Joyanna Adams

Nobody's Opinion

Somewhere Tonight…

Nobody Flashes

Somewhere tonight in America…

Somewhere tonight in New York, bombs are going off, set by evil people who mean to kill.

Somewhere tonight (it’s 10.43 pm on Saturday night) a newborn baby is off to sleep, the mother exhausted.

Somewhere tonight, a woman goes home alone: lonely. A little drunk.

Somewhere tonight, a black man shoots another black man on the streets of Chicago.

Somewhere tonight, lovers kiss, make love, than watch TV, munching on Potato chips.

But somewhere tomorrow, IF it’s nowhere near Miami Beach, a ladybug will fly, with no one to witness it.

And at least more than half of the people in America will go through their whole lives thinking…that ladybugs don’t fly.

God keeps his most precious gems alive, and hidden…thankfully, away from us all.

What little we know.


September 17, 2016 - Posted by | Life

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