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Future Doctors VS Future Teacher=FUBAR

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This week’s vast imperfections is a toss-up between the teachers of Wisconsin who are protesting the cuts in their pay by skipping school, and the doctors standing on the corners handing out fake excuse forms for them to take back. The scary thing about this, is THESE are your future doctors folks..because doctors like this good man, Dr. David Janda,  (see video) are going to retire come 2013.

And these are our teachers. Is it any wonder that our kids are at the bottom?

If a doctor thinks so little of his profession, that he will hand out fake “excuse” cards just to support a cause, that’s the doctor that will take you off life support in a liberal heartbeat minute, because he feels so superior to everyone…and wants to feel good about helping the world get rid of one more expensive old person.

BUT…not all doctors are going to cave in, as we see here. And not all teachers were at the rally.

This good doctor proves that the “death” panels are already set up and ready to go. Computers are already in the offices, Big Brother is already there. I don’t know about you: it’s one thing to get a pay cut, it’s quite another to be refused medical treatment and handed a death sentence.

Maybe Reagan wasn’t just kidding when he said before going on the operation table, “I hope you are all Republicans.” That was pretty smart…just in case…something went wrong.
So who wins the NOBODY’S PERFECT award for the week?

What do you think? I say it’s a toss-up.

February 21, 2011 - Posted by | communism, Obama, Obamacare, schools, teachers


  1. One wonders whether America has left it too late to have the health system that is workable. It may be that history and national Character have developed to an impass.

    There are two distinct ‘themes’ in the American character that are reflected in America’s history and political divide. The drive to Independance was from the start (imho)(very h) an overbearing one that eschewed communality; while that very drive to commonality remained alive and struggling. The latter is seen so often in America’s history, with Presidents who are barely differentiated from the Communists/Fascists that europe experienced, except for such far reaching, disasterous effects.

    Other nations in the anglophile world have managed to live with the tensions of the same character drives (Labour/Conservative: Democrat/Republican) and their expressions exhibited in the health systems. In those other nations there was a ‘co-operation’ which while different in extent between them nonetheless prevented the fighting and the dismantling that could have happened. The health systems wanted, designed, implemented and paid-for were a ‘compromise/symbiosis/parallel’ which enabled and facilitated a sense of safety and priority.

    Most have Private, Public and Charity elements that work together, underpinned by a funding arrangement contributed to by all, who include those can afford a basic financial input right through to those with exceptional wealth. Those latter can, and are encouraged to, pay additional for private health insurance. It is’patient oriented’ regardless and the Government’s role is to ensure ‘standards’ are maintained in all provisions. The same standards.

    What we in Oz have never had is this oddity of ‘Employers’ paying for the health insurance of employees. This seems to be the only concession that the ‘Independant’ American seems to have overlooked and which we ‘furriners’ find peculiar. Employers here may ‘arrange’ additional private insurance , but the cost is a ‘benefit’ calculated into total remuneration cost. I should imagine it is there too but seems to be an expectation. Maybe someone can explain that to me and why it seems to suddenly disappear when someone loses their job.

    In the Oz system, health is paid for by a very small impost on salary. 1.5%. A Tax, if you will. It covers those not employed for whatever reason. The average Oz person seems to be far more Independant and responsible for paying than his American cousin, yet few ‘Democrats/ Labourites here would see themselves as Conservative for it. And the average Conservative voting Joe who would have little or no love for Labour would not consider himself a ‘Commie Bastard’ for supporting a public health system.

    I could go on a long time on this matter, but as I am an expert in neither your systems nor ours, I fear I may only muddy the waters. But I can see the only hope for Americans having a satisfactory system is if it does as Taiwan has. That is, Start Again from scratch, design it to be the best and get the Politics, Fear and Hubris out of it.


    Comment by Amfortas | April 26, 2012 | Reply

  2. There will be a panel of 13, one of which is Rahm Emanuel’s brother, who helped devise this system and will decide the fate of every procedure, who can get it, and when.

    The is a fact. It’s in Obamacare. Call it “lovely” if you like, but it takes the decisions out of the doctors hands and puts it into people who want to triage the population.

    The doctors will diagnose..send it in to the govenment, and it will be the govenment who decides who will get the procedure and who will not.

    Obamacare will be so expensive that most of the busnesses will not be able to aford paying for health care for their employees so they will just drop it. After so many years, most everyone will be “mandated” to be on the plan.

    Forced or fined.

    The Congress on the other hand, will have their own private insurance.
    Now, amfortas says Australia’s health care system is very good. And if your boyfriend is young, than I am sure Canada’s system is okay.

    The reason the medical system here got all screwed up was when the HMO’s were introduced. Get the govenment into anything, and the price always go up.

    But I stick by my “gas chamber” comment. The Nazi’s made the Jews get naked, and had them run in front of them…and they put the old ones in the line to the gas chamber.

    In Obamacare, you will have a panel of 13, that will look at your stats, and if you have cancer at 65, or a stroke, you will get no care, you will go to a hospice.

    Obama has talked about this. So Liza, when you are 65 and they find a cancerous tumor and they refuse to operate due to the shortage of doctors, or the cost, and you really find that you very happy to not live another five to ten years…that’s your choice.

    As for me, I’d want the operation…I don’t believe in old people dying for the “good” of the many.

    The only difference between Obamacare and the Nazi’s final solution is it’s done under the happy face of “fairness” to the taxpayers.

    And yes, the death panels are here now…and it’s only going to get worse. What the govenment did, was create the problem (Hilarycare that WAS implemented under the guise of HMO’s) and then when it got so bad, they came in with the solution…OBAMACARE.

    It’s an obomination. And hey, I should shut up and blog about it.

    Oh…and what if my son can’t come up with the money to pay for his Obamacare?
    He’ll be fined and put in jail.

    Right. Maybe there he would finally get the help he needs.


    Comment by joyannaadams | April 25, 2012 | Reply

  3. With all due respect “Obama gas chambers”? This is pure propaganda. The issues your son face are caused by the huge cost of our current health care system and believe it or not an immigrant would not be given this operation at any discounted price. The people who benefit from this? Private insurance companies who currently can and do make huge profits while average people live in misery because they can’t afford coverage. My boyfriend is Canadian and adores his health care system as the vast majority of Canadians do.

    Obama attempted to get a “public option”, (note the word option) so our society would be a mix of public and private insurers and if you are wealthy and can afford private insurance (which most of us can’t) you can do so, but if not there will be a meaningful alternative. Republicans shot down that alternative. They have used fear, the most powerful tool of all, to prevent changes to this system which would allow people like your son and many many others to access the health care THEY NEED. Every other 1st world country has a public option… we’re being hung out to dry. Not by some apocalypse death panel fantasy the Republicans conjure up, but every single day by our completely real current failed system. The death panels are now and they’re all about who can and can’t cough up the cash.


    Comment by Lisa | April 25, 2012 | Reply

  4. Well said amfortas. it’s not that health care for the poor is not a good thing,…our health care costs, since Hillary Clinton got involved with the HMO’s are so out of touch, it’s breaking everyone’s back.

    My son, needs back surgery. He cannot afford it. He is only 31. He has five slipped disc and a chipped bone sticking on a nerve.He lives in pain, and must still work.

    He’s a personal trainer…can you imigine? And he has no wife that works for the government.

    The operation will be astronimical. If he were an illegal immigrant, he could get it…without paying a dime.

    Even if the family sold all our houses and assets, we still couldn’t afford it.

    But he was born in America. He Is a private contractor, and health care is now unaffordable. So yes, our system is horrible.

    On the other hand, Obama has set up a system where the government will decide who lives…and who dies.

    And if the doctors go not go along….jail.

    It’s the Obama gas chambers and it MUST be stopped.

    It’s the universal death care…there’s nothing healthy about it. And it will not be only the old that dies.

    Damn the man, and all who voted for it.


    Comment by joyannaadams | February 22, 2011 | Reply

  5. Clearly with finite resources there will be some occasions when some people will not get the healthcare needed to prolong their lives. But the very idea that some ‘person’, a bureaucrat not in the consulting room, who has no idea what the patient is experiencing has no business getting between the patient and the doctor and nature.

    I have listened to this video and heard the position expressed. It is a horror.

    I would like to hear the opposing, pro-Obamacare stance to be able to decide between them. But I expect it would be weasel-words. I an willing to be disabused.

    This is not to say that I disagree with ‘Public Health’. I am not a ‘Socialist’ by any stretch of imagination, but I have lived in societies with wholly private medicine, wholly public medicine and a mix of the two. I far prefer the mix of the two. Both the others have significant failings.

    All systems have failings. No system is likely to reach perfection. But a wholly centralised and ‘commanded’ system is likely (and proves ) to be more inadequate for the patient as a wholly ‘private’ one, which has its dangers.

    Obama had the opportunity to introduce some needed changes to the health cover of Americans who despite all the gumf and expressions of hubris appear to have health care at a far less adequate level than most other western countries. Obama has failed miserably to show the leadership needed BY THE PEOPLE who need it.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 21, 2011 | Reply

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