s documentary. I couldn’t post it, but you can find it here at UGE.

Clearly….today, Biden is at war with America.

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Nobody Wonders: Will the White House Be Next?

Nobody Wonders

I woke up this morning, turned on FOX, and there it was: Our magnificent Congress declaring an attack on the ‘terrorists” of January 6, on the Congress themselves. Why, why, THEY ALL WILL BE PUNISHED!

Nobody Wonders how my own Missouri senator Roy Blunt could have turned into such a bloviated globalist, giving his speech agreeing with the horrible “coup” that was attempted to take them all out. Every last one of them, with Pence at the top. Claiming that 6 cops died from it, which is, from all that I read, a big fat lie. Videos of the capital police beating protestors, TRYING to cause a fight, have been of course, suppressed. People that were there tell a much different story.

Go ahead: TRY to find Tucker Carlson’s research on the matter. I couldn’t find it.

Almost a million people turned up, and were on ONE side of the Capitol, and didn’t see the mayhem on the OTHER side of the Capitol, where organized thugs of Antifa and FBIs disguised as Trump supporters were climbing the walls.

You are not reading about it, but somehow Apple gave information of everyone there that day to the government, and all over the country, there have been military, FBI raids. Gestapo type raids of people just having the nerve to attend it.

Arrest that grandma! How DARE she attends a rally for Trump!

Didn’t hear about that? Well, there’s a reason you didn’t.

Trump gave a fine speech that day, but so far, has said not a word protecting all the innocent people being held without trial in the jails, and a LOT of people are pissed off about it. He seems to have gone full circle support of the DEEP STATE. Still, Obama passed that law which gave the President the right to hold anybody he wants to without a trial.

I suspected something fishy when the tweet was out before that day, that ALL should come to the rally, because there was going to be a party! Hey! Party On GARTH! A big Party! Bring your alcohol, and party hats!


A Party? To a gathering of citizens who KNEW the election was stolen and all they wanted was Pence to do the right thing? Uh…not much of a party for Ashley.

Nobody wanted to party, just voice their love for the truth.

Who threw out that tweet? I bet it wasn’t any Trump supporters.

by the way Pence, WHERE IS THAT EVIDENCE?

I was listening to all the garbage about how those people that went into the Capitol that day were criminals, (Not one statue was destroyed by the way) When Chuck Schumer came on—Talking about the ‘coup’ attempt to take over his precious Government.

Nobody Wonders: the COUP had already happened by the stealing of the election by the democrats, with the help of China, Zuckerface, and Soros. First time in our history. So, of course they HAD to turn the story around and say…

NO! THEY attempted a coup! Our own people attempted to overthrow us!

 We WILL crush them all. That was the message from our beloved Congress.

Schumer came on, and he is so disgusting, that I’m sure most of the audience, like me, went to turn him off, and the FOX executives said: “Quick, we are losing listeners.” because ALL OF A SUDDEN…NEWSFLASH! —13 people died in a fire in Philadelphia and it was in a FEDERAL building supplied for…what? Poor illegals? Afghanistan’s? Oh my. All those people in one room. It’s a SHAME how our government doesn’t supply nice houses for all these poor people who need a place to live, to make them all squeeze together in horrible Fed buildings…yada yada…

FOX is so woke.

In the meantime, FOX did NOT go back to the lynching of the American people by our Congress.

They went to the mess on I-95, in the newly GOP elected governor state of Virginia, where the people were made to sit in traffic dead stop on the highway, for over 16 hours, in the cold. Many more had to sit on cold trains with no bathrooms.

(WE WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE! Like Macron! Yes we can.)

Have you noticed…they WANT the government to be a joke? Bill Gates says that because the governments can’t do anything right, the people will lose faith in their institutions.

What does that mean?

Why, a GLOBAL TAKEOVER with Gates at the top running things, I’m sure.  

Nobody Wonders: In the meantime, you have to wonder: Biden is giving speeches from some made-up room, he’s never in the Oval Office. The place looks empty.

Will there be a fake White House attack next?

Nobody Remembers how dictators deal with clutching power:


The Reichstag fire (GermanReichstagsbrandlisten (help·info)) was an arson attack on the Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, on Monday 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of GermanyHitler’s government stated that Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch council communist, was the culprit, and it attributed the fire to communist agitators. A German court decided later that year that Van der Lubbe had acted alone, as he had claimed. The day after the fire, the Reichstag Fire Decree was passed. The Nazi Party used the fire as a pretext to claim that communists were plotting against the German government, which made the fire pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.


Some actually think Hitler had it done himself. Hey, if he’s burn millions of Jews in ovens, what’s a few buildings to a man on a mission…hmmmm? We are watching a global genocide, what’s a simple White House..hmmmm?

And if the White House were burnt down, who do you think they would blame?

China? Or YOU and I?

China already holds the President in the palm of his hand, and getting rid of the office all together would be right in Xi’s dreams of complete control.

Of course, it was burnt down by the British once before. And rebuilt. I suggest if this actually happens, the NEW White House should go into another state…

Will the Brits be Happy if this happens again?

I don’t care, right in the middle. Missouri would be happy to have it.  

As my mother once said before she died, all the patriots should secede from the union, and leave California and New York to themselves.

We’d have the bread basket.

Well, that was before Bill Gates bought it all up.

Nobody Wonders, could we take it all back? Kick him out?  

Okay, Nobody Wonders WHY too much. I’m going to have a glass of milk now, before I’m arrested for seditious thoughts.

You’re welcome.

(Just kidding NSA…go have a drink of vodka)

And Nobody Wonders: Was this insurrection planned by the Deep State BEFORE the event? Notice that this scene in the Popular series Supernatural was aired in 2020, and January the 6th, 2021, was forewarned by GOD himself, as was December the 9th, 2022.

Watch…the date is there…

Just saying.

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Nobody Flashes: If at First You Don’t Succeed…Cheat!

While everyone is celebrating the “Build, Back, Better” bill, because Joe Manchin voted against it, the democrats went another way: According to Dick Morris, they will just get the voting rights acts passed, and Joe will help them.

This voting rights crap is SUCH a scam.

ANYBODY with a brain who lives in America knows that blacks do NOT have trouble voting. And if they can’t find a ride to the voting booth, they have plenty of options to get there. I live near Ferguson, Mo, the start of Obama’s race war, and trust me, there are plenty of blacks who are all middle class, drive expensive brand-new SUV’s, have jobs, and get extra money for just being black and having kids. And I’m pretty sure I read there are more millionaire blacks than whites in accordance to their numbers. So, they are not being kept from voting.

So this ‘voter’ BS is just that: BS. Candice Owens has attested to that. But the democrats are using it to take away states rights, and giving illegals the chance to vote: no ID required. They can now do that in New York.

As Dick says:


Giving the Attorney General, and, by extension, the president and the Democratic Party the power to reject re-apportionment lines, thereby assuring the Democratic Congress of their own re-election.

• Allowing same day voter registration with no photo id to allow massive fraudulent voting by illegal immigrants.

• Blocking effective signature verification on absentee and mail-in ballots.

• Allowing private funding of the election processes in the various states, thus allowing partisans like Mark Zuckerberg to choose the umpires to supervise elections.

Since the Democratic majority in the Senate is based on the voter fraud that enabled the election of Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2020 runoff, the Democrats are essentially ratifying the cheating that allowed them to win the Senate and then using that skullduggery to stop enforcement of integrity safeguards in all other elections.


Hillary is shouting to get rid of the electorial college. And they all SCREAM the words “We will lose our democracy!”, knowing that our own kids and even most adults do NOT know the difference between a democracy (which always fails in history every time) or a republic.

Corrupt politicians ALWAYS love to fool the ignorant public with words…for instance:

THE PEOPLE’S Republic of China. Ha ha haha …yeah. China is SUCH a republic of the people. LOL.

THEY are the ones destroying the free republic of America. THEY are the tyrants.

But then again, you know that.

Here’s the REST of Dick’s video which was omitted from Youtube, which you might want to watch.

Catastrophe! Voting “Rights” Act Will Likely Pass – Lunch Alert! – at

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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Robert Malone

The hero of the day is Dr. Robert Malone. The inventor of the mRNI ‘vaccine’ who has been censored as much as any Doctor. He’s been ostracized by so many liberals, that he MUST be speaking the truth.

And the truth is very scary. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this video, pass it around, and don’t miss any of his interviews. He was on Steve Bannon’s War Room today and I stopped all my work to make sure I didn’t miss him.

If anybody knows what’s going on, he does. He’s trying to tell EVERYONE not to let your children be vaccinated. DO NOT DO IT.

Yes, hero. Dr. Malone is not only Nobody’s Fool, but he is also the hero of the year.

I never miss him, and hopefully, he will keep spreading the truth of this horrible experiment being foisted upon the whole world.

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Nobody Flashes the Rulers

It’s best to know what we are up against. The few men who plan to rule us all.

For instance, since all the small businesses have been shut down for over two years, the only place I have left to shop is Wal-Marts. We have five in St. Louis. BUT…because of China, Wal-Mart’s shelves have often times been empty. Which leaves me no other option than Amazon.

Spending HOURS trying to find certain items that were once there for the taking, have been given to the richest man in the world. If you are out traveling around, you don’t have much time to do much else.

Jeff Bezos. Who just gave over $100 million dollars to Obama. (NO idea why) And now he is selling tickets to communists and liberals to go up and come down and PROMOTE his 10 minutes rocket ride.

If you watch this video, you will find out, that the American Dream…is not what it used to be. It’s still being promoted. Just like when you turn on your TV and everything seems normal, right? And then you go out your door, and go…uh…what happened?

Like ReallyGraceful says: The men in charge have been groomed and picked for the “GREAT RESET” and this has been going on for quite some time.

Don’t miss this lady, she really truly does outstanding research and will open your eyes to reality.

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Nobody Flashes Dogs Visits the Vet

Nobody Flashes

Let’s start off the New Year with some laughter— Right? It’s going to be a tough fight this year to try to get back control of our own lives, so, humor many be needed from me more than usual.

And there is a reason people will spend hours watching cat and dog videos. Who would you rather spend time with…Joe Biden or your dog? Many of us would go nuts without our pets to sustain our sanity when the people around us are completely wacko.

And then…there’s the vet visit.

Anybody with a dog, knows visits to the vet can be…full of anxious pups with anxious owners, trying to tell the dogs that everything will be okay.

They know better. AND this is proof that THEY REMEMBER! A whole year later, they remember what you did to them…at that horrible vet office.

Which makes them smarter than cats.

Since people can’t afford to have children and pay the rent anymore, many have opted to just get a dog.

Dogs are full of emotion, energy, and nobody is more loyal to you than your dog. Your dog will love you as long as you feed them. Period.

Just don’t piss them off.

They might pee on your bed.


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A Cup of Kindness…

Happy New Years…to all my dear and very kind readers. May God bless you all, with buckets of kindness.

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What’s Been Happening…and How Do we Stop it in 2022?

Gee, here we are, the last day of the year…people are passing out like fireflies in the night, without a warning. Soccer players are falling over dead on the field. We’ve watched many deaths from the Covid virus, and the vaccine will continue to take more.

So—I’m just going to post this summation of what’s been happening for years while we were all being suckered, by our nightly newscasts. By our politicians. By our kids’ teachers. By our school boards.

It’s not good news…. China has us…China OWNS us, or at least most of our institutions, and top leaders.

Fact: China is the largest source of fentanyl, and they are flooding our country with it. The Cartels are now mixing it with prescription drugs. Over 49,860 deaths came from opioids in 2019.

Fact: The Wuhan virus has destroyed the world’s economy.

Fact: China made a bundle off the pandemic. They not only used the WHO to help cover up its Wuhan lab, in the early signs of the Pandemic they stockpiled personal protective equipment from around the world, then sold it to everyone making itself out to be a hero.

Fact: Foreign companies face considerable barriers in accessing the Chinese market and must transfer their intellectual property as a condition for entry. While they give us cheap Chinese goods that our companies cannot compete with. (The video below has a lot on that.)

Fact: China has been hacking our industries for years, including the government, Equifax and Anthem, which they got personal information on every citizen. Not to mention Tik Tok.

Fact: They are buying up U.S. farmland, oil fields, and own AMC. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fact: Chinses people are being hired in our movies, our commercials, our television programs, so we get used to them.

Fact: We are now reliant on them for are drugs and rare earth minerals.

Will America end up bowing to China in 2022? Will the elites do something so drastic and horrible we could never recover from it? Is Biden’s billion-dollar funding from China given the Presidency TO China, in order to finally destroy us all, and make us it’s dog? Nobody could make one horrible decision after another. Nobody, not even Joe Biden.

Is America on its last breath?

Well, history tells us, as Gandhi once said, truth usually wins out.

China does NOT own, the American People. They hope to kill off as many old as they can, because the old remember…. they remember freedom. And I don’t think they will go into that night quietly.

Not yet. And that fight will come in 2022.

Will it come down to the children?

Nobody Knows. But if you thought 2021 was bad, something tells me, 2022 will be one for the history books.

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Nobody Knows: Follow the Money…Always.

When we were young, we all got our shots in school. The small polio shot in the arm, was scary, but it prevented millions of children from getting the disease. That shot, lasted a lifetime.

I used to date Lee Salk, the brother of Jonas, the inventor of the polio vaccine, so when I hear all these morons like Fauci compare the Covid-19 vaccine withe Salk’s…I get pretty upset.

And it WAS a vaccine. The Fauci vaccine, and the Moderna vaccine are NOT vaccines.

I don’t know how many videos I’ve watched warning of the dangers of those bioweapons disguised as vaccine and the danger they are not telling you about, but every day here where I live, people are getting the vaccines and dying. Most have underlying sickness, like diabetes or a bad heart, but some of them are very healthy young men.

And now, in New York and California, they are insisting that the kids get those vaccines. If Fauci had his way, they would get jabbed at birth.

According to Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNI protein in the vaccines, it will kill many children or cause their own organs to shut down. Most people in America have never heard of the man, nor seen his warning.

So, killing off the old and getting them off Kissinger’s “Useless eaters” menu, is one thing…but destroying the children, the future of your country?

WHY? WHY would any human being even DO that?

Robert Kennedy has a VERY good explanation—and it makes perfect sense.

IF you are doing the Build Back Better reset, you might as well get rich, right?

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SHOCKING: Compilation of Nurse Whistleblowers from Around the World Warning About COVID Vaccines

Source: SHOCKING: Compilation of Nurse Whistleblowers from Around the World Warning About COVID Vaccines

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Nobody Wonders WHY Trump Is Saying the Vaccine is Safe, when the Inventor says it’s NOT.

Nobody Wonders

President Trump is playing a risk card here: He spent months claiming that the election was stolen, and if not for the My Pillow Guy, who put millions of his own money into proving the election was stolen, Trump’s ranting on and on about it, would not be as strong. He has not been the one articulating the best defense, he let others do it.

BUT…enough evidence has come out as to the fact that it WAS stolen, in a few key states, and with a very well-planned attack by Zuckerberg and the democratic machine, that most of us are wondering how many years our elections may have all been rigged? San Franscisco is worse than many slums in India, and YET Pelosi keeps getting elected? REALLY? And Biden is now being run by Obama’s old team. So, logic tells us, Obama is still running the place. Trump doesn’t say much about that either. He is really careful not to say anything too…insinuating.

By the video above, we see he is becoming more the politicians every day.

And now, the vaccine, which is he claims “I did the best thing ever done by getting this on the market.” Sounding like the typical lines he says about all his accomplishments. As you see in the video above, he shushes a crowd who boos him about the booster shots and says it’s just a small crowd.

But…is it? No. It’s not. It’s a rather BIG crowd. I don’t believe the stats at all. Robert Malone, the inventor of the protein spike that’s in this…NOT VACCINE…has been warning the public of what it will actually do. As the video I posted some time ago, it was invented to ‘cull the population’ and it will do that by destroying the very immune cells within the body, which will open you up to other sicknesses.

CASE IN POINT: Too many people are dying, and not just from the virus. It’s the vaccine that is pushing the damage.

In my family, my sister-in-law got very sick…and was told she had horrible news about her liver. Her brother, who has always had a bad heart, died at the age of 47. Her mother just died. All of a sudden, whatever condition you have, is made worse.

What do they have in common?


I have a friend who recently told me her husband and her son both came down with Covid. Her son got very sick…sicker than her husband. But just over the weekend, the husband couldn’t walk. They couldn’t get into a hospital. Too full they were told. He had been on kidney dialysis this year, so obviously it got worse. She is considering putting him into a nursing home.

Another guy who works with my husband was distressed because they wouldn’t let him into see his mother who was very sick. They told him that it was too crowded, but when he finally got up to see her, he found the whole ward empty.

Have they been lying to us about the overcrowded hospitals? Or have that many doctors and nurses refused to take the vaccine, therefore, are “fired.” Is this like the airline’s cancelation?

And that’s the point, isn’t it? NOBODY should be fired for not taking a vaccine. That’s tyranny. That’s worse than King George telling the Americans they must pay more for their tea.

And yet, MILLIONS of Americans are losing their jobs because they refuse to take the chance.

President Trump might think that he’s SO popular, because millions have stood in line for him, and Biden is so bad, that taking credit for the vaccine is just something everyone will get over.

What he hasn’t gotten the message of, is EVEN if the mainstream media is all gaga over the vaccine, and he keeps saying how it’s great: people all over the world are watching their loved ones DIE, after they get the vaccine or the booster.

Here’s his problem. He may think that once again, the masses will choose between the lesser of two evils, OR he knows, much like Biden knew, that he WILL be President again because the ‘deep state’ made him a deal. They can rig it again, but his time in his favor.

Go along with the vaccine, or else you will not get into the White House again.

Nobody Wonders if the man we all loved as President, will come to his senses and realize that it’s hypocritical to claim to want to make America great again, when it’s clear, by the time 2024 comes around, it will be gone. And who will get the blame?

Why, Donald J. Trump, of course.

This nobody hopes in her heart, that he knows what he is doing.

Nobody Wins when you lose faith in just about every politician that ever lived:

And that INCLUDES…the unelected ones like Fauci and Bill Gates. And our most favorite: Donald P. Trump.

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Nobody’s Fool: Stinchfield Explains Soros’s Plans

Yep. Too many hands in getting rich by destroying the country. Good rant by Stinchfield.

And on another note, take a view of this video about ‘smart meters’. I’ve been fighting my local electric company who has sent over no less than 6 guys to try to put one on my house.

I was TOLD I had no say in the matter…so I took this guys advice and sent a registered letter.

If you are having this problem, watch this video. Below ( I couldn’t even tweet it of course)

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Don’t Look Up: Movie Prediction or Opinion?

Nobody’s Opinion:

In politics, nothing is a coincidence: So, said FDR. Let’s include movies into that shall we? Especially Net flick.

My husband and I watched this movie on Netflix on Christmas Eve. It had every liberal Hollywood actor and actress you can think of in the leads: DiCaprio is the main character. He plays a scientist who discovers that the earth is going to be hit and destroyed by a Comet. At the beginning of this trailer, it SAYS it was based on true events. (Give me a break.)

But in the end, everyone dies when the comet hits the earth.

Okay. All through it I kept thinking wow, this could be about the Covid Virus, but they switched it to another threat. Covid has killed, and now the vaccine is going to kill. Many doctors have been trying to warn the public about the vaccine killer, but they are being censored and laughed at, and Dicaprio is pretty much playing THOSE guys.

Basically, the movie portrays the Presidents, (Played by a GOP Meryl Streep) who also hangs out with Bill Clinton, as a narcissistic idiot.

It also exposes, with great clarity, the hypocritical media and all the sex scandals. In other words, nobody is going to save the planet because they just don’t care.

I won’t tell you about the ending except keep going pass the credits.

While I’m pretty good at being about to see the ‘message’ in most Hollywood films, this one, is confusing. IF you are a progressive, you will think the movie is about how climate change is going to kill everyone, even though nothing about the climate is even mentioned.

IF you are a conservative, you will see in the script sympathy with Anti-Vaxers and the alarming rate at how politicians do not care at all about people, just their polls numbers. You will think of the Virus, which is killing millions.

What they ARE trying to do with it, is convinced the world that the elites know the earth is going to be hit by a comet and are building bunkers right now. You will just die.

I’m not sure THAT kind of information would NOT get out, are you?

While Dicaprio has been on the full fledge boat of “climate change” is coming, and the planet will die, I do remember he made an excellent film about Ulysses S. Grant. I couldn’t believe he would even make such a movie. It seemed so against his progressive character in real life.

And now Trump is right by Fauci’s side, flip flopping just like Fauci…who would have thought?

How can any of us know what the hell is going on?

Is all this mass confusing intentional psychotically warfare?

Or, as the movie suggest, our politicians are all morons?

I’d like to have some feedback on this…if any of you watch this movie, let me know what YOU think.

In other notes, I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas.

The Year ahead is bound to be…like a comet hitting the earth.

And I think we’d all better “Look up.” In the meantime, I’m watching this again.

Somehow, I missed something.

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