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Nobody’s Fool: Alan Dershowitz

Nobody’s Fool

This morning I saw some x GOP Senator from New Hampshire on MSNBC pleading for the cabinet to use the 25th amendment and take out President Trump.

The man himself was insane.

And this nonsense is going on all over MSNBC, CNN and your daily on the hour radio news flash.

In-between of course the media pushing Oprah for President.

Because of that, I thought this week’s award should go to Alan Dershowitz, who didn’t even vote for Trump, but explains that trying to take out the President by claiming he’s insane, is done in Russia, China, and just about every communists country you can think of.

So, Congratulations Alan! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the Week! 

It’s good to know there’s at least ONE sane democrat still living. Now, get the other nut/jobs to start thinking like you.

A big task I know, but, even if you can get to a few hundred, that is all we can ask.

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