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Nobody’s Fool: Rep. Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan. He continues to be a relentless and courageous voice for the people and SHOULD be House Leader.

He’s just a fantastic representative of the United States.

Sadly, one of the few. Here he gives proof of the corrupt FBI.

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Nobody’s Opinion: Nothing in Politics is Just a Coincidence

As we watch America, while the West is being dismantled, what has been amazing is the very bullet speed at which they are now excellerating it. As if, the upcoming U.S. elections must not EVER take place. The virus, the shutdowns, the ridiculous mask and distancing mandate or else you lose your job, your food, your house or even your children, the food supply being destroyed for the world, and the upcoming screams of another virus coming to kill us all, clearly, NONE of this could have been done without some sort of plan.

Biden has already addmitted that making gas unafordable was to make us all change to electric cars.

Yes, the destruction has been so complete, FROM OUR OWN POLITICIANS, that we must now admit without a doubt, they are destroying the West on purpose.

This, was planned.

And here it was: In the script of no other than an old X-Files show.

My husband and I were big fans of this show, and now this video is going all over the internet…and it’s coming true right before our eyes.

Be sure and watch this, because if the first part of it came true, then the second part, which they are already saying is GOING to happen, will.

Now, if you watched that, go to this doctor’s warming, his name is Dr. Andreas Noock, who talks about the fact that graphene hydroxide is in the vaccines…and claims it’s murder.

And he has the background to prove it.

Dr. Noock was assasinated. Like Robert Malone, he was trying to give the warning against the vaccines. Why Robert is alive is amazing.

Why President TRUMP is still alive, is even MORE amazing.

Go to this link to see an extraordinary explanation:

And last but not least, this caught my eye. This year in March, I had the worst case of shingles that you can imagine. It was hell. Worse than having my leg cut in two. When your nerves attack you, you know it.

This article suggest with convincing graphs that Monkeypox is simply a coverup for what the vaccine is doing to many people.

None of these are very long, and I thought them important enough to post them before they are taken down.

What a week.

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Nobody Flashes Benise

I have always loved flamingo dancing and Spanish guitar. This guy is always entertaining and puts on a great show.


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Nobody Agrees with Wayne Allyn Root

Yep. He pretty much sums it up.

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YUK! I’d Rather Eat a Dead Roach!

Today I TRIED to lift up an old box in my basement and it was too heavy. I opened it up and on top was this blog piece. The box was full of old blog essays. I used to have the money to make hard copies of what I wrote, but it got to be to expensive as much as I write. Since I realized my opinions on the subjects of GAYS, have not changed, I thought I’d post this just for fun.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the original pictures. These are not the ones that came with it.

Remember, this was 10 years ago. Amazingly, things do not change, and social engineering has just gotten FAR worse.

Enjoy! (Or not.)


I wrote this Februray 17, 2012 at 4:40 P.M.

Nobody Wins

Here’s the thing: If you are not born gay, you have a really hard time trying to imagine having sex with the same-sex. Nobody ever talks about this…and although “gay” people have been around since the beginning of man, straight people have a hard time imagining sex with another person of the same-sex. If we do, we usually go…UGK...much the same reaction we would give if somebody told us to eat a live roach.

While the liberals want to go on and on about how sex is just a natural thing…they never say that it’s also very natural to go UGH when you think of kissing the same-sex. To a liberal…all sex is good. If you don’t think so, then you’re a Nazi, religious, uptight, stupid pervert who want to ban all sex.

So, they have to sell it to us. Gay Sex. Daily, relentlessly: shove it in our faces…girls kissing girls, men kissing men…UGH! Some social engineering panel somewhere said this would work. Our natural proclivity to desire the opposite sex would change with enough exposure. It’s not working.

No offense to any gay person, but, just as you think sex with the opposite sex is “ugh” we think the same. You have a right to your preference, we have a right to our preference…right? You have a right to pursue YOUR happiness…we have a right to pursue OUR happiness, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that YOUR happiness has to be forced on us.

Gays are 3 percent of the population…but our government wants to up that percentage for obvious reasons. They are trying to control the population. More gays, less kids.

If you listen to the latest historians every great military general ever set foot on a battlefield was…gay. Alexandria the Great, loved his horse and his best generals. I don’t want to know what he did with his horse, thank you very much. In the case of Hitler: whole books have been written about his “stable.”

Okay. Gays can rule…we get it. And we can love them as people…BUT…

Nobody has a bone to pick aout how we are being forced to watch gays on our TV. We watch our TV because, damn it, now we have to pay big money to watch TV, so they know not many of us turn our sets off when we’re home. You might be on your way to the bathroom, glance at the TV and there you go…some guy is kissing some other guy. YUK.

That’s how I got trapped. On the sitcom Las Vegas, this week, was an episode about lesbians.

I don’t know about you, but every lesbian I’ve ever known or seen, did not look like a Playboy centerfold. But on this episode of Las Vegas: they were knockout sex machines.

Here’s the story: A very beautiful brunette out to have a good time at the Casino in Las Vagas, looks across the roulette table and sees another very sexy blond. Both these girls looked like they had just gotten laid by Hugh Jackman.

They run into two other lesbian supermodels, with low-cut dresses—two women with big busts and short skirts…add the high heels, and it’s a lesbian heaven. They start salivating over the Black Jack table to have sex. The four lesbians rent a limo.

In the limo they trash the lowly man, who they all berate, saying that if they were men…those men would want to go to boring car races, instead of what they were going to do. THEY were going to go to a strip club and get lap dances from the lesbians strippers. (Yeah, I thought that was funny too.)

Oh, you didn’t know that most strippers were lesbians? According to the writers of LAS VEGAS…90 percent of the strippers in Las Vegas are lesbians. If you believe that, then you believe that Michael Moore has had sex with Angelina Jolie.

The next scene of the four very voluptuous, sexy women—have them sitting at the strip bar acting exactly like a bunch of men—at a frat party—throwing bills at the girls, wanting lap dances, and commenting on the sweet asses of the stripers. I tried really hard to imagine what in the world would be appealing about some girl dancing on my lap. Honestly—I have an instant “Don’t even go there” mechanism on my brain to prevent breakdown. I couldn’t come up with a thing.

By this time, the tall tell imagination of some man who writes the show for LAS VEGAS came into close view. Nobody Wonders—was he told to include Lesbians in the show? Or had he just gone to Las Vegas without his wife, and he wanted to convince his wife that when he was there all the women in Las Vagas are big lesbians, and so he spent no money at all on the strippers…like he told her.

And then, he put all the lesbians into his own sexual fantasy in his script. I can’t imagine any wife being that stupid, but then again, I can’t imagine the moon having rocks that turn into killer spiders either (Apollo 18)

(Sorry, I watched that movie last night…Blair Wtch on the Moon.)

This morning I turned on the news and there was a democrat senator tearing into the Catholic priests and bishops in Congress for having dare not realize they were just being used for political purposes by the right. They were just doing it because they didn’t like Obama.

The right could say the same thing about the black people. When are the blacks going to realized that the very same people who made them slaves, are keeping them on the welfare plantation?

The left feels, and has for years, that the church is cramming religion down everybody’s throat. When was the last time you saw a sitcom about people going to church, or even mentioning God?

And while they do not want to be “forced” to allow any kind of morality…they cram gays kissin down our throat every single day on all our favoirte TV programs.

Nobody Wins with all this gay social engineering.

1.7 percent of the population are lesbians. They have their own ‘gay’ cable channel. It’s about time the rest of us start turning off the shows when we see the ‘gay’ people kissing.

After all, it’s our Constitutional right to pursue happiness, and not be grossed out. If enough people turned the channel, they’d probably stop it.

Okay. They won’t. They know we will watch it because….we also like to watch horror movies, plane crashes, care wreaks, and dog commericals. Make those lesbians look like the Playmates of the Year and every man on the planet will watch them kiss.

The ONLY thing we can do is fire all the social engineers.

Nobody Thinks, they are all gay.

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Nobody Knows Who Wins: China or Davos?

Joe Biden and the attack on patriotic Americans aside, here’s the latest on what is coming according to SOME: Never mind the food shortages, Janet Yellen wanting Wind Mills, nobody being able to buy a house, and high gas prices pushed in order to FORCE us into electric cars, and Mr. Hollywood Matthew McConaughey joining Biden to come get the guns…this is the latest from one of my emails:


Russia and China are planning simultaneous attacks to ELIMINATE the United States and occupy North America.

The continental United States will be attacked from the North, South, East and West

Americans are oblivious, and leaders are clueless about what’s coming


According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is financing Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, he says, Russia’s best forces are not being used in Ukraine. They have been deployed in the Far East, prepared for action against America.

According to Lude media sources, China will try to use nuclear blackmail and unrestricted warfare to collapse the United States while forcing Taiwan, Japan and South Korea under Chinese control. Failing this, China and Russia will launch a full-scale war against the United States. The Russian and Chinese fleets will be united – not in the same ocean – but by attacking the same continent, North America. The Russians will attack through the Arctic, the Chinese through the Pacific….”


So, our own government along with Klaus Schwab is out to destroy us with the Davos gang, it seems at the same time, China wants to beat them to it.

Do we be afraid of Monkeypox and the “destroy the sun and the moon” Gates?

Or do we think China and Russia have a chance of invasion, and beating Gates to it?

WAIT! What? This could all be just ‘fear’ porn, or it could all be true.

How would we know? Nobody Knows. In any case…

Enjoy the summer!  

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The HOPEFUL message of Klaus-You will own nothing. Hopeful? Sure.

Nobody Reads:

In the last chapter of his book, THE GREAT NARRATIVE FOR A BETTER FUTURE, Klaus Schwab says this:

To a considerable extent, the solutions we find and the decisions we take to make the world a better place—more resilient, more equitable and more sustainable— depend on our willingness to enact positive change. In turn, this propensity depends on our collective capability to develop a set of narratives that install hope. Hope is vital because the loss of it means we accept our fate and give up on change:

He was talking to all the CEO’s and government leaders that attend his Davos meetings and telling them they must give people HOPE. And they must have hope that the citizens of the world buy their crap.

The elites are purposely killing the world in order to rebuild it, and so, they must give the world “HOPE” that the elites have the answers and will make the world utopia.

Right. The mantra of “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” inspires NO HOPE whatsoever that any person can live a wonderful life.

Only they can.

While they are still trying to get rid of America, Trump, and our guns, it all makes sense if you just remind youself of the GLOBAL tryants in charge. There are just too many of these suckers in power.

I still think, this might take a GLOBAL revolution to stop them.

And I’m HOPEFUL, that IS going to happen. In the meantime, they will hurt us as much as they can to get the power they seek.

This man does a great job of explaining why ‘owning nothing’ will never work.

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Nobody Reports: The Truth About January 6th

I’m posting this very important Documentary because the elites lead by that Nazi Nancy Pelosi are going to be having a SHOW…putting on their “TRIALS” where it will be Hollywood propaganda and lies at it’s best.

Anyone with a brain knows that the people were baited to show up at the Capitol, and the CIA/FBI were there to ‘stage’ a fake ‘insurrection’ and then use that as an excuse to come after all and all Americans who DARE question their authority.

Everyone there that day only wanted a true count of the votes. Americans KNEW that Trump had won, and they all knew that it was rigged. As you can see from this video, it was the Capital KGB that killed, and still today, like Russia, innocent Americans are being tortured and held without their Constituional rights.

How can this be? Because President Obama passed a law saying anyone deemed “dangerous” can be arrested and held without trial, forever.

Not many people know that. Obama is behind that lovely unconstitutional rule.

So, I’m not watching the great lies that will be told soon.

But, this really should be passed around. The democrats are our enemies and they are out to get every single Conservative in America.

Let’s not…let them. Jan. 6, was the first real protest of America demanding its rights.

After all…it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” not “WE THE ELITES”

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Nobody Flashes

I’m skipping my usual Nobody’s Opinion rant this Monday, in order to share these two very important and basically, truth filling rants….that you might have missed.

Russell Brant sums up the real danger of the Nazi’s at the World Economic Forum, and how they look on the rest of humanity as rats to be controlled. As usual, he stuffs a lot of info in a small space of time, his mouth goes as fast as his brain.

Something I’ve NEVER been able to master.

And then, one of the most important essays ever written below that.

Scary, the both of them, but I think of this to convince me things don’t look promising:

Every summer, I go swimming down at my local pool. I pay heavy taxes here, in a mostly all-black area, where most of the blacks don’t pay anything, and that’s why they can drive SUVs and take wonderful vacations, while the older folks try to live off their Social Security.

This redistribution of the poor white working class to the black/foreign community has been going on for years.

That is about to end for them, and they know it.

Anyway, I just found out that the local pool will be closed except on weekends. They are still going to let us all swim (for a huge price) an hour a day during the week, but we no longer can bring our beach bags…we have to put our car keys, licenses etc, in plastic bags to prove we are not carrying a weapon into the pool area.

THIS IS insane because it’s all old white gals, and the same swim club that has been going to the pool for YEARS. At least ten years. There are 20 of us, that’s all. In the middle of the ‘cancer’ noon day sun.

And yes, only two of the club of woman have NOT had skin cancer.

They can’t find lifeguards. AND they now can’t pick up leaf removal services. We pay for this. But…too bad. The mail sometimes gets delivered, sometimes not, and nobody can find workers.

Which in this economy makes NO sense whatsoever. So…my little city is going into a third world country and fast.

The big reset is coming. And I thought this two gems would certainly explain it better than I.

Can we stop it?

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The Lost Art of…Dancing

Nobody Wonders

Remember when America and the world danced? Together? All the time?

Not only was it GREAT exercise, it was fun. I spent half my adult life, DANCING. Really. It was my favorite thing to do.

My parents met on a boat in St. Louis, on the river Mississippi, on a boat called the Admiral. Swing, jitterbug, and the Jersey Bounce were all the rage. WWII…Benny Goodman. Gene Krupa. The Sailors would come home and be glad to be alive, and to dance.

The story goes, my father asked my mother to dance, and they cleared the floor. First time. My dad had “rubber legs” and was a great leader. He won dance contests while on shore leave in Hawaii during the war. He had the most beautiful smile and he smiled all the time he was bouncing high in a kick over my mother’s head.

That dance brought about a son and a daughter who got dancing lessons from the time they were young, and my brother and I were a hit at the Boom Boom room in Miami Beach, where we took lessons from Diego and Divita. We performed for shows, all throughout our youth.

Later on, we were teachers at Arthur Murry’s.

I was…a dancer. I never stopped dancing even though my brother and I quit as a team when I was 18. It was the 60s and ballroom dancing was considered ‘square.’

But it made me a good drummer. Sadly, my husband can’t dance, so it’s been years for me.

As I watch this video I wonder…do the kids dance anymore at all? Are there even places for the kids to go to dance? Have the cities and gun violence shut down all clubs?

During the wars, and the depression, music and dance kept everyone’s spirits up. What happened to those wonderful times?

And I can’t help but wonder, is it a sign of the end, when the people…don’t dance anymore WITH EACH OTHER? Locking us up inside for years, will make everyone even more unhealthy.

It’s 2022. We can watch them dance on TV, On video’s, but only the stars. And I haven’t been to a ‘club’ for years. So, anybody want to fill me in?

Do the kids DANCE anymore at all?

Or has that pleasure been erased for all time?

Nobody Wonders. I don’t know anybody that dances anymore except my brother.

He STILL gives dancing lessons in his basement.

So, enjoy the tape, and wonder like me…what happened to us? What happened to that joy of…


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Nobody Reports

Just so you know…

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The Queen, the Monarchy, and the Rebels

Nobody Cares…

what a blooming friggin American thinks about the pomp and celebrations of the Royal family, except to say, for all the years the Queen has kept out of politics entirely, been a good obedient servant of the real powers that rule the world, is really something to behold—a remarkable feat really, and something that King Charles has already started to show the world, that he is NOT his mother.

As I watched this video from Fox, I was amazed that these two popular figures of British decent were fired for their criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan. Called racists both of them.


The fact that the Queen did NOT appear at this was interesting, and to this American it looked like it was more about getting the public used to the sight of King Charles (And all his decendants) than celebrating the Queen. Also, most of us who have only been hearing the usual news about Harry and his “black” wife, and the racist royal family, probably thinks the Queen would prefer NOT to be around them, after all they’ve said.

Speaking as an American, the very institution of the monarchy is about as racist as you can get. And the script is being written right before our very eyes.

Still, one good soul is worth hundreds of corrupt ones. But…she doesn’t rule anymore…right? Still, look out for King Charles. He’s about to go into full King Dictator motion.

I noticed here how Sharon, who has clearly ‘suffered’ she said from her attacks, has come full circle supporting Harry, his wife Meghan AND King Charles.

Please. King Charles thinks he is now the leader of the world. He is full pledged globalist idiot out to control us all with his insane dictates of global warming, population control, and KING of the world baggage until the end. He may not be as senile as our President, which means, once in control, he will do far more damage.

Most people with a brain knows he left Diana to die, and she was basically there to give the monarchy heirs. He was in love with Camilla, so be it. And let’s just not talk about it, but what they did, was to insure the monarchy would continue. Did they have to kill her? Did they kill her?

Well…there are many who believe they did.

I remember that night well. My mother and I sat up all night watching….waiting…”WHY IS THERE NO ONE THERE TO RESCUE HER!?” Four hours before anybody came? Good lord.

And the Queen…staying silent for all those days afterwords. Dispicable. The people needed her and she was NOT there.

Yes, as an American I remember. And I bet there are many Brits that remember too. But as usual, the elites know they control the media and whatever crimes they commit will be erased. And all is forgiven now. The elites have to rule, by any means possible, even murdering their own family memebers…the history book if FULL of that royal British habit.

Hey, the Clintons had JFK Jr. I’d say we learned from the best.

Come now back to America, and the news is being let out that black people working in the White House are leaving in droves. They can’t stand Biden. He must be racist.

Just the black people.

What does that tell you?

The democrats WANT to run a black woman for President. Michelle? Or…sometime in the future…


Believe it or not, I’ve even seen those headlines. “Meghan for President!”

Still, like solar panels and windmills, that’s a pipe dream for them. Obama is having a hard time letting go, and I would not put it pass him to get together with King Charles…Prince Harry and Meghan were Obama buddies…..just saying.

Speaking of the merging of America and Britain (I was wasn’t I?) I just read something very interesting….We have been lead to believe that the Patriots in the American Revolution were against King George, right?

From a history book I read today….

From the New York Sons of Liberty to the Middletown, Sons of Liberty April 10, 1766:


Sam Adams and other Sons of Liberty did not regard themselves as disrupters of the British Empire, but as defenders of its constitution. They believed the Stamp Act was an encroachment made by the House of Commons upon George III’s “Crown and Dignity,” For the King alone was sovereign in the colonies. Royal requistions and grants, they declared, were the only constitutional forms of colonial taxation: by means of the Stamp Act Parliament was attempting to strip the colonists of their property and King George of his sovereignty. Thus, to oppose Parliament became the duty of all Ameircans who truly loved the King and the British Constitution.


So, it was the currupt House of Commons the Americans were rebelling against at first, not the King.


I love seeing the British people get together, because their Queen has been there through it all.

She deserves the celebration, so let the good people of England sit back on this summer’s day and enjoy a pint or two, laugh and sing, and go home merry.

Because this winter…it just might be all that keeps them warm, the memories of the Queen’s jubilee.


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Nobody Cares

There IS no surprise Hillary Clinton’s vast conspiracy to steal the election with the help of the FBI is now being laid to rest, ONCE AGAIN, as her lawyer Sussman was acquitted due to the Jury being all cronies of Hillary’s and the democratic party.

And that’s what happens when you pick a jury of your peers in D.C. From Dick Morris:

(Thanks to Mrs. O for the email)


The acquittal of attorney Michael Sussman by a Washington D.C. jury effectively means that no Democrat can ever be convicted of any crime involving corruption as long as the crime has political implications, and the trial is before a D.C. jury.

We now have one-party justice in America.


Funny how powerful the Clinton’s are: Just a few days ago, on many of the conservative sites I visit, it was reported that Michael Sussman’s law office had a special office set up for the FBI since 2013. Tucker Carlson even did an interview with Matt Gaetz about it.

I could NOT find ANY information on that news story, anywhere. Not on Infowars, Newsmax, YouTube, even Tucker Carlson’s website. It was reported, and GONE, from the internet the next day. Clearly that is against the law and further proof that Hillary AND the FBI worked together to take out Trump.

And proof of just how controlled the internet is.

If you google that crime, all you get is headlines saying Sussman found NOT GUILTY of lying.

So, how do the Clintons do it? WHY is everyone so scared of Hillary? Is it because over a 100 people have mysteriously been “taken out” …killed like mafia hits, for the protection of their crimes?

Is it any wonder that Hillary thinks she owns the world? We all wonder, after ALL her many crimes, like lying to Congress 39 times, destroying Bill’s girlfriends, having a personal email server in her basement: destroying all evidence when accused of any crime…the list is endless.

Now we find out that the FBI has an office in her lawyer’s office, so that putting and orchestrating the coup was easy. Jim Jordon and Matt Getz want to get the scumbag Christopher Wray out of office:

She is completely above the law. Remember, she has dirt on EVERYONE.


White House FBI files controversy – Wikipedia

The White House FBI files controversy of the Clinton Administration, often referred to as Filegate,[1] arose in June 1996 around improper access in 1993 and 1994 to FBI security-clearance documents. Craig Livingstone, director of the White House‘s Office of Personnel Security, improperly requested, and received from the FBI, background reports concerning several hundred individuals without asking permission. The revelations provoked a strong political and press reaction because many of the files covered White House employees from previous Republican administrations, including top presidential advisors. Under criticism, Livingstone resigned from his position. Allegations were made that senior White House figures, including First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, may have requested and read the files for political purposes, and that the First Lady had authorized the hiring of the underqualified Livingstone. independent Counsel Kenneth Starr exonerated President Bill Clinton as well as the First Lady of any involvement in the matter separate lawsuit on the matter brought by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, lingered on for years and was dismissed by a federal judge in 2010.

. (in some cases the background reports contained information about extramarital affairs, transgressions with the law, and medical issues).[13

The Bureau suggested that there was no clear evidence that Clinton or her aides “intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of very extensive, highly classified information.”


And so it goes, she committed high treason so many times, we can’t keep count.

And yet, she is untouchable.


Nobody really Knows. But most Americans are tired of watching her get away with murder.

And speaking of murder…here’s an interesting link about the CIA involved in school shootings.

I found it very interesting and VERY…Clinton worthy.

Go ahead and check it out:

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Tucker Carlson:Explains the Power Grab of our Guns

Nobody Cares-

If I think Tucker Carlson is a national treasure? He really is. After watching this, I am more convinced than ever that the DEEP STATE, (FBI, CIA) sets up these school shootings. I have often wondered HOW they do it, but the fact is, these events ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, happen at the perfect moments in political agenda’s, and the odds of THAT happening are very slim. And yet, in the last decades, we’ve seen it.

I was left wondering…is it just that our young are so messed up by the break up of the families, and put on meds, and play too many violent video’s, pumped up with too much caffeine and adderall, and so bullied that they just can’t take it anymore?

Well yes. BUT…recently a whisteblower from the FBI let on how they do it. They search for the kid online, the ones posting ABOUT wanting to kill, (which all of the shooters do mostly) and send in a buddy, undercover FBI agent, to edge them on. Tell them HOW to do it. Give them advice. They light the fuse. That way, there are no fingerprints leading back to our government.

I won’t go so far as to say there could be some kind of magnetic weapon which I’ve read about, but these shooter are pretty much already on the path to kill.

Sort of like how they did on January 6…inviting all those innocent people to walk INTO the capital, and later, be arrested for doing so. They used THAT as an excuse to fence off the whole place.

In other words they set it up.

Do you really think they care if kids are killed?

When you have Fauci, working with China, to design bioweapons (Gates) to kill millions of people around the globe, do you really think a few kids mean a thing to them?

They’ve GOT to get rid of our guns. They say it over and over. What do you NOT get?

The fact that most people cannot make this connection shows how the dumbing down of America has succeeded beyond comprehension.

What Tucker doesn’t mention here, is that the police were ordered to stand down. The parents were controlled. One woman was arrested, and she got them to take her handcuffs off and then she jumped the fence and went into the school and rescued her two kids.

Some of the officers went and got THEIR kids out. But the others lost theirs, because they were forced to stay away.

They GOT the results they wanted.

So this was all about gettng guns out of America. We are the last nation standing against total tyranny.

Not planned you say?

Mmmmmmm….I stand my ground. It’s my Nobody’s Opinion, and mathematically speaking, these events ALWAYS happen at the perfect time.

And by the way, all the kids were hispanic. The democrats are losing the hispanic vote. Meaning…the GOP governor will not protect them.

The demcorats think Hispanics and blacks are stupid.

Let’s hope, they keep that line of thinking up.

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