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Nobody Flashes Man Husking Coconut

Nobody Flashes

If I ever go to the islands, I want THIS guy to be my tour guide.

Go ahead. Try this at home!


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Snopercod to the Horizon and Beyond!

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a great picture shot by one of my readers…snopercod…who not only took this picture, but built the plane!

Now THAT’s talent.


(Thanks to snopercod for sharing it with everybody.)

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For REAL Inspiration Ladies and Gents….

Nobody Cares

Ah…come on. Nobody Cares if I┬ástart off the weekend with a REAL inspirational dance and some fun, do they?

And FYI…I think the “mean guy” act that Simon puts on is just an act. I really think this guy knows how to make money, and likes old people.


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