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George Floyd Mural Destroyed: What are the odds? Supernatural?

Nobody Knows

If this had been an image of President Trump on a wall, and it was destroyed by lighting, you KNOW that it would be all over the media, every cable channel, every radio station, that it was an “act of God.”

But…today. Silence. Even the Climate Change fear mongels had nothing to say, fearful themselves that it would be pointed out by somebody that…


What are the odds that this huge image would be destroyed by a lighting bolt?

Really. What are the odds?

Anyone? When is Obama going to come out and condemn….God? Or even blame it on climate change?

Nobody Wonders if they will just repair it. And THEN…Nobody Knows if it happens again, if anyone of the race haters will get the hint.

The only one who knows the answer to that IS… know who.

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Nobody Wonders

By the way, just a brief random talking point before this blog: WordPress will not let me upload half the pictures off the internet that I want to…for instance for this piece there are many pictures of Obama, who by the way, many think are really running the country, sitting with Raul Castro at a baseball game. I was not allowed to upload any of them. OR any of the pictures of the many movie stars that have been with Castro, like Spielberg, and Oliver Stone.

Just saying. Not sure, if it’s Google or WordPress, but it makes it hard to put in many of the pictures that I want to.


Now, I only listed this video so you could see the White House’s own hypocritical words that truly are BEYOND amazing and I hope the Cubans in Miami are much smarter than to fall for their lies.

Well, well, well. What are the odds? The Cuban people have not really protested in over 30 years, and yet, ALL OF A SUDDEN, a Cuban protest! If you look at those protesters they could be right out of an American suburb. Clean clothes, calm, ALL with masks on.

And what timing! A Building collapse in Miami, and now, the United States is STANDING with the Cuban people?

What does Obama have to say about that? Uh…nothing.

Right away, “Presidentete Biden” came out to tell us why they were protesting and how WONDERFUL it was.

“We stand with the Cuban people and their clarion call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by Cuba’s authoritarian regime, ″ Biden said.

The U.S. urges the Cuban government to serve their people’’rather than enriching themselves, ″ Biden added.

Wow. Does ANYBODY see the hypocrisy here? Biden is all but acting like Castro, making us suffer economically by on the very first day, shutting down our oil production? Causing high inflation by spending TRILLIONS on whatever he can?

What did the U.N. say?

U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq on Monday stressed the U.N. position “on the need for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly to be respected fully, and we expect that that will be the case.”

Right. Cubans now have a right to peaceful assembly, but not Americans.

Got it.

But wait! Was Biden talking to the Cuban authorities?

On Monday, Cuban authorities were blocking Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram, said Alp Toker, director of Netblocks, a London-based internet monitoring firm.

While in our own country, the Cubans in Miami came out, stopped a highway just like the BLM gang, in support of the protestors in Cuba.

Well, well, well. What a better way to get those Cubans in Miami to vote democrat so that the democrats can get Florida to vote for them, than to support the Cubans rioting in Cuba?

Why, AMERICA is a great country, and so is President Biden, who wants to come to their aid, by giving them the vaccine for free.

As Trump once said:

“Remember when Obama attended baseball games with Castro while they imprisoned, beat, and killed the Cuban people.”

I’m expecting a Steven Spielberg movie to come out about the sufferings of the Cuban people, and how America can save them…

If they JUST do NOT vote…for Trump.

They MUST win Florida and Texas, right? Florida belongs to Trump, UNLESS they can convince the Cubans to vote democrat.

Can you think of a better way than to start a revolution in Cuba and come to their rescue? If not by strength, then by meaningless propaganda?

Nobody Wonders about the timing, don’t you?

Nothing in politics is a coincidence….As President Roosevelt once said—And here is the famous pink hate of the White House communist’s party.

Revolutions are just alright with them…just not at OUR capitol.

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Nobody’s Fool: Alan Jones

Nobody’s Fool

Meanwhile…in Australia, common sense is off and running….and still being allowed on Sky News!

Alan Jones is ALWAYS a great watch, and proves that this IS a global tyranny of insanity, and he minces no words describing it.

I love this guy.


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Whose the Better Artist: Bush or Biden?

Nobody’s Opinion

It must be tough. What happens when your elite lifestyle needs a lot of money, and you no longer can raise (legally steal) the billions that you once did before?

Why, you become an ARTIST!

You don’t even have to know how to paint. Just ask George Bush and Hunter Biden. Anybody who has been to a modern art show knows that. And yet, rich elites will pay MILLIONS for paintings, if the painting has a famous artist, and there is nothing like sinking your money into political artist. These people have so much money that they will gladly waste millions for a picture that could have been drawn by their 5-year-old on their walls.

And speaking of those two much beloved ‘sons’ of Presidents, we have just found out that along with his vast knowledge of Oil, China, Russia and the Ukraine, Hunter is an artist!

Hunter Biden artwork: Why president’s son’s paintings sparked ethics debate – ABC7 New York (

Hunter Biden’s artwork is set to be displayed and sold in September at a private and confidential opening in Los Angeles, followed by an invite-only event in New York, a Georges Bergés Gallery spokesperson said. Pieces are priced between $75,000 and $500,000, according to the spokesperson.

To which the world goes…really? And here’s the kicker. Nobody can know who is buying these paintings and for what price.

Clearly, this is a MUCH better way go take care of the family than everybody knowing that China owns the Presidency via Hunter Biden’s sweet Chinese connections.

Just sell them a painting! Make it…hey! What Chinese oligarch wouldn’t want a Hunter Painting for his wall?

And let’s not forget the other President’s Son who gave them this idea.

X President George W. Bush, now retired, is selling his artwork to anyone who will buy them.

From the artist point of view? I feel sorry for anyone who would pay for these pretty…ugly things. Neither one of these guys can really paint.

As to Bush, I think he really does paint his pictures…but Hunter? Please. I’m sure he paints a few. But some other painter is really doing these, because even though the oligarchs of the world are pretty stupid when it comes to bargains, they want something that will go well with their homes.

Besides, when does Hunter have the time to paint?

Richard Painter, the former top White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, told The Post the whole thing is “a really bad idea.” 

Well, I beg to differ. They are getting by with it, aren’t they?

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The God Debate: Hitches VS D’Douza

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a debate I really enjoyed. You have to have the time to watch this, but if you enjoy debates from great thinkers like I do, you might like this one:

Chistopher, Hitchens. He comes off here as your typical elite/Oxford snob, with the bleeding heart for all suffering. Suffering he has seen too much of, so leading his very elite life, he has a soft heart and has decided there IS no god. And he can recite countless books to show off how well read he is. But clearly, he has never been touched by god.

He is a bit of a narcissistic elite guy, and loves to show off that he is very well read. He believes in evolution, but somehow misses the point that evolution could ALSO be a very well-planned way invented by God. In the end of the debate, he never actually argues D’Souza’s points, but goes back to his usual “Heaven and Hell don’t exist.”

While he makes good points about men using religion for wars, D’Souza ALWAYS comes back and pretty much slaughtered his arguments every single time.

Christopher claims that you don’t have to be religious to know right from wrong. Well…even dogs know right from wrong. Weak argument again.

D’Souza points out the obvious: all of the universe has order. And when you think about it, it’s an almost impossibility in nature for THAT much order to exist. Unless, there is a God.

Christopher argues against religion, but D’Souza claims that 98% of the people on the earth think there IS a god. Steve Jobs, by the way, thought the same thing.

When Chris goes into the World Wars being a part of religion, D’Souza, once again, points out that most wars were NOT religious. He wins on that point.

In the end, Chris is pretty much your elite ‘I’m VERY well read” rich man, bleeding heart, who has never been touched by God. Einstein would say he lacks imagination. His life traveling the planet and getting his heart broken from all the suffering…I do feel sorry for him.

But, who do you think would actually help the homeless on the street more?

D’Souza, on the other hand, is full of imagination, logic, and shows what a great mind he really has. Some of his thoughts were extremely profound.  

Now, if Carl Sagan would have been hosting this, then it really would have been something.

I know, this is long. But…I’m glad I watched it.

Neither one of them brought up why MOST people believe in God. BECAUSE God, has touched their lives.

Some unexplainable thing happened to them, that were beyond any rational explanation.

And besides, if you can’t just look at the life right outside your door and NOT see God, then you are REALLY missing the gift we all are given each day of our life.

The trouble is: Most people just take it for granted.


No contest.

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Nobody Gets Email: Dr. Gabriel Says…

Nobody Gets Email

Since, here I am at bedtime, with nothing to post, BECAUSE there was a major thunderstorm here that lasted for hours, I thought instead I’d post a link from an email I got.

I get the BEST stuff…really I do.

Enjoy, and educate. Or not.

Douglas Gabriel says – OPEN AND READ!!

Dr. Gabriel writes: “This is enough to put Fauci and Obama in jail for the rest of their lives. No fluff, just indictable evidence that is conclusive. Dr. Martin is one of the most recognized experts in biomedical patents, bioweapon proliferation, and the laws that govern such illegal activities in America. He has testified before the U. S. Congress numerous times and is the spokesperson for an organization that does this type of work professionally.

I have read nothing that has come close to this summary of the many crimes against humanity that the CDC and NIH have illegal committed. The evidence is staggering and definitive. Martin names all of the criminal characters and companies involved in the creation of the man-made, laboratory designed synthetic bioweapon that mixed SARS and corona virus variants into a deadly weapon. Even the fake Covid vaccine is revealed as a viral vector, not a vaccine. This is the weapon that We the People need.”

By. Dr. David E. Martin, PhD.The-FauciCOVID-19-DossierDownload

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Nobody Wonders WHY The RICH are Leaving…

Nobody Wonders

It’s not talked about much, but the VERY rich are selling their mansions in the United States and moving…off to islands and bunkers:

WEALTHY tech moguls are preparing for the apocalypse by buying island properties, having laser eye surgery and investing in pimped out nuclear bunkers.

Billionaires are buying islands and bunkers as they prepare for nuclear war (

So, what are they afraid of?

The ‘deplorable” terrorists’?

Or just the neighborhood and their favorite restaurants and hot spots being destroyed by Antifa?

What do THEY know that we don’t?

One thing for certain: If they are afraid of a nuclear attack, then I would THINK Hawaii would be right up there as China’s first target…but Zuckerface and a lot of techs have bought most of the land there.

Which means, they just want to get away from the mainland and China has promised not touch their estates, which you can view on the link above.

The rest of the rich are buying up islands and building bunkers, some even in Kansas of all places.

In that case, SOMEBODY should find out where Fauci will be hiding out, don’t you think?

Nobody Wonders.

One thing we do know, is many of them (Like the Obamas) have estates right next to the ocean, so they can make a quick getaway by boat.

You tell me: Are they more afraid of the people coming after them? Or something else?

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Nobody’s Fool: Russell Brand

Nobody’s Fool

This guy says more in a short video than if I spend half my day searching through websites wondering how to piece the puzzle pieces together.

He does it for me. Really, who knew this “actor/comedian” had so many great opinions?

And since I love opinions, I wanted to share this…what is happening to America is happening to the world.

Russell Brand wins my Nobody’s Fool Award for just being one of the greatest thinkers of our times.

Enjoy! Or…well…at least ponder….

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Do NOT Miss This Video…Just Don’t.

Nobody Reports.

I drafted this video yesterday, I thought it was so fantastic….

This man calls for the world to stand up against the tyrants, and it’s an epic rant…one for the records.

But, of course, today I come and see that the video itself may not appear on this blog, so

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…do yourself a favor and go watch it.

The fact that it’s already being takin down by all the major social sites, AND…the fact that the Prime Minister himself just declared today that on JULY the 19th…the lockdowns and social distancing will be lifted…

Well…how about that? Do you THINK Parliment might be worried? It the day that this man says we should ALL gather and show our protests against tyranny.

After all, I think by now, even if the people go…”Oh well luv, they just lifted it all, why attend and get ourselves photographed? “

BECAUSE! All the lockdowns will continue as soon as possible. They’ve all said so.

Anyway, this man was great. If I had the money I would fly to London and be there.

God sped all good men.

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Nobody’s Perfect:

You have to laugh at the sheer cluelessness of Zuckerface, going to the heart of the white Trump supporters country in Idaho, where he tried so hard to censure, and going on the lake with his very expensive toy holding the American Flag.

Hey Zuke! George Washington you’re not. He’s either making fun of us all, are even worse, he thinks by posting this on Instagram, Americans will think he really IS a a patriot, instead of what he really is: A Chinaman, bought and sold to the highest bidder.

And his song pick? PLEASE…..

I don’t get it. He is suppose to be a ‘genuis’ and yet, he is so stupid he thinks this will be a big hit with all the American people? Or is he such an idiot that he has convinced himself that he just SAVED America from President Trump?

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The Spirit is STILL Strong…

How was YOUR 4th of July weekend?

Mine was…pretty strange to say the least. Yesterday, I went into my local Dollar General, and was shocked to see the America flag sticks and various American paraphernalia being displayed outside. I know the manager, she’s black and recently took over the store. The last women made her do all the work she said, and took all the credit. I told her the store look much nicer, which it did. Sometimes the blacks behind the desks are rude, but other times, they are more than nice.

I must admit, you never know. Blacks are moving into my neighborhood by the droves. Soon there will be just us few old white folks getting ready to die to make the neighborhood all black. It was bound to happen sooner or later. But I feel like Tucker Carlson, it’s my home. Why should I move if some of my neighbors don’t like the color of my skin? Why should I move just because George Soros put that recaist Cory Bush into office?

I blame my crabby ancestors tonight.

It was a pretty depressing sight. As I drove down the streets of my neighborhood, I counted only a very few American Flags. I came home and watched the parade in downtown St. Louis. It was mostly white people, high school bands, Shriners on their little cars, floats with white kids, and some black kids. But NO crowds at all. Very sad. Everyone is scared to go downtown. At the end of the parade the local reporter said that America the Beautiful was going to be the last song.

Well, it wasn’t that song at all. The song was a big black woman singing about how beaten down she had been and it was not going to happen ever again. She was going to be strong. All around her were various sick kids: cripples, mentally ill children, basically, the poor things that life did not leave much too. And they were dancing with her as she walked around and embraced them.

Now, I wouldn’t have minded this in the middle of the parade…but to make this the final statement?  China must have been laughing their heads off.

I read today that Venessa Williams is going to sing the BLACK NATIONAL ATHEM in D.C. Tonight. Will this be the LAST song? Nobody Wonders.

Think I’ll skip it.  

Also, yesterday I watched that genius guy who lives in Missouri, say that riots will be coming, and we should all stock up on water, food and guns.

Mmmmm…hey, there’s enough gloom and doom around here.

Last night we went to Illinois to watch the fireworks. We pulled into a gas station. The white guy behind the counter kept giving us compliments about our shirts. I had a hat on that said, “FREEDOM” in rhinestones and sparkle. Our shirts were all about America. The guy was really loving it. And I can know why. I did not see ONE white person or their children have any American things on at all.

The stores just aren’t selling it.  

But…let me end this on a good note. While I was out yesterday, there was a black lady cruising down the main street of my town in her car, and she had a big American flag flying in the wind attached to her window.

It may sound strange, but she made up for all the lack of display I did NOT see.

This Nobody thinks, they had better be careful with their attacks on Trump. Deep inside America, there IS a bitterness that will boil up.

The world thinks America is toast.

This Nobody Thinks…don’t be so sure.

And TONIGHT…July the 4th, 2021, outside my door, my neighbors have ALL come out with big bangs, and fireworks!

Wow. It’s amazing. The best yet!

Yep. America is still here…they are just waiting, for their time.

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Happy Independence Day!

Nobody Flashes…

I hope everybody has a GREAT day…we must keep the tradition in our hearts, especially since we have so many in Congress who wants to prosecute all who hold our country dear.

Let the deplorables and ‘insurrectionists’ enjoy the celebrations of our founding. Pelosi can go hide in her mansion for the night.

Here’s a A BIT OF HISTORY ABOUT….The writing of the Declaration of Independence, remembered by Charles Francis Adams, who no doubt knew the truth of it better than any man up to that point.

Jefferson wrote it: John Adams argued it for three days to get everyone to sign it.

And so it began…

When Jefferson wrote the Declaration, he communicated his draft to Mr. Adams and to Dr. Franklin separately, because they were the two members of whose judgement, he wished to have the benefit: and that all the corrections which they made were those that were visible on the paper in their own handwriting. Mr. Adams’s is, that Mr. Jefferson and he acted as a sub-committee, and reviewed the paper critically, without making or suggesting an alteration. In the face of both these statements remains a copy of the original draft of Mr. Jefferson, in the handwriting of Mr. Adams, taken before the numerous erasures, alterations, and interlineations were made by Mr. Jefferson’s own hand., which appear in the fac-simile published by his grandson. This at least, shows that the paper was much more changed after it had been submitted to Mr. Adams than either statement would seem to imply. For the present purpose, it is enough to know that, as Mr. Jefferson wrote the paper, so the labor of “fighting fearlessly for every world of it,” in the three days’ debate which ensued in congress after it was reported, fell almost exclusively upon Mr. Adams. Mr. Jefferson “thought it his duty to be a passive auditor of the opinions of others, “which he admits to have been expressed “in acrimonious criticisms on some of its part, that made him writhe a little.” Several passages were altered in deference to the lingering hopes of reconciliation of some, or to the tender consciences of others, but the tenacity of Mr. Adams saved its substance, which will remain to a distant future, to inspire a far more perfect system of liberty than any social community has ever yet, in its practice, carried out.

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Oh Claire…get a life…

Nobody Flashes

We had to put up with this douche-bag for too many years in Missouri. She ALWAYS acted as if she was a conservative, but when the citizens got SICK of her always protecting Hillary (As she is doing here) we finally got rid of her.

It’s a old trick that politicians have used for a long time. Run a candidate which ACTS as if he or she is conservative (Loves the police, the military, guns etc) and then gets power, and acts like a true/blue democrat.

All conservative states should be aware of this tactic: Look at Arnold. Or George Jr. Or Chris Christie. Or recently we found out in Missouri that Roy Blunt was a BIG Rino. He hide it well.

I’d beware of Hollywood movie stars. (Warning to Texas) or any other famous people.

Look for the nobodies.

As for Claire? She is calling these people terrorists while they wave the American flag…how DARE they attack the elite snobs/tyrants who rule their lives.

Jan 6, was staged in many respects. And Pence was the biggest liar of them all. It’s reported that it was his secret service agent who shot that Trump supporter…and…uh…he was black.

Hey Claire! Have some popcorn while you are watching that movie on the American Flag-waving people. Better yet, stay away from ALL crowds today.

It just might make you sick.

I loved Mary’s response here. As Hillary would say…”What difference does it make Claire?”

The only one who died was a white woman.

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Nobody Remembers: the Preamble to the Declaration…do you?

Nobody Remembers

Here’s a bit of history…Independence Day is really about July the 2nd. That’s when the Declaration was really signed.

But, just like today, the state of Pennsylvania was not really on board with breaking with the status quo, and the lords that ruled them.  Getting everyone to want to BREAK with England was no small feat. And so, to encourage the men who were hesitant to join the rest of the bunch, John Adams, Mr. Rutledge, and Mr. R.H. Lee, got together and prepared what was called a preamble to Jefferson’s great work, and John, being the most ardent in Congress on the motion of making a clean cut with Britain, wrote these words which was presented to the colonies on the 13th of May, 1776, and passed on the 15th…in order to convince Pennsylvania and everyone else that America should rule itself: it was presented to the gentlemen of the Congress in these words:


“Whereas his Britannic Majesty, in conjunction wit the lords and commons of Great Britain, has, by a late act of parliament, excluded the inhabitants of these United Colonies from the protection of his crown:


2021: We have open borders where criminals, drugs, and an overwhelming invasion is allowed to happen and provides no protection against the ramifications of the millions crossing our borders…our current Congress and President refuse to protect us.

“and whereas, no answer whatever to the humble petitions of the colonies for redress of grievances and reconciliation with Great Britain has been or is likely to be given: But the whole force of that kingdom, aided by foreign mercenaries, is to be exerted for the destruction of the good people of those colonies:”

NOBODY: Can anybody deny that America is being destroyed from within by our own government with the help of China?

2021: No matter how much the people cry out for justice and examination of our recent stolen election, we are ignored and have to obey a false President in place of the man who REALLY won, and behind this is the whole force of the progressive globalists movement who work FOR China, and have also released a virus which has killed over 600,000 and destroyed our economy and millions of businesses, working for the destruction of our history, our institutions, and our Constitution…all in the pursuit of a one- world government ruled by oligarchs, which they proudly no longer hide as their intention.

“And whereas, it appears absolutely irreconcilable to reason and good conscience for the people of these colonies not to take the oaths and affirmations necessary for the support of any government under the crown of Great Britain, and it is necessary that the exercise of every kind of authority under the said crown should be totally suppressed, and all the powers of government exerted under the authority of the people of the colonies, for the preservation of internal peace, virtue, and good order, as well as for the defense of their lives, liberties, and properties against the hostile invasions and cruel depredations of their enemies: therefore, resolved.”

Nobody: Couldn’t have said it any better….in short: We the people have a right to take our country BACK from the tyrants that now rule us and have claimed us THEIR enemies, just as King George did so long ago.



I just heard on my local radio station that the downtown 4th of July celebration in St. Louis, was going to have a festival of BIRDS against conspiracy theories.

WTH? Even King George wouldn’t have been so stupid.

John Adams, with his plea, paved the way for the great Declaration of Independence we all love today.

Pennsylvania’s representatives, signed it, with some nudging from its own people. What we need to do now, is bring the people into the fight in each state that was stolen.

The question now is, as Benjamin Franklin once said,

We’ve given you a Republic Madame…if you can keep it.

Nobody Wonders: CAN WE? I wore my American flag hat today, but I noticed not one person had anything American on. They have put fear into everyone.

But on my little street, in more than a few houses, flags are flying.

Nobody Remembers also that Adams wasn’t too happy with Jefferson’s version and how he got the credit for the Declaration…. but at least you now know, there was a man who worked behind the scene convincing many men who did NOT agree to go forth and start a nation. Nobody Worked harder than John Adams to unit the colonies.

Nobody. Except maybe his cousin Sam. Remember, John and Sam insisted on Washington to be the General, and John pretty much handled the whole army: he managed all the states and militias and their supplies.

Which means that…it’s usually the nobody, that does all the real work, right? And let’s hope, all the nobodies are working hard to unite us all against this upcoming nightmare…

Look for them.

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