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EU…Don’t Drink the Water, but Hand Over Your Country

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Just when you think our government can’t get any worse, we must wonder about what’s happening in the EU. Not only did they hire 21 of their hot-shot professors to do a study about water, (who obviously went to college in Cuba) they have now decided that water does not hydrate you. And if you sell water and put that on your bottle label, you can be fined and put in jail.

Just about every man, woman, and elephant on this planet knows that you can live without food for over three weeks, but if you go without water for over 4 days, you will probably die. So, I suggest that all the EU “Technocrats” who want to kick out all nationally elected leaders, (which they did with Italy and Greece) and put themselves in charge…should never get another drop of soda, water, beer, wine, fact anything of the sort.

If water even touches their lips…put them in jail.

Here we see a great bashing of the dweeby idiots, by Britain’s Nigel Farage. He really went after the whole fascist lot of them. Nobody Wishes our “republican” leaders would stand up and shout like this man.

We could use some of that here.


(Thanks to amfortas.)

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