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Today, my husband came home to tell me that some of the big wigs of his company had told them at the main office to fire two part-time employees. I won’t mention the name of the company, but I will say, it’s an international one. The problem is, they are shorthanded as it is…and now, not only the sadness of losing a good employee is felt, the rest of the people will have to take up the slack…which means, some of them have small children, and will have to find babysitters and work on weekends. Everyone is losing jobs. You are lucky if you have one.

There has to be a name for this new “depression” that is not, we are told, a depression, because you can get welfare. America is being downsized, and in my Nobody Opinion, it’s on purpose. I wrote an essays on May 3, (Stalin: Walking the Haunted Ghost Towns of Cairo) reacting to the insanity of blowing the levees to save the little town of Cairo, IL, which has just 3,000 houses, and hinted that there was a purpose besides “saving” Cairo. We now see…I was right. The decision to blow more levees, thereby destroying crops and farms, all down the middle of America, and over 25,000 homes, has been made by our federal government, in order to save, they say… NEW ORLEANS…and the port.
The port? Boats float. Give me a break. Welcome to the USSA.
The ONLY thing you hear on the radio is, “Well the good Lord has given us a flood.” Usually this sound bite comes from some old honest and sad farmer. No mention of the hand that our criminal federal government in making such a catastrophe. In the meantime, all eyes are on bin Laden, and his porn, and how brave Obama was.
It’s always the same. They keep us looking the other way, when they are destroying and taking our freedoms. Step by step…inch by inch…you will get used to it.
This was not tornados. They could have let Cairo flood, and the river would have taken care of itself. OR, if they knew this would happen…they could have strengthened the levees over the winter.

nobody thinks this is a planned destruction. The destruction of America. To make food prices go up, and further our downsizing. And if you read THE SHADOW PARTY by David Horowitz, as I did this week, you might come to the same conclusion. In fact, much of what Glenn Beck has been teaching is in this book, and more.
Mostly, the Shadow Party is made up of radical Marxists that have been planning the destruction of America for a very long time..and their leaders, are now in very powerful position. George Soros is the money behind it. He knows how to destroy countries, and he loves doing it. George is the man who started the “Open Society.”
This from the book:

Neil Clark, a British journalists says that the open society is little more than a fig leaf for Soros to hide his greed: Soros deems a society “open” not if it respects human rights and basic freedoms, but if it is “open for him and his associates to make money. and indeed, Soros has made money in every country had has helped to prise “open.” In Kosovo, for example, he had invested $50 m in an attempt to gain control of the Trepca mine complex, where there are vast reserves of gold, silver, lead and other mineral estimated to be worth in the region of $5B. He thus copied a pattern he has deployed to great effect over the whole of eastern Europe: of advocating “shock therapy” and “economic reform’ then swooping in with his associates to by valuable state assets at knockdown prices” Soros invested heavily in smart bombs, laser directed artillery shells and computerized missiles, the same weapons that destroyed Saddam Hussein’s’ army in the Gulf War 16 years later. Soros investment fund did not pay taxes in the US between 1969 and 1986, enjoying a “free ride” that netted him and his investors billions of dollars. Until the American Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed, Soros Quantum Fund legally avoided paying a cent. All Soros philanthropy began in 1987 the first year he and his fund had to pay taxes. Charitable matters are tax deductible and Soros says his aim it to give away half his yearly income, the maximum he can deduct

(Remind you of some other really rich Guys?)

 Soros is a big Saul Alinsky fan, (communist) and Hillary Clinton is Saul’s finest achievement. She was on the Nixon’s impeachment panel, put there by Saul’s friends. Her thesis in College was a 75 page adornment of the man. Harold Ickes, one of her main guys, is a Soros man. Hillary was also a lawyer for the Black Panthers in her younger days. John Podesta, another Clinton man, runs the Soros foundation of The Center for American Progress. Alinsky also made powerful connections with the gangsters of Chicago.
 The Clintons have been longtime buds with Soros, they just keep it quiet. And it was the Clintons, with the help of Soros and his buddy from Harvard, Jeffery Sachs (yes…that Golden Sachs) who broke Russia.
Soros went in with Jeffery, and ousted Gorbachev, with the help of the Clintons. They put in the drunk Yeltsin, and Clinton put Al Gore, Strobe Talbott (his old ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT college roommate) and Lawrence Sumner, (treasury) in charge of making sure that our taxpayers money went to Russia, in the form of…billions. Instead of a democracy, Soros made sure he got into ownership of the second largest oil company in Russia, and it’s steel mills. Billions of taxpayers’ dollars went into offshore accounts, and six Russian business man gained control of 60 percent of Russia’s natural resources, including it precious oil and gas reserves. The Russian called them “oligarchs.” Soros and Sachs used their “shock therapy. in Russia. Russia lifted its price controls, and inflation hit 2,500 percent. The Russian people went up in smoke.
 It’s gettng pretty smokey here.
So…we see all the same players. Hillary, Soros, Gates, Sachs, Wall Street…Soros. Obama is just teleprompter. And you can bet, they are playing their same games all over the middle East, and China.
Come on Joyanna…you are crazy. Well, they siphoned billions to offshore accounts out of the failing Russia, and Soros is spending millions here to do the same. Destroy, and collect, as he did in England.

“When I sold sterling short in 1992, I was in effect taking money out of the pockets of British taxpayers. he admits in the “Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered.” But if I had tried to take social consequences into account, it would have thrown off my risk reward calculation and my profits would have been reduced.” It all comes out in the karmic wash, argues Soros, because once he has executed a deal and made money, he can then use his profits for the betterment of humanity.

Soros has Coward and Piven, Hillary and Bill, Obama, ACORN, the Tides Foundation, Wade Rathke, Wall Street, and thousands of other organization that he finances….and he is buying up more media here.
We are more trouble than just a depression, and the worry about jihadist. Our government is being controlled by monsters who want to destroy us…these people are criminals. Real criminals. And nobody is reporting it. Not even Glenn Beck….because, he will no longer be there.
Buy this book. Then buy yourself a bottle of vodka…you’re going to need it.

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