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Nobody’s Opinion:

It’s been a long time since I couldn’t put a book down, but that’s been the case with Mark Steyn’s masterpiece, American Alone: The End of the World As we Know it. I started it yesterday, and ended up reading it through, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and now, I’ve got it on my lap while I write this, racing towards the last page.

Mark’s book is all about the most imminent threat to us all, the one that will lead us into the dark ages. It’s not the stock market, the elections, Obama’s health care, a horrible virus, or earthquakes…it’s the population, stupid. Most of the Western civilizations: Japan, England, Italy, Spain, Germany..are not having enough babies to sustain their bloated welfare systems. And so, to do the jobs that good “Westerners” won’t do…they bring in..the Muslims.

And Muslims, do not assimilate. They have no plans on becoming “democratized.”‘ And therefore, it’s the same old fight from years ago…the West against the East. Except now, we have leaders that bend over backwards to their every command. After 9/11, President Bush went to a Mosque. The White House has to celebrate Ramadan, every year.

Did we give Japanese tea parties after Pearl Harbor? I don’t think so.

My own Mayor insulted me when I was worried about my Muslims neighbors making bombs, he said, “Hey, why don’t you just move.”

Hey…I was here first. In just one year, they have bought up the five houses surrounding them, flew in all their other Muslim relatives, and they stay hidden. They are surrounded by American flags, but how long before many of my neighbors take our Mayor’s advise and really do move?

The Muslims are reproducing and infiltrating other nations at astounding pace. They will soon outnumber the West in sheer population alone. And that’s how they have always conquered in history. Put the Mosque up next to the church, and multiply…use the Western welfare system if you can. Parasites.

Mark says, when speaking about the vast numbers of Muslims in England: “Welfare addiction over demographic reality.” In other words, the few natives left do not car a fig about their country, only that they get their pension, vacations, and short working hours.

Like a wise enemy, their plan is to conquer us from within, using our own laws…and we let them.

“Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive the 21th century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most European countries.”

Pat Buchanan has been writing about this for years, but Mark put it all into a much more intense focus. For instance, he blames America for footing the bill for Europe’s defense, which is one of the reasons Europe had enough money to spend on their cushy welfare states. With nanny states, he says, “We are the children we never had.”

And Mark is incredibly funny too. One of my favorite lines was when he was describing how Muslim men were afraid that when they shook an unbeliever’s hand that their penis  would ‘melt into their body.’
“I know the feeling: The same thing happened to me after shaking hands with Senator Clinton.” said Mark. ” The vanishing penis hysteria was spread by cell phones and text messaging. ”

I think that’s a rumor worth twittering, don’t you?

Mark likes Bush’s plan to send democracy to the Muslim world. And Bush himself has said, he will be dead before he knows if it succeeded. But, you can’t spread freedom to a people who do not want it, nevertheless, he seems to think doing something is better than doing nothing in that regard.

Tonight, we are watching another dictator going down. Gadafi is gone. And I’m sure Obama, will take credit for giving the Muslims guns to do it. But does America really win here? People think that Islam could never take over our country. But we elected a President who insisted on his Muslim name. He finds the Muslim religion well and good. We may be in more danger than even Mark will admit.

I don’t think Obama is “freeing” the Muslim nation for democracy. He is using the Unites Sates resources to put in power the Muslim brotherhoods that Saudi Arabia prefers. But that’s just my  Nobody Opinion.
The real truth is we should start thinking sooner rather than later about defending our Western Civilization.

Britain did a lot of good. Mark sticks up for empire. He pointed out…What would India have become without the British influence?

“Britain was never an unrivaled colossus even at its zenith. Yet today in language, law, politics, business, and the wider culture, there is simply nothing comparable in scale or endurance to the Britannic inheritance. “

So, what’s a nobody to do? After reading the book, my husband and I walked the dogs. We do not have sidewalks here, so our dogs walk on people’s yards to avoid the cars. My husband has always told me to keep the dogs off the Muslim’s yard. But tonight, I let them walk on the whole side of the Muslim yard. If my dogs are good enough to walk on everybody else’s lawn, then I will make no exception for them.”
It’s time we start saying, “You came to MY neighborhood. This is how we do it here. ”

If they can do it..then so can we.    Damn the cultural torpedoes….One small step for a nobody..

One big step for my dogs.

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