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War With Iran? Well, At Least That Gives Nancy More Time…

Nobody Flashes

Yesterday we learned that President Trump took off the head of the snake: General Soleimani, the man who both Obama and Bush said they “could” have killed but didn’t because they decided even if this guy kept killing our soldiers, he  wasn’t worth destroying. What? Was it because of the thousands of contractors making a lot of money over there?

Finding this out makes us all claim that both those Presidents have American blood on their hands.

As I said this week, Obama and Kerry have been making trips recently to Iran to advise them on how to handle Trump. Since the House impeachment went so badly, and the economy is so good, the logical assumption as to WHY those two would be making trips to Iran, can only be to try to pick a fight, so as to start a ‘war’, which is never popular with the American people. They both must have a lot of money tied in some deal there, like they did in Ukraine. Also, any war would help destroy the good economic run of our President.

All the democrats are moaning about WAR! Only Congress can declare war!

Say what?

Never mind that we have been at war now in the Middle East for over 18 years. It wasn’t declared, of course. Bush went, as usual, through the U.N. I talked about that before. Our politicians leave it up to our Presidents to attack anywhere, as the past Presidents have done forever, no complaints by any Congress, so they stay off the record and can claim ‘Hey, I didn’t vote for war.’

So, our embassy is attacked in Bagdad, and Trump responded perfectly. He protected our embassy, and killed the leaders who were responsible for it.

That’s perfect. He didn’t attack an Iranian city, he used an air attack to roast the General. PERFECT!

And now, the left in America is devastated. More reason to NOT elect democrats of any kind.

(An example below of the left’s lunacy.)

Did Obama tell the head of Iran, Ali Khamenei, to taunt Trump into a war by saying “You can’t do a thing.” And even if that’s what they wanted, did it work out the way they wanted? .

President Trump will get what he wants. He’s already ordered all Americans to get out of Iraq….all that money…and who ever is making money from the contractors, will lose money. Sure, he’s sending over more troops, but probably to help out the final exodus, and protect our interests as they are.

The war drums are being used by liberals to scare Americans…the liberals are already warning us all about WWIII.

Trump knows what they are doing. It’s pretty obvious. By taking out the General, he made them all go crazy, and he made Obama and Bush look very bad. The more they try to get rid of him, he comes back at them harder.

And another good thing that will come of this?

Americans will buy more guns.

And if there is an attack on our soil? The border problem will get solved quickly. Another Trump promise.

Remember when you listen to all the liberal BS, that WE were attacked.

It’s about time, we fought back, and we now have a President who will.

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Nobody Remembers….The Nesbitts

Nobody Remembers

Want to know WHY the left is trying so hard to impeach President Trump? It’s not just his policies, it’s the many years of crooked politicians like Obama, Biden, and Hillary— making a lot of illegal money from just being in power.

For instance, did you know how the OBAMA’S got so rich from being in office? He had a good scam going:

Obama helped a good friend, Marty Nesbitt, start a business company named Vistria. “Private Equity, Public/Regulatory policy, Government Relations, Business Development Strategy.”

From the book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer

Obama and his administration would attack industries with government power, which led to substantially lower valuation for these companies. Nesbitt (Obama’s best buddy) And Vistria, or others close to Obama, could then acquire those assets for pennies on the dollar

Industries such as coal mining, offshore energy companies, cash advance companies and for-profit colleges became targets of litigation, regulatory squeeze, or denial of access to government services funds.

He practically destroyed the University of Phoenix, something that a lot of soldiers were counting on to further their education.

Unlike students with federal student loans, the GI Bill benefits vanish when the thirty-six-month tuition period runs out. Furthermore, the GI Bill includes housing for school, which means that vets on the GI Bill attending for profit schools were losing their housing payments Some actually became homeless as a result.

The company collapsed, BUT Obama and his friends came in and bought it for practically nothing.

So, Obamas best friend and senior officials in his administration gained control of a for-profit college in a bargain deal.

Better yet of Vistria, competitors were smashed and were out of business. ITT was essentially shut down, eliminating almost all of their eight thousand jobs, and leaving tens of thousands of students stranded without a school or a degree.

Nobody Wonders, why in all the eight years when Obama was President, did we NOT hear one single word about his best friend Nesbitt (who vacations every year in Hawaii with them) or Vistria?

That alone, tells you how deep the corruption runs.

In fact, according to some, the Nesbitts are so close to the Obamas, that Mrs. Nesbitt delivered both girls. And SOME think, the real parents are the Nesbitts. The Obamas just borrowed them. 

At this point, when it comes to power and money, anything is possible.

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After Impeachment, What’s Left?

Nobody Wins

What is it with our politicians? I remember when the fatuous Jimmy Carter was President, and when America had put the Shah Mohammad into power in Iran. There was a revolution and he was replaced by Ayatollah Khomeini.

There’s a poster boy for Armageddon.

Since then the middle East has been a hotbed of Hatfield Sunni’s and McCoy Shias. WHY the Bushes kept getting us into the Middle Eastern fights, inbetween these two ancient idiotic warriors, is beyond any of our comprehension.

There evidently was some big oil deal made with the Sauds, but we will never know. What we DO know is that we’ve spent way too much money and blood to keep having our men maimed and killed over there forever just because the Bushes wanted it.

It doesn’t matter how many bike rides X- President George W. makes with wounded warriors, President Trump wants us out, because the American people want out.

Don’t tell Washington that. War is money.

They were silent when President Obama gave Billions of cash on a midnight plane to Iran, right after Secretary Kerry had also signed a …as Trump puts it…”A really bad deal.”

I don’t remember many Congressmen calling him out on that, do you?

And here it is the second day of 2020, the year we all expect the most successful President since Ronald Reagan to be reelected, but it will be, according to all they’ve said and done, over their dead bodies.

Or more likely, ours. 

All the past attacks on Trump have only made him stronger, and so, what else can they do?

Why, get us all into war and blame it on him of course.

Last week, a bunch of terrorists attacked our embassy in Iraq. The man who LEAD that attack had been to see Obama in the White House many times. 

BreitBart: Iranian militia leader Hadi al-Amiri, one of several identified as leading an attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday, reportedly visited the White House in 2011 during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Do you see a connection here? Imagine Donald Trump meeting with Putin before Putin attacked an American embassy. (crickets)

Still the spin goes on: From the Atlantic

Over the last 18 months, Donald Trump has picked a fight with Iran that he won’t end and can’t win. That fight has had horrifying consequences for the Iranian people, led Tehran to restart its nuclear program, and now left parts of the American embassy compound in Baghdad in flames. In the days and weeks to come, Trump’s policy will likely lead either to war or additional American humiliation, or both.

Nobody: Don’t you love this? Because Trump got out of Iran’s nuclear deal, and they are now hurting. The poor Iranians have no other choice but to attack us. And he can’t win? Really?

In May, the United States accused Iran of attacking oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. Then, in June, Iran shot down an American drone.

Nobody: They admitted that they attacked. And remember all the drones Obama lost to Iran? Wait. Did he attack? Nope.

In June, Trump’s then-national security adviser, John Bolton, argued for meeting Iran’s provocations with force.

Nobody: Well of course he did. The neocons would love to  start a war before the election. They wanted some Americans killed in this attack to rewrite Hillary’s coverups in Benghazi. At most, now he has to send American troops which is what the neo’s want.

But if Trump’s non-response made America look weak in June, his military response on Sunday set off a chain of events that has made America look even weaker.

Nobody: WHAT? Sending a military response makes him look weaker? I guess they wanted another Hillary response, which is: Hey, you know what you signed up for soldier:  die. 

The author goes on, he can’t help himself:

So, absent a revolution that replaces the Islamic Republic with a more pliant regime, he’s at Iran’s mercy. Given the crushing sanctions America continues to impose, Iran has every incentive to make America bleed.

Nobody: This sentence is simply ridiculous. Make America bleed? Our men will make toast out of the Iranians, and it’s the Iranians that are trying to pick a fight.

And you can bet, Obama and Kerry are right behind the scenes trying to make it all happen.

It’s the democrats that are on the precipice of insanity.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that this article reminded me of an old saying: One said by William E. Jenner about W. Averell Harriman, long ago:

Who ever wrote this is a thin as piss on a hot rock.

Will President Trump be forced to get into WWIII in Iran?

I don’t think so. Not even the democrats want war in an election year…because who could they run to even match Trump?



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2020: The Year of the OK Corral Revisited

Nobody Flashes

For those of you who are now awake….

Time to remember to quit dating ’19’, which usually takes me a couple of months.

Time to remember to continue to destroy the dems and send them out to the deep ends of history.

Time to make New Year Resolutions and last at least 4 days instead of 2.

And most of all, for me, time to appreciate the readers I have. And keep learning…for instance they said on TV today that the OK corral fight was really between republicans and democrats. Ha ha. True? I wouldn’t doubt it.

So, 2020/ the OK corral buzzoff is coming.

Thank you all for visiting my little nobody site, really.

I hope everyone has a great year!


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Nobody’s Fool….EVER. Dave Barry

Nobody’s Fool

Since today is Nobody’s Fool Day, AND New Year’s Eve, there is nobody who can sum up the past year as well as our own National Treasure and the only man who can make you laugh out loud on EVERY single page he writes: This year’s Nobody’s Fool is….da..da.dada…da da….DAVE BARRY!

That omnificent, master of the art of making fun of life’s absurdities, and talented historian who gets absolutely no credit for being so…brilliant as well as funny, yes Miami’s own, Dave Barry. (Can you tell I’m a fan?)

Here I am posing with Dave and Ridley Pierson some years ago, when I gave him a ….hold your breath: a homemade pumpkin pie. Or was it a small UFO I found in my backyard? I don’t remember.

I’m sure it was just what he needed. It was one of my finest moments. Sorry. It’s happens to be the only pie I can cook. I’ve often wondered what poor soul ended up with it. (Or what fine dog.)

Anyway, for quite some time I use to dream that yes, if I were a famous author, I could join the Rock-bottom Remainders! Except, now, in God’s wisdom, I’m not famous enough, and so I’m sure IF I had been lucky enough to become the drummer of that band, there is one member in that group that might have gotten hit, somewhere in the middle of Runaround Sue, by a flaming drum stick that just happened to slip out of my hands. Of course, I would have to practice that little trick so it looked like an ‘accident.’

There he is…right in the middle. Yep. I might throw a clown instead. Not sure. A drumstick made to LOOK like a clown. I’d blame it on the guy with the pink wig.

But surely, after this year we all need a good laugh. If you have NEVER read one of Dave’s yearly summations of news at the end of the year, don’t wait to put it on your bucket list;

DO IT NOW. DO IT THIS YEAR. Nobody Commands You!

Because as you know, according to some little girl named Greta, who is Joe Biden’s niece, next year, will be our last.


Follow this link to….

Dave Barry’s Year in Review: 2019 was an ‘eventful’ — bad — year

NOBODY…NOBODY…does it better.

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Historically Speaking: It’s the Same Old Power Play

Nobody’s Opinion. 

Everyday, after I turn on my computer, I get the Windows favorite News media: MSNBC. And Yesterday, one of the titles was “President Trump: A Thug.” or something to that effect.

Many of us have been writing about Hillary’s hit list for years. It used to be over 60, now it’s grown to over 100. And while many of those on the Clinton’s list are mere employees, I thought they could have had a hand in JFK Jrs. plane ‘accident’, as she was running for Senator of New York, and he was going to run too.

Would our politicians have people killed just to stay in power? Just to continue their plans for global takeover?

You KNOW what this nobody thinks. The very reason I think its true is because whenever a suspicious death happens NOBODY, I mean NOBODY in the mainstream press or cable TV, or ANY politician even suggest it.

Only the conservative braves souls who believe their own eyes and ears and common sense continue to remark about it.

Now, let’s talk about Kevin Spacey. We all watched his program where he played the ruthless politician himself just to become President. The “House of Cards” was a very popular program because Kevin’s character was the blood thirsty President we all thought most of our politicians are.

Seems to be, in real life, Kevin became that character: 

In May, Linda Culkin, who accused Spacey of sexual harassment, was killed when she was hit by a car in Boston, Massachusetts. In September, an anonymous male massage therapist who also accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, died during the court battle. A cause of death was never released publicly, as court documents only state the plaintiff’s attorneys notified them on September 11th that their client had “recently passed.” It was later stated that the massage therapist had passed from Cancer.


Right after THIS film was shown, another man who accused Kevin of sexual ‘misconduct’….reportedly killed himself on Christmas Eve:

In 2017, Behn accused Spacey of groping him while they were attending a concert for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. In an interview on radio station P4 as reported by the BBC, Behn said “We had a great talk, he sat right beside me. After five minutes, he said, ‘Hey, let’s go out and have a cigarette.’ Then he puts his hand under the table and grabs me by the balls,” Behn told P4. Spacey did not respond to the allegation.

Behn was married to Norway’s Princess Martha Louise from 2002 to 2017. 

I don’t know about you, but this little video appears to be a very DIRE warning for anyone else who is thinking about exposing any of the rich elites who are clone to ‘sexual misconduct.’

After all, Kevin was close to Bill Clinton and Epstein’s sexual ranch for the rich and royals to “Come on down and get yourself a YOUNG person to have ‘sexual misconduct’ with.

Nobody wonders if THIS subject is why, nobody touches the Clintons.

The REAL thugs, can have you wiped off the face of the planet with a flick of their fingers.

The powerful have killed their enemies all throughout history to retain their power.

“Kill them with Kindness?”

Notice: he didn’t say “Treat them with kindness” he used the word…KILL.

The real thugs, are the liberals who will kill.

And that’s my Nobody Opinion.


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Steve Jobs: Wisdom for the Ages

Nobody Flashes

As the year, 2019, comes to an end, I think the words here uttered by Steve Jobs is a philosophy that we can all grab onto.

If you have never took the time to listen to this speech, now is a good time. He died of pancreatic cancer about 6 years later.

I was thinking as I watched this about ALL the nasty books written about Steve Jobs and what a tyrant he was, and yet here…he comes off as a nice guy. I especially agreed with him about college. I was the same way when I went: angry that I HAD to take certain courses, courses I would never use and didn’t care to even waste my time on.

After two years I HAD to declare a major. Period. Well, I quit. My parents couldn’t really afford it back then either. Nevertheless, I certainly didn’t become another Steve Jobs. Very few do.

I thought: Hey, it’s my money…why can’t I just learn? Steve found a way to do just that.

And now, his legacy goes on forever.

I’ve never been able to afford any Apple product, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have at least an IPHONE, or any Apple product for that matter.

And if I had to pick between Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs: hands down, Jobs would win every time.

Jobs was THE inventor. Jeff and Bill…GREAT.. .salesmen.

Anyway, as the saying goes: “Only the good die young.”

Who wants to talk about Pelosi all day?

Well, not me. Enjoy.

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Nobody Updates Last Nights Post

Nobody Updates

I must not be the ONLY Nobody concerned about John Roberts presiding over the Senate Trial. I just heard on FOX that its the Senate that controls the Supreme Court John Roberts and he is just suppose to stay silent. They can tell him what to do.

Then…why is he even there? Says Nobody? Why even be there?

Do I feel any better? Ha!


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Nobody Wants John Roberts

Nobody Reports

Thanks Heavens. If you don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, then Christmas was pleasant few days of pure bliss.

Why? Because the ‘impeachment’ talk took backstage. I’m guessing that it’s not because they wanted to stop blasting the President right through Christmas. It’s probably more due to the fact that the big bosses who call the shots went to their various mansions for a vacation.

But, here it is the day after Christmas and nobody missed a beat: It went right back to impeachment, and everybody has an opinion of what should be done in the Senate.

Like most people who watched the horror show put on by Nancy, Nadler, and Shift, I wanted revenge. Wanting to smash in the front of my TV set wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I wanted to see these people in jail, or at least sent to Paris to live out their days.

Banish them to their mansions which are everywhere. Make them listen to Yoko Ono 24/7.

Because the President wasn’t allowed to present his side of the case, and because it was all just about trying to spew as much false facts of criminal behavior to damage the President, I too wanted the Senate to come out, and call out everyone involved with the biggest crime in our history.

I wanted to see Hillary act ‘bored’ again, and say, “What difference does it make?” I wanted to see Comey, Brennen, McCabe, Valerie Jarrett, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden…heck the list is so long it would take three years to grill them all. And Obama should go on the stand too.

I want the world to know the coup that was pushed upon this nation and the President they elected.

Nixon had the class to resign. All these people should at the very least, lose their big government pensions. I’d prefer jail, but people in hell want ice water.

Yep, let the trail begin. I wanted President Trump’s name to be brought back to its rightful place.
But THEN, I heard that Supreme Court John “Keeper of the global proverbial gate” Roberts was going to preside over the hearings. Was he to be in charge of WHO can call witnesses and who couldn’t?

Roberts is JUST as untrustworthy as Comey. Both are traitors to America, and protectors of the global cabal.

I’m not sure how much power Roberts has overseeing the Senate Trial. But that one man alone could have stopped the abomination called Obamacare, and he didn’t…making socialized medicine the law of the land.

Believe me, I curse him every day. And for that reason alone, President Trump should NOT want the trial. Who knows what stupid thing Roberts is going to come up with? He placed the FISA court judges, and no doubt was helping with the coup.

Already, we know that Mitt Romney will do everything he can to get up and trash Trump. Roberts would probably let him talk for days.  We also know that Liza Murkowski would vote to impeach. And while the others in the Senate DARE not vote to impeach for fear of their own jobs, even if just a few got to spew off about their Anti-Trump hatred, that would be all anyone would be talking about.

I don’t trust John Roberts. He’s a puppet of the Bushes and the globalists, and just be being in charge of the trial, he could cause FURTHER damage to the whole process. REMEMBER: He appointed all 11 of the FISA court judges.

Still trust him?

Well, here’s a lot of what you don’t know about John Roberts that go into great detail.

So I say: Don’t even have a trial. Or tell Nancy she has one day to turn over her ‘impeachment” papers or the Senate will dismiss it all, being as it was all done unconstitutionally. Not only that, but if the house can make up rules, then so can the Senate. The Senate should go into the basement, hear witnesses if they like, but keep out the democrats.
What’s fair is fair. I don’t really trust McConnell either, but he’s got to at least appear to be on Trump’s side here.

Then…. the senators could come up from the basement and say: We saw no facts. And then they could vote. And end it. Don’t give Roberts a chance to muck it all up, because he will.

Remember the Bushes WANTED Hillary in the White House, not Trump. They HATE the man too. And Roberts has carried on the Bush New World Order with too many decisions. He might as well be a democrat.

Besides, there IS no crime, and everybody knows it.

The democrats will scream, but they scream anyway.

As for the people’s revenge that this has happened and NOBODY is being punished?

President Trump should just keep pointing out the truth.
If you can’t arrest these powerful people, then you certainly can keep talking about their crimes. You can prove their crimes. And by all means, arrest of few of these ‘disposables.”

If the President does this, the liberals will be so full of hatred, they might blow out a few brain cells they have left just talking about it.

These people are at war, to destroy our country and open up our borders.

John Roberts is NOT our President, and he has made too many bad decisions.

Let Nancy hold the impeachment papers forever more.

Nobody Cares. But leave the trail in the hands of John Roberts?

I think we’ve heard enough “constitutional” lying experts for one year, don’t you?

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It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

Nobody Flashes

Wasn’t it nice to see some REAL humor back on SNL? I would probably watch it again if Eddie Murphy came back to SNL.

Did everyone have a great Christmas time this year? I know my neighborhood did. For the first time since I’ve lived here, my little block ALL had massive Christmas displays. Just my little block. I like to think I had something to do with it. We put on a big display and my neighbors came out and said, “What? Are you trying to outdo everybody?” Actually, no. We just love lights.

In fact, we keep a trellis up of lights all year long in our FRONT yard.  I know. Pretty crazy. But, with a bit of warm weather, the whole street went nuts. Thanks to President Trump’s economy, everyone spread the joy.

And it’s not just my block, I’ve noticed even FOX has put up a bunch of Christmas trees, and if you are watching Hallmark, you know why. Every scene is FILLED with beautiful displays.

YES! Christmas is coming back, and it’s about time. All those gloomy years of Obama, its so nice to see.

And even though I like to take credit for my little block, we ALL know the real reason for more lights in our neighborhood;

The reason is our incredible President.

So…Thank you, Mr. President! 🙂  In spite of all the liars, cheats, and treasonous swam of swamrats attacking you every single day, you still have managed to inspire millions of Americans. Thank you, for making our lives better every day.

Now, let’s go eat up those cookies.


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Merry Christmas From Your Favorite NOBODY! (I know, it’s the Trump effect.)

Nobody Flashes

Hey! I’m taking two days off…and I’ll see everyone on Thursday!

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas…But if your uncle starts to complain about the President…you have my permission to tell him Santa will NOT be coming to his house.

Just kidding.

Just smile and say, “Ten more years.” 🙂

God Bless Us…Everyone.


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Progressives: Make America a “BLUE ZONE”

Nobody’s Opinion

If you are over 50, odds are, you get the AARP magazine every month. Just about everybody joins, because if you don’t, you miss out on a lot of things. There are a lot of good suggestions in that magazine, don’t get me wrong, but there is also, the progressive/global/N W O (Ha…try to type those initials. You can’t.) articles nudging towards the global future they have for us all.

For instance, in the December issue there was an article titled, “They Don’t Have a Word for Retirement.”

Some guy named Dan Buettner, has gone around the world to study the ‘blue zone’ areas where people live to be REALLY old. The places he came up with were: Okinawa, Ikaria in Greece, Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and a Seventh day Adventist community in Loma Linda.

And here’s what he said they ALL had in common: No ‘mechanized conveniences’— in other words, no cars or buses. They had to walk everywhere. The old people are treated with respect. They eat mostly nuts, beans, greens and grains. And they have the same thing to eat almost every day.
His conclusion is they don’t eat meat, and they live in poverty basically. But hey! They live longer!

Anyway, this guy is going around the United States trying to tell people to give up their cars, walk everywhere, and live on berries and nuts and guess what? Americans are basically saying…

You do it. I’m happy.

Dan decided people won’t change and it’s up to guys like HIM to change our live for us. Adding more sidewalks, bike, lanes…and as we are seeing now, having fast food places make their hamburgers out of grass.

His conclusion:

“We have a $3.7 trillion health care problem that ain’t going away. We need to stop beating the dead horse of individual responsibility and switch the focus to changing people’s environment. It’s completely delusional to think we’re going to get 330 million Americans to eat the right diet, do 300 minutes of physical activity a week and live a purpose driven life. We need to improve the ecosystem we live in, one that sets Americans up for success.”

Can I slap this guy? So, the truth comes out. They don’t want to be paying all those future Medicare costs.

So, the government will come in, tell you WHAT you can eat, where you can live, and how much physical activity you must do a day. They will mandate no cars in any city.

Communism comes through the ‘we care about you’ liberal mandate.

Remember that scene in 1984 where the guy lived in a little apartment and got up every morning and did his jumping jacks?
Clearly, Dan’s never followed an American at any job they do during the day. My husband alone walks at least 12 miles a day around his warehouse, and most jobs don’t give people enough time to even eat a decent meal. Half of the time, we don’t have time to cook.

Trust me, most of those people that live to be 100 couldn’t follow an American around for a day, let alone two.

MOST American are working their butts off, and don’t have time NOR the money to buy ‘healthy” food. And it’s a FACT that older people need MORE protein, not less.

No, the progressives want to control our lives. And getting rid of meat is high on the list. You want to live long? Better eat protein.

And AARP, while they tell you they are exist to help the old in the country, the truth is….Like CNN, they have a progressive slant. AARP is a social engineering magazine, truly.

These people that live long lives in those poverty places, don’t have the stress that we do, and stress causes many illnesses.

Would we all be happier going back to the jungle? Hell no.

But… this nobody can think of one guy who we can send back:

Dan Buettner: And I bet you a pork and a pig that he eats bacon for breakfast.

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Nobody Flashes Christmas Joy

Nobody Flashes

–a man named Tom Bet George who put this all together.

THIS nobody watches this and wonders…WHY do we NOT have a national holiday to celebrate Thomas Edison?

Without Tom inventing how to put sound on a recording, and the light bulb, THIS Tom couldn’t do this.

Anyway, Typical isn’t it? Edison was an individual! Oh my. The globalists want you to think that it takes a village or a multinational company who have inventors work for THEM and their profits, to make the world go round.

Individuals…aren’t celebrated unless their politicians. Bah. Hupp. Edison has all but been erased from American History to be replaced by tech giants.

That’s too bad. Without this ONE man, most of all that we enjoy might not have ever been invented.

Sorry. It’s almost Christmas and I’m bah humbugging. I’ll stop.


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Victor Davis Hanson: A Man EVERYONE Should Listen to

Nobody Flashes

One of the best interviews of Levine’s cable program.

Compare this man to our Congressmen and Women.

Enjoy the wisdom of Victor Davis Hanson!

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