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Nobody’s Perfect: Barney Frank VS Maxine Waters

Nobody’s Perfect

I hate it when that happens; You know, you hear some good news, and THEN you realize, although something really creepy just left, (Barney Frank) you then find out that it’s going to be replaced by an even creepier event. (Maxine Waters on steroids) It would be as if you got the news that your home insurance just went down, but your car insurance just went up past the amount you were going to save. Or if you found out that a store right down the street is selling that turkey cooker you’ve been wanting, but you have to pay a hefty membership fee just to be able to shop at the store.

Wait—What  AM I saying? NO…the news today was MUCH worse.

Pray tell Joyanna, —-don’t keep us in suspense.

First, the man who somehow got reelected in his home state to Congress, even though everyone knew he was running a gay prostitution business out of his basement, and who almost singlehandedly crashed the housing industry, which we are told (And who believes this?) crashed the rest of the world..leaving Ben Bernanke transferring trillions to banks overseas for Barney’s mistake….is retiring!

Halllaluya…halll. le lu yah, hall le lu ya, hall le lu Yah…HALLLLLLLL LEEEEEE LUUUU……………………….uh…wait.

It’s possible, that a woman who sleeps not only with sharks, but two tons of heavy facial night cream: a woman who never met a communist she didn’t like, is going to take over his job as the keeper of the keys, the Lord of the finance, the Pimpress of Socialism, racism, and whatever else she can fork out to get her way, Maxine Waters would be taking over Barney’s job at the head of The Financial Service Committee.

You’re kidding? That’s like replacing Attila the Hun with Genghis Khan having a bad hair day. 

Maxine will then be able to have a say in where ALL our tax money goes, (It’s offical, I’m painting my body black) and so she said this today:

“Working side by side with Barney on housing issues, flood insurance, investor and consumer protections and financial regulatory reform, especially on the Dodd-Frank conference committee, has resulted in some of my proudest moments as a legislator,” she said.  Barney is a fighter for fairness in financial services and civil rights for all, including minorities and LGBT Americans. Because of his leadership, the Financial Services Committee has been one of the most productive committees in Congress.”

No WONDER they are telling us to stock up on food. Could it get any worse?

Well yeah. Barney could replace Biden as Obama’s running mate, and run his prostitution rings from the White House.

Nobody’s sorry…uh…did I just say that? Okay, watch this.

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