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John Perkins: American Hitman Wants to Hit YOU!

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One night last month, I was listening to Alex Jones on the radio, and he was interviewing John Perkins, the author of The Secret History of the American Empire. Alex seemed to like John, and the man pretty much went along with everything that Alex said. He gave very sweeping answers and agreed with Alex about the elites taking over the world…you know…that’s Alex’s thing, and so, I got John’s book from the library.

What’s it about? How America goes around the world, and with the World Bank, makes loans to poor countries, knowing these countries cannot pay back those loans, so the many companies and the dictators they work with, make off like bandits by building electric, roads, and taking whatever resources that country has: Gold, minerals, oil..etc….and the people stay poor.

He really thinks that America is plundering the world.

The deeper I got into the book, the more it started to reek of…BS., and I started wondering if Alex had even READ this book, because he was sort of..promoting the guy.  John says he worked as an economic hit man for major companies, and by the end of the book, I felt like I should go wash my hands.

The book was bleeding red all over me.

And there was one section that put it all into “WTF am I reading?” category really strong.

According to John…Daddy Bush bombed Panama because…well read it for yourself:

Rumors that George W. was photographed doing coke and having kinky sex during the time his father was president. There was a theory in Latin America that Noriega had used incriminating photos of the younger Bush and his cronies to convince the older Bush, to side with the Panamanian administration on key issuers. In retaliation, H.W. invaded Panama and hustled Noriega off to a Miami prison. The building housing Noriega confidential files had been incinerated by bombs: as a side effect, more than two thousand innocent civilians were burned to death in Panama City that day in December 1989. Many people claimed that this theory offered the only logical explanation for violently attacking a nation without an army and that posed too threat to the U.S.


Now…who am I to say this DIDN’T happen? I can’t say for sure. But what I can say is that if you read the rest of the book, he sounds too comfy with Muslims and communist dictators like Chavez and Castro, and you get the feeling that, yep— Here’s another disinformation propaganda minister, getting on all the conservative talk shows to act like they agree with them, and then start promoting the ‘America is evil’ program. And swearing they are truly American patriots.

Alex Jones does not endorse communism, so Nobody Knows if he knew the radical leftist that he had on his program…but I’ve been seeing this happen for years. People that are the, “we need to go back to the stone age, we are ruining the earth, cars are evil, people are evil, but Islam is really a peaceful nation” bandwagon really truly are out to change the world, and they start by making America Allah’s bulls- eye.

Another reason I didn’t like the book is because he put in a chapter about meeting this really attractive prostitute (obviously he traveled for that perk) and to this Nobody, he was bragging about his sex life.

Show me a man who gets his sex mostly with prostitutes and I’ll show you a liar, and a Secret Service  wannabe

At the end of the book, you get a “global citizen” lecture: Don’t go shopping, jog: Buy at thrift stores: Write letters to Coca Cola: Cut back on gas and oil consumption: Downsize your whole life: Send money to non-profit organizations (He has TWO!): Volunteer your time: Drink tap water: Discuss pollution: Encourage taxes on gas, clothes, and electricity: and by all means, run for office!

So, Nobody Knows if the stuff John reports in his book is true or not…probably some of it is: but one thing is certain, John Perkins is a hit man for your pocket book.

If you want to study leftist propaganda: Do yourself a favor–don’t buy it, get it at your local library.

As for Alex Jones? Should I write him a letter and tell him that John Perkins is pretty much a communist?


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  1. “…..make off like bandits by building electric, roads, and taking whatever resources that country has: Gold, minerals, oil..etc….and the people stay poor.
    He really thinks that America is plundering the world.”

    Now where have I seen that before? Oh yes, Three Hundred Years of the British Empire, apart from having the ‘people stay poor’, bit. And not just roads and railways, hospitals and elecricity, but Institutions, education, Law, Government, language, peace between disparate tribes etc etc.

    But Britain was of course also ‘blamed’ for developing mutually beneficial trading where there was non before; investing money and men in developing Industries in foreign countries and mutually beneficial work for the indigenes; creating entire cities and infrastructure in far-flung places across the seas which now are Great by any measure (see Singapore and Hong Kong, and even dozens of places in the USA which didn’t exist before the British laid them down and planted them). Heck we even had one now Great and ungreatful beneficiary country declare war on us, throw us out and steal all the invested blood and treasure. That was back in the 1700’s sometime and it is still celebrated for some strange cognitively dissonant reason. The British were accused of plundering then, too, after asking the traders (not the poor people) to pay a 2c tax to protect their goods at sea.



    Comment by Amfortas | June 20, 2012 | Reply

    • Okay…the plunderers of the 1776 revolution were of the same family. LOL! But, hey…thanks for the great “rule of law” that our founders set up, emulating their British founders. America has ALWAYS been thankful for the legacy…unlike other countries we know.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | June 20, 2012 | Reply

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