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Being a Good Asexual Scout

Nobody Wins

So, THIS is how you get a future voting base for the Democrats: You confuse the sexes, make them EQUAL in every way, and then announce that women will make better leaders in Congress.

And you start training them when they’re young to be future asexuals.

You merge the boy scouts with the girls scouts. You realized you can’t do this all at once of course, so you just let some of the girls in the boys. Better the girls into the boys than vice versa.

Yes, nobody complained much when gays in the boy scouts were considered a pretty good deal, but when the boy scouts announced that they would allow GIRLS into their organization, everybody went uh…okay. Equality. Uh…that’s good.

Why would they want their daughters to be in the boy scouts when they could join the girl’s scouts?

Because they have peas for brains. 

Every town has a few tomboys. Heck, I was one. But it wasn’t my dream to go away on camping trips with a bunch of boys.

It’s the NEW social engineering that’s been going on at every level in ‘progressive’ schools.

The girl’s scouts put up with it, until now: The boy scouts changed their name to just ‘Scouts” and now…it’s causing mass confusion: 

For example, some Minnesota families looking to sign up their girls were erroneously told the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts have merged. Meanwhile, in Indiana and South Dakota, some parents mistakenly signed up their daughters to girls’ programs in the Boy Scouts.

This is all about getting the ‘sexes’ used to share tents, showers, bathrooms, etc, and if we have any trouble with the teenage scouts being two weeks in a tent out in the woods., well, that’s okay too.

It will help them all learn to have sex and abortions at a younger age.

Clearly, people in the world are NOT speaking up enough about what is being done to their kids by politicians.

I can just hear the tent conversation now at ‘Scouts” camp Okinawa:

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

What could go wrong? God help the girl who is sleeping in tent 25 with six other twelve-year-old boys and she is a size 34C.

Hey, I would have wanted to join the boy scouts when I was a girl. When I was a brownie and they told me I HAD to learn to cook at age six, I rebelled and told my mother “I Quit.” I wanted to learn how to play baseball.

Still, we all know what happens when you hit puberty.

And yet: Let’s just not talk about.

What they should have done is added more interesting stuff to the girls scouts, like building forts, chemistry, or being mechanical…give badges to the more tomboyish girls.

Let them enjoy their childhood. Soon enough, mother nature takes over and going up to bat against the Boston Red Sox is pretty much out of your league if you are a girl. But the ‘Scouts” will teach you that you CAN be on the Red Sox’s! It’s your RIGHT!

Are you ready for that Boston?

Nobody Wins when the social engineering of future generations of our kids includes trying to make them forget that they ARE different.

Nothing good, can come of this. And I’m glad the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts.

Progressives should support that legal action. Why?

Because the ‘girls’ are fighting back.

Isn’t that what you WANT them to do?


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