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Do We Now Have to Go To Another Country to Get Our REAL News?

Nobody Flashes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see this kind of reporting on our LOCAL news stations? Every morning all we get here is “COVID, VACCINE, COVID, VACCINE, TED CRUZ WENT TO CANCUN, COVID, SHUT-DOWNS, COVID, VACCINES WILL BE HERE SOON, Just wait…but call first…and hey, this guy almost died! But no! The nurses and doctors saved the 29-year-old who won’t walk for a year….it’s a miracle!

And then back to….covid, vaccine, covid, vaccine…

Usually some news about blacks killing other blacks, and car accidents, (which have increased due to the lack of FUNDS for the snow- plowers)

We’ve had the usual snow and ice here, which is normal for February, but what is really amazing is every local channel news station kept saying “MO-dot (That’s the state snow-plows) have been working hard ALL NIGHT!”

They LOVE to praise those brave men out in the middle of the night..making the roads safe.

Except, nobody has seen them? Where are they?

You get in your car and you don’t see them ANYWHERE. That’s because they seem to all just perform for a few minutes for the local weather reporters in their cars…who follow them with BRAVE and wonderful sayings…and then they all go home, and binge watch Netflick like everybody else.

The illegals can’t get here fast enough to take these snowplowing jobs away from these hard-working American men.

Okay, I’m ranting.

Enjoy the video, I did.

Thank you…Australia.

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Nobody’s Fool: Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe

Nobody’s Fool

James O’Keefe is just great. He’s bold, and smart, and here he catches Zuckerface to admit that the vaccine is NOT a vaccine….and by his own words, you can bet he will not risk taking it.

But he can censor ANYONE and chastise them all, on his FACEBOOK platform to put up the truth about the vaccine. As you will see, he breaks his own rules.

James O’Keefe is NOBODY’S Fool……EVER….I love this guy.

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Nobody Remembers…Always and Forever, the Great Rush Limbaugh

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Nobody Wonders About Steve Bannon

Nobody Wonders

I can’t help it, I wonder constantly about not only where they come up with some of the headlines on the internet, but which ones are lies, or not?

For instance:

Nobody Wonders: Bannon Believed Trump was suffering from early-stage dementia: Book

In this article, it seems Rosen, of 60 minutes, said that Bannon told HIM that Trump was mental, and they should take him out with the 25th amendment.


“I think, in Steve’s mind, if I had to do the analysis of it, he would have been very happy to see Trump disappear from the scenes either through the 25th Amendment, resigning or whatever, and then he would step in and fill and fill that gulf and carry the mantle of the Trump followers. But he was delusional about it,” Rosen said.


Right. Steve Bannon head of MAGA? Uh…he looks like an old hippie who got too stoned on the freeway to a Stones concert. Sorry. He may be brilliant, but you need more than that to lead a country.

Being as I watch the War Room, usually every day, I think Rosen might have been right about Steve’s ambition. Clearly, Steve has taken up the “MAGA” banner and it really does seem to the viewers that he is taking up the movement and wants to be the leader. Nevertheless. Why come out with this now? Why didn’t they come out with it then?

Will Bannon refute this? He will lose a lot of viewers if he doesn’t. And besides, to say that Trump had dementia was pretty far-fetched. Clearly, America watched him talk for two hours at a time, entertaining huge crowds, right before the election, something that not even Bannon could do now, so, Nobody Wonders if this isn’t just another way to make SURE Trump does not come back into office.

Nobody Wonders: Headline: Steve Bannon Wants Trump to Run for Congress in 2022 and replace Pelosi as the Speaker.

This was pretty confusing:


Speaking to a group of Boston Republicans on Saturday, Bannon laid out a longshot plan for Trump to return to Washington, D.C.—but not directly to the White House, The Boston Herald reported. Instead, Bannon wants Trump to run for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2022 and then manage to take the role of Speaker of the House away from Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi of California.


Okay. WHAT? I was listening just today to Bannon on Voice of America and some caller suggested this very thing, to which Bannon said, no…he couldn’t see Trump doing that. Even if JQA did it, it was just not Trump’s style

So, which is right? Did he say it? Did he not?

After the first paragraph then the writer quoted this:


“Trump is a disruptor, but he has a long-term vision because I absolutely believe in the marrow of my bones that he will be our nominee in 2024,” Bannon told the GOP group in a speech. “He’ll come back to us. We’ll have a sweeping victory in 2022, and he’ll lead us in 2024.”


Okay, which is up? Who is putting out this stuff? I need to eat a cookie and think about this. I might as well ask my dog.

When Fox screwed up on election night, many of the Trump supporters went to Newsmax. Then recently, NEWSMAX went ballistic on the Pillow Man, when he talked about the election steal. The reporter got up and walked away. So— we went to Bannon, and the WAR ROOM.

So that’s leaves us with OAN and THE VOICE. But, then you go online and the headlines are ALL different.

Who can you really trust in the news anymore?

Nobody Wonders…but I do NOT trust anything I read. As with the famous words of Donald J. Trump:

I trust my gut. (Which might be leaky and I’m do to die soon, according to the internet.)

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Nobody’s Perfect: Turtle-Butt Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Perfect.

Old Turtle breathe has came forth to try to save the GOP last week. He wants Trump hounded until he can be hounded no more. Sued in law courts up until the day he dies. He wants to bankrupt him. Hurt him till he is dead in the ground.

I TRIED not to watch this, because it’s hard to watch another rich, buffoon lecture the American people WHO HAVE PAID HIS SALARY for too many years, making him and his China affiliated wife billions, about how he plans to destroy their favorite President. He forgot it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” not Mitch the leader of the Senate.

The interpretation? WE, the American people have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to attack the Sacred halls of the Capital. Destroy your own cities, we don’t care, but don’t you DARE attack us.

Gee Mitch. You can site the Constitution all you want, but you forgot the REASON we left Merry Old England, the reason freedom loving people formed a bond, and wrote that Constitution you keep quoting…and what Thomas Jefferson, said–

EVEN IF TRUMP HAD NOT SAID A WORD…the American people have a RIGHT to be angry. Especially after the last decades of being berated by elite overpaid criminals that run in the halls of our government.

We have a right,giving to us by our founders, to resist tyranny and to destroy a government that we don’t like.

Sorry…maybe somebody should tell you to read the Declaration.

Mitch has NO integrity. His hatred of President Trump was so great, and his conviction was adamant that President Trump was guilty beyond all doubt as we see in this traitorous speech,—AND YET, while he pretends to be all high and mighty, he voted NOT GUILTY twice, during both impeachments.

BECAUSE…he’s not guilty!So..IS he guilty? But you wanted to keep your job? Which is it Mitch? You can’t have it both ways and expect to be taken seriously.

Mitch is part of the DEEP STATE/Bush/Harriman/British New World Order. He is employing the same “psychological warfare’ put together by Allen Dulles and the secret services so long ago, on the deep state resort of Juniper Island in Florida, where Prescot Bush and the Dulles brothers, and the Harriman bankers formed the beginnings of the ‘deep state’ CIA to conduct extensive propaganda campaigns and mass psychology experiments in the US.

As Eisenhower, JFK and Truman warned us, this deep state are entranced in every nook and cranny of our government. And these men are NOT elected.

Notice, the ‘fine’ words McConnell uses here: He uses the SAME brain-washing words as Hillary: “Myth. Conspiracy. Secret Coup.” Trashing Americans RIGHT to follow a President they loved. I was especially taken by Mitch’s disgust to see Trump’s flag being carried.

REALLY? Here it is again Mitch:

Sadly, this propaganda is working. I talked today on the phone with an old friend from Naples. I told her I posted the piece about the grocery store in Naples, where people don’t have to wear masks.

“THAT MAN IS Despicable!” She yelled. “He has a TRUMP flag outside his door!” And while she admitted that Trump did some good things for the county, She shouted, “He is a PIG!”

“Why?” I asked.

She didn’t like the way he talked about women to Billy Bush.

I Ttied to explain to her that the conversation was re-edited in translation. But she wouldn’t listen. Then she said,

“Well, all Presidents do good things and bad.”

“Okay. What did Obama do that was good?” I asked.

“Oh, I can’t think of what right now.” She wanted to hang up on me.

So there you go, I had to call her back. And talk about her little life. Get her mind off of Trump. Her hatred of Trump comes from the pain she still feels in her heart about her husband leaving her for another woman…because she was fat.

She hates all men. She just doesn’t see that her pain in her own life is clouding her judgement for ALL men.

But, who was I to tell her?

But back to Turtle face. Does he really think that people would drop Trump and listen to his lies? Did Mitch ever once denounce the burning down of our cities, pushed by Obama AND the democrats? Did he ever stick up for the rule of law and Trump getting his day in court, like every other citizen?

No. Well, not too long ago, SOMEBODY beat the guy up, and we all know…it’s wasn’t President Trump.

Americans, are just being Americans. They’ve BEEN free, and they don’t like being told what to do, and that the only man from the GOP party who ever kept his word was President Trump.

Turtle-butt should just go back into his shell. Retire. Get out of dodge. The more he attacks Trump, the more powerful he makes him.

Is he THAT clueless? .


And that’s why Mitch McConnell wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for being the biggest ass on the Senate Floor.

Congratulations! Mitch, your are helping millions of Americans remember their Declaration of Independence, written by our founder, Thomas Jefferson. Without men like you, being so vindictive, nobody would probably even read it. And in that respect, without you even knowing it, you have helped America.


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Mitch and Pelosi: VS America FIRST

Nobody’s Opinion

While we watch the ‘globalists’ Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell throw temper tantrums on the floor of the Senate, the picture of a global oligarchy willing to go full throttle now, is getting scarier.

And they are scared. Isn’t it obvious? Why else do you think they put up fences with heavy guards around the Capitol? THEY KNOW, how pissed off the American people are. After all, the NSA and the tech guys keep them well informed of everything.

Vast conservative sites are being kicked off the grid. The globalist does not even hide their plans anymore. Everyone must be vaccinated, and the world must obey their orders. Complete control by THEM will be the norm.

By now you’ve heard that they want to rid the world of that pesky desire to want to own your own property. It’s communism full throttle.

The young people of today cannot even afford to buy a house. And so, getting the older generations off their property will take some time. BUT… no one should own property, cash will disappear, and everyone will just barter. Yep. Be sure and catch the propaganda for your kids movie below.

No one will eat meat, or travel very far. EVERYONE will be vaccinated.

When I read that they didn’t want anyone to own property anymore I thought to myself, WHAT? How are they going to make millions of Americans give up their houses?

It wasn’t long until I got the answer in the mail. Last week, some real estate company offered me FULL PRICE cash for my house, and I could sell it, OR…stay in it and pay rent. Not the usual “I will buy your house” stuff. NO…full price.

That doesn’t happen, and who would pay full price for a house sitting in the middle of radioactive nuclear waste and one of the worst crime’s scenarios’ in the nation?

Bill Gates? Soros? China?

Let’s see: Destroy the middle class, go in and buy up the house, tell the people they can stay in those houses if they pay rent. That was the giveaway: We’ll let you pay, hand over your house, and you can pay US rent.

Ok, pretty simple. Much like “Tell everybody they are going to die and never work again until they get vaccinated.”

Here’s another thing nobody has heard about: Remember, the media has attacked Trump AND Putin now for the last four years? And I hate to say, I told you so, but to me it was obvious. The only two nations that China has to conquer are America and Russia.

At the last World economic Forum, Putin said this:


Brilliant! President Putin just called for love and the scraping of the 120-year British-American Pilgrims Society “new world order” theory at the World Economic Forum

Putin called the “centralized and uni-polar world order” a moribund strategy that has embroiled Russia and the world in more than a century of war and godless, culture-destroying monopolies

This same British-American Pilgrims Society, after deposing Czar Nicholas (1917), and then murdering his entire family by firing squad (1918), devastated Russia with a godless Pilgrims-financed Bolshevik terror, enslaved satellite nations too, and repressed the citizens for 70 years while murdering tens of millions of souls to suppress dissent.

Of course, the Mainstream Media is also full of traitors just as the C.I.A., FBI, DoJ, NSA, DHS and Department of State are staffed by so many subversives.  Deep State traitors also populate the CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA and Big Pharma.  In fact, there are now more seditious elements throughout Deep State than there are patriots and nationalists.  The globalists have literally taken over the US government lock, stock and barrel.  Which is precisely why they have launched such a desperate and reckless, brazen and insane bio-attack against the entire planetary civilization to permanently expunge the God gene.


The TRUMP is bad, and Russia is bad crap, will get louder as the propaganda that Obama and his family are still around will become more ‘everywhere.’ and China will be taking over, not only Disney, but the rest of the country, starting with New York and California. As I’ve told you, they are already in our commercials, our sitcoms, our movies…speaking perfect English.

They now have complete control over everything we see, but a few spots on FOX, OAN, and Voice of America.

Texas is the next target. They MUST have Texas. And I’ll explain why in another blog.

For now, all you have to know is that Mitch McConell and Mike Pence have been on the side of the NEW WORLD ORDER all along.

Now, they have to crush us all. And fast. To what I’m reading, it’s all about crashing the economy again.

Whatever you have to say about Putin, at least he knows what’s going on, and will fight along with Trump to stop it.

And if you think Putin is bad, wait till I tell you about the “BUSH” family.

The family behind most all of it. That could take weeks.

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WHY…We need to get back to normal..

Nobody Flashes

Just in case everyone has forgotten what normal life was like for our young men before this dreaded lockdown…young me who didn’t HAVE to stay away from each other, and who could have actual fun….check this out….pretty good stuff! Each one of these young men have excellent ‘chops’…Another reason that we should NOT let the elite ruin our lives forever.


(Thanks to my sister-law-Kim) Who always sends me drum stuff.

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The Defense Rests…the Dems Never Do

Nobody Reports

Trump’s defense today was short, to the point, and full of fact. Steve Bannon for the last week has wanted the lawyers to come out and show all the proof of the stolen election, but that’s a different fight. The video above showed just a bit of how vicious ALL the democrats have been in their hated speech against the President. THEY have have incited day after day, year after year, sheer blatent hatred of the President. They’ve supported the BLM riots, the Hollywood hated speech, the daily headlines…about the HATRED they have for this man. Constant 24/7 attacks.

For four years, they have played the race card. And the regular people are really sick of it all.

They insisted all throughout the trial that Trump told “THE BIG LIE.” which is: he lost. Which is…not true. He didn’t lose. The real big Hitler lie here is that…he lost. And so, like Goebels suggested, they just keep saying it over and over and over, in hopes that everyone will believe it sooner or later.

Anyone who has seen the evidence knows he won. So…on the contrary. His popularity scares BOTH established oligarchies, so much they have to get rid of him once and for all.

If you listened to any of this impeachment trial, it got old. The mantra was, tell lies, and tell them with horror and emotional alarm. Today, they even accused Trump of rousing a crowd to kill VP Pence. And EVEN though, the lawyers played his actual words, it didn’t matter. What matters to them is to get their lies on film to be played over and over again on all their news outlets. And they chose a black woman, a Chinese looking man, and a white Jew. to make their case.

Don’t think that they didn’t pick lawyers to appeal to those groups.

Okay. We will watch to see what republicans support the impeachment. We KNOW Mitt Romney will be one. But who esle?

We shall see. In the meantime, Trump has given them all a big noose to hang themselves with. They might as well get on the chair and kick it out from underneath themselves.

It’s as if…they just can’t help it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson: Climate Lockdowns

Nobody Cares

Once again, Paul Joseph Watson is ahead of the game. Here he explains what’s coming after the virus lockdowns…

THE CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS. To save the planet.

Right. Even though, the windmills kill THOUSANDS of birds. I guess that’s why they want us to eat the bugs, without the birds, bugs will dominate. The planet will be crawling with them.

What they really want to do is get rid of the humans which they think will save…themselves.

If they do this, I don’t think any walls are going to hold back the masses.

Once again: Why talk about the stupid impeachment when you can enjoy the very sharp mind of Mr. Watson?

They are not worth even mentioning.

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Nobody Reports My Old Home Town…

Nobody Reports,

I grew up in Naples, Florida.

After watching this video, and now that Fauci has said we need to wear TWO masks, I’m seriously thinking about moving back.


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Nobody Wins with Bruce Casto

Nobody Wins

I sat through some of today’s impeachment proceedings, and here’s a few random observations.

Like a Hollywood movie, a REAL ACTION movie was presented right off the bat. Every entertainer knows this trick. As I was watching, what looked like a TRUE horror of really mad people, I kept wondering. “How come we haven’t seen ANY of this footage before? Or heard these chants of “Trump told us to!” Or men shouting through bullhorns. “Let’s go! This way! Let’s get em!” How did they keep this all under wraps?

Later, as I thought about it, it seemed like these leaders of the crowd could very well have been actors.

The video itself was not just somebody’s cell phone, no, it was clear that real cameramen were taking these shots. And it was edited to make Trump LOOK as if he was trying to get the crowd to run out and storm the Capitol.

NO images were shown of the mostly peaceful crowd that was there that day. On purpose.

Anyone, who listened to his whole speech that day, knows Trump didn’t do any of the sort. He told everyone to “peacefully and patriotically” go to the Capital. And as he spoke these words, the trouble had already started. Probably, like the rest of us, he was watching the news, which frankly, didn’t show much. I think he was purposely kept out of the loop.

The lawyers on the democratic side tried desperately to say that you could impeach a President because he was still President. (And they know he still is really.) And Nancy playing her “Hold em” cards so she could get Roberts off the bench was typical dirty politics.

But, like true liberals, they kept telling us what the Constitution MEANT. Even if impeachment wasn’t in the Constitution, well, lots of politicians in Merry old England wanted it to be. Democrats will SAY that even if something isn’t in the Constitution, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.

I got especially mad when they quoted John Quincy Adams, who said they could impeach him out of office for anything he did in office. Knowing the man as I have made a good study of him, he probably was being criticized out of office for something some politicians didn’t like that he did while he was president. It was a typical Adams snarky remark, from an honest man, son of an honest man, both whom never got any credit in history for anything.

Being honest, and patriots’— they both made lousy politicians.

The REASON millions came to the Capitol that day was NEVER, EVER mentioned. People were pissed off that the election was stolen, and all of Congress, refused to even listen to the evidence.

When the Jewish lawyer tried to score empathy votes with his son’s suicide the DAY before, I thought “What the HELL were you doing there at the Capital? Pathetic to use your son’s death for brownie points.


They kept saying Trump lost, and it was an ARMED insurrection. IT WAS NOT. The main weapons was the American flag, I didn’t see anyone waving a gun. The man who shot that poor lady point blank, was a security guard for one of the Congressmen. He had NO reason to kill that poor woman. That was…murder.

I’d like to know which Congressmen or women he worked for, wouldn’t you? But you won’t.

And then Trump’s first lawyer came up: Bruce Casto. He spent a lot of time trying to butter up the Senate, and speak for free speech, in fact, he spent a lot of time protecting AOC’s rants. He would represent her in a heartbeat. The guy might as well have been Bill Barr.

Everyone agreed he was terrible. The second lawyer was good David Schoen. He made excellent points, as to why they should not impeach Trump.

Didn’t matter, the RINO”s voted for the show, because this is all about destroying the man they hate.

And the other GOP members, all but a few, will sit quietly, then go home to their mansions.

Today, left many Trump supporters wondering WHY his first lawyer kept insisting that Biden won! The citizens spoke!

Really? Is Trump such a bad judegment of charactors that he picked this lousy man to represent him?

Can he fire this guy?

I would. Or, did the rumored assassination’s attempt on his life at Mar-a-Lago, made him want to just make it all go away? Oh, you didn’t hear about that?

Nobody Wins, when even a President can’t get a fair trial. And here’s a surprise I bet is coming:

John Adams was famous for representing the British soldiers from the mob. A Democrat lawyer would say that John Adams would be on THEIR side…protecting Congress from the mob. A mob just like the one we saw that day.

But I disagree. John Adams represented the soldiers because he wanted to show that America stood for law and order.

President Trump has always stood for law and order. And he deserves, as Schoen said so passionately today, his day in court. President Trump has NEVER been given a fair trial. Ever.

If they bring this up (And I’ll be surprised that they might) I hope that his lawyers get history right.

Nobody Wins, if you keep hiring the wrong people Mr. President. It’s not just you that will suffer, it’s the whole world. Get another lawyer.

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GOP NOW Has Their Own Hillary!

Nobody’s Perfect

Go ahead. If you haven’t seen this video, make sure you are in a calm mood, or else you like me will end up doing this after listening to her blatant lies and insufferable vainglorious and idiotic memorized lines.

She said “Lincoln and Reagan twice.” Reagan would have scolded her good, and then made a joke.

OMG. As I watched this I thought she was the exact identical twin to Hillary Clinton. Same arrogance. Same smirk when she watches clips of people hating her. Same conceit. Same demon persona. Same, “I know what you need and you should just all shut up and let me rule” crap.

When I had heard that she had been elected to the House, some time ago, I thought…what? How else could this woman get in unless she had DADDY to put her there? According to most historical records, it was DADDY who got Bush to get into all those middle east wars, which cost us over 7 trillions dollars. But then again, Bush always played the ‘dummy’ to protect his legacy.

Yes, Daddy made a LOT of money in those wars. Biden isn’t the only one who is good at that.

Things are pretty sad, when you have to send this buffoon imitation of a human being to save your Republican’s party.

And boy, is she delusional. And suffers from TDS. Her own state censored her, and wants her to resign. But hey, she tells THEM what they want, and it’s her. They just don’t know it. She could care less about her state.

Like Hillary, she throws in “THE CONSTITUTION” to sound impressive. Trump didn’t assault the Capital. Oh, and conspiracy theory. I really do think they went to the same “How to shut up the masses.” Alinsky classes.

And yes, Antifa WAS there, Ms. Cheney. Trump DID win Ms Cheney.

But of course, you know that.

So, it’s official. The GOP has it’s Hillary, and I suppose Liz is going to running for President in 2024.

She might have to take a few more hunting trips with Dad. The only man who can ‘accidently’ shoot another man on a hunting trip, and get by with it. Brush up on her ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Sorry Liz. The Trump supporters are not going away. Trump won the election, and you are just making him more popular.

Yes, yes, we’re sorry. But then again, You’re not too bright are you?

Nobody’s Perfect.

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Nobody’s Opinion

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you…Billy Joel.

I was reading last week a piece in the December issue of the AARP magazine, titled “The Truth About Lies. Your susceptibility to scam may be linked to your beliefs about honesty.”

Doug Shadel, who wrote the piece, gave the story of a 72-year-old retired professor in California who had lost more than $900,000 to investments over five years. Yet, he was very intelligent in most all subjects. Why was he so gullible?


“He told me he had spent his entire professional life working with honest folks who routinely told the truth, like he did. He just assumed everyone was like him and his colleagues, and so he couldn’t imagine there were people who would look you straight in the eye and lie.”


Obviously, he did NOT follow American politics.


He went on:

“If you are like most people, you assume that those around you are roughly as truthful or deceitful as you are, and you act in accordance with that belief. And when people deviate from that, it can come as a surprise. “


Okay, as I read this, I thought of the MANY times in my personal life I had believed someone or something and how shocked I was when I found out, they lied, and how STUPID I felt when I discovered I’d been had.  Like many people who are raised in a Christian church, it was engrained in me, to never lie. And so, naively I went on to judge everyone I met to be basically telling the truth. Not to mention, I really do think I have a genetic proclivity to it, because my own mother would never spend even a penny more on either of her children at Christmas. Not one penny.

My own son is so honest, he can strike a blow to your heart and soul without even remorse. A habit I could never break him of, but thankfully, he mostly used it on me.

So, this article hit home with me, as every day, my default to almost anyone I met, is…they never lie.

 And I MUST say: I still have this problem. The other day I called a lady I knew, to ask how her knee replacement went. Glenda is the same age as me. She proceeded to tell me how in just one month, she was healed, (Even after her foot dropped) and three other people she knew had the same progress. In just one month, they were back to being themselves.

“Well, it’s been almost two years for me, and I’m just NOW getting out of constant pain.” I said to her. Did she make me feel bad? Yeah. I felt like a failure, really. But I trusted her, assuming she was telling me the truth. But still, I found it strange, since she was vastly overweight, and not exactly what I would call…a ‘mover.’ In fact, she would come to the pool in summer, jump in, and stand in one spot for an hour, gossiping. How could she have recovered so fast? What did I do wrong? I swam for an hour EVERY day for over a year to try to get my knee working.

When I talked to my husband, I won’t tell you what he called her, but he reminded me that she was just telling a ‘lie.’ And she was just trying to make herself feel better and me feel worse. In my heart, I knew he was right. I have a very hard time knowing when someone is lying to me—or feeling jealousy or hatred from anybody, because those feelings I do not have…Well Okay. I have a lot of anger for lying politicians, but that’s so obvious and the damage done by them is so GREAT, it just jumps out. When it comes to just people that I meet, you know, people who lie to you every day…especially church going people, I just don’t get it.

How can they lie?

While I’ve never lost money on scams, when it comes to personal relationships, I’m the last person to see through the many lies that people can tell you. I am honest to a fault, and I just assume everyone else is.

I’m a TERRIBLE liar. And it’s one of my worse assets I suppose as a person. Because to the honest American who works hard every day, we can’t understand how the people who MAKE it to the top, are usually, liars.


Then Mr. Shadel went on:

“The U.S. does well in part because of the laws and regulations we have, which help us trust one another.”


Okay, Gee Mr. Shadel, you were doing so good, what happened here?

WHAT? Right now, nobody trusts our government. How can we? The lies, the hatred, the damaging they have done to us, our kids, our cities. None of them obey the law anymore. The Constitution is just a rag now.

 What Americans have seen for decades are our leaders lying to us, again, and again, and again, and again, and NOBODY is punished for the lies and the costs to OUR lives that these lies bring upon us.

Donald J. Trump was the FIRST man who spoke to us honestly. And we have found out, that President Donald J. Trump, like us, seemed to also make the mistake of believing that the men around him were telling him the ‘truth.’ Time and again, he trusted them, and they stabbed him in the back. He got them their jobs, and then they ALL, but a few, turned against him.

Did President Trump suffer from the “honesty” problem too? Could he just not imagine that our own companies and CEO’s and politicians would work together against their own country? Was he so used to working with honest builders and regular people, and being honest himself, he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams what crimes they would commit against not only him, but the whole country?

Was the plan to kill off millions of people from the earth with a virus in order to bring in the global government that they all wanted, just too hard for an honest man to believe?

Nobody Wonders.

Congress is a den of thieves. So is, now we see, the Supreme Court. So is our FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, and every American company that has abandoned us to China.

And the biggest traitors of all, (besides Pelosi, Feinstein, Ryan, McConnell, Barr…. go ahead the list is endless) Are the last four Presidents.

They have ALL sold out America to enrich, themselves, and there IS no law and order in America.

So, Billy Joel was right


And that’s why President Trump (who really IS our President, outed by scammers and thieves) was so loved…

He was honest. He spoke the truth. We all knew it. And finding the truth in Washington D.C. was a rare as finding the hope diamond in a mud puddle of Detroit.

This Nobody Hopes, we hear that honest Donald J. Trump voice again…and that he…NEVER GIVES UP. Because President Trump gave us the hope of truth…the only thing that ever saves a soul from hopelessness.

Nobody knows if this upcoming charade of a 2nd impeachment will bring out the truth, but as Billy Joel said.

“It’s mostly what we need from you.”  Yes, Mr. President. Try ONE MORE TIME, to expose the truth.

Because as a great man once said:


Our minds possess by nature an insatiable desire to know the truth. Cicero


So, next week while they are trying to smear your name in all eternity, bring it on, Mr. President. It’s a trait which we all loved about you from the very moment you came down from that escalator:

It’s your finest and most powerful weapon: Honesty.

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Mike Lindell: An Angel of Truth

Once again, Google would not let me post this video.

But you can watch it here. It’s MORE than proof that China, and the enemies’ within, stole the election from the American people.

It might be one of the most important video’s you will watch this year.

Mike Lindell is God sent to come to the rescue of President Trump.

The REAL President.

God Bless Mike Lindell. I’m going to buy some pillows.


Mike Lindell’s absolute proof of election fraud (

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