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Nobody Remembers Warren Shore

Nobody Remembers…

Social Security…every politician will tell you DON’T touch it! After all, to Americans, it’s THEIR money…and the government told them they could have it back when they retired.

(Laugh here.) And you will be taxed on it WHEN you take it.

Remember when President George W. Bush went on his ‘reforming Social Security’ tour?

Nobody does…

But while everybody knows Social Security is bankrupt, I do remember Bush did a horrible job trying to sell to the American people that investing their money would give them more when they retired.

All you have to do is realize how the top 1 percent has benefited from investing, and wonder WHY the American people don’t get it.

Too bad Warren Shore wasn’t around to help President Bush.

In 1974, Warren Shore did a series of articles that were published in Chicago Today…and here are a few pointers from Mr. Shore for us to remember…

From the Annals of America Volume 20

Here are some startling facts: (Remember nobodies out there…it’s 1974 when he wrote this.)

During the last 20 years, the taxes we pay for Social Security have grown a staggering 800 per cent…more than 10 times the cost of living rise for the same years.

The Social Security restrictions against earning more than a poverty wage ($2,880) per year while drawing benefits remain in full force until age 72, when more than 99 percent of Americas are either fully retired or dead.

More than half of all America taxpayers pay more out to the Social Security administration than they pay in income tax, and the percentage is growing.

How could the system called “a ray of hope” in 1937 when it was enacted, have become what University of California economist Pete Somers recently termed “the biggest single roadblock to the security of the American wage earner.”?

The System now takes so much for the U.S. paycheck that saving is discouraged.

Intended to help the low-income worker, Social Security is instead paying maximum benefits to those who can afford not to work, and reduce benefits to those who must work.

By 1948 Social Security took $12.60 for every $100 we could save. By 1950 the payroll bite had grown to $20.40 for every $100, and by 1955 it was $36.20 for every $100 in household savings.

The tax that was supposed to encourage saving continued to grow faster than Americans could afford to save. In 1960, average yearly household saving in the richest country in the world had slumped to $320 a dismal 140 per cent drop in 18 years.

(Now, it’s not much better.)

That year Social Security took $63.90 for every $100 we still had left

In 1773, the Social Security administration took $84 dollars to every $100 we saved.

Milton Friedman has termed the last 20 years of Social Security “a crushing defeat for the average wage earner.


Everyone would be better off getting dividends from their money.

But while all the politicians say that the American people will not let them reform it, Nobody Thinks that the Social Security Tax is what keeps all the millions of illegals fed, housed, and reproducing. Congress needs to keep that supply flowing.

But…at what price? Social Security fraud costs more than 10 BILLION a year.

So, they steal your money out of your check, give it to those who don’t deserve it, give you less when you retire, and in the meantime, due to the Federal Reserve devaluing the dollar by propping up the rich, your Social Security is worth less and you will be eating grilled cheese if you’re lucky enough to live to be 90.

Meanwhile, someone else is getting what you worked hard for…

If it was yours to invest…then NO one could touch it.

But if that happened THEY couldn’t control it, could they?

And that’s why Nobody Remembers Warren Shore, except me.



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