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Nobody’s Fool: Bill O’Reilly

Nobody’s Fool

Sadly, we heard today that Bill O’Reilly got “fired” from Fox.

Well, gee…now I am sure I can get rid of my cable.

We are hearing that the reason he was fired, was that many women complained about how Bill came on ‘sexually’ to them, and advertisers were leaving.

Right. Sure. More like the globalists are getting MAD. They are now going after all conservatives any way they can.

Did he hurt them in any way? Drug them like Bill Cosby? It seems to me whatever he did was probably legal, but in this day and age, women can get a lot of money by saying they were “harassed” and evidently he paid out a lot to shut them up.

Bill O’Reilly was the King of Fox News. His opening commentary alone was worth turning into. My son never misses his show, and has all his books, and so, what’s left for the conservative millennials?

Listen to this great rant by Bill. He nailed it. Is it any wonder that the liberals hate him?

It truly was great. He was the best at what he did. And now they are smearing his name forever.

The ‘progressives’ HAVE to control the airways. Bill helped Trump get elected. Not to mention, he told the truth about so many things. I liked how he tried to teach vocabulary at the end of his show.

Rupert Murdoch’s sons, are taking over….and who knows what will happen to FOX. My sense is, FOX has been also been losing viewers since they attacked Trump just as much as the liberal stations…and people got tired of it. I certainly did.

Karl Rove got way too much airplay. And no doubt, the Bushes, who seem to have control over much of that station, didn’t like Bill either.

Anyway, Bill O’Reilly wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for having such a spectacular career….and for giving us his usual brilliant opinions and words of advice, night after night, after night.

Thanks for “Looking out for us” Mr. O’Reilly, all those years.

Take a nice vacation, you deserve it.

And don’t forget….We’ll be looking out now, for YOU!



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