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Nobody JUST Discovered the Hyperbaric Chamber of Life

Nobody Knows

“WHAT DID YOU DO!!” I shouted at the doctor. “My mother was talking as if NOTHING had happened. She was happy, she was asking about the food, the nurses, me, everything! She hasn’t talked in 6 months, then…WHAT DID YOU DO!!”

I was pretty hysterical. I was in the same old hospital that I had spent years in, dealing with my parents who both had suffered strokes.

As I was trying to get answers out of this doctor, I looked over to the bed and noticed that my mother had relapsed back into her usual comatose state.

She had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, months ago, and was back in the hospital because the home nurse had not taken good care of her…and even though my mother couldn’t talk, she understood every word I said, even though the doctors said she was brain-dead.

She was getting worse by the day, and I didn’t understand it.

“Mom, are you dehydrated? Should we go to the hospital?” I asked her…

“She looked up at me and nodded yes.”

So that’s why she was back in the hospital. But this time, unlike all the other times she had been there, she started talking! As if nothing whatsoever had happened. As if the stroke had never happened. As if she was in the hospital for the flu or something. As if, the last six months had never even happened.

And even though she was paralyzed, she was sitting up, moving her arms, laughing…in any other measure, it was a miracle. Truly, I could NOT believe my eyes.

The doctor was clearly annoyed that I started following him out the door and down the hall.

“What do you want me to do?” he snapped back at me.

“She’s talking! She talked all night! I want you to find out what you did differently. Because her talking only lasted about 12 hours, and now she is back to not talking.”

“Well, we gave her oxygen.” Surely there was some drug…something they gave her.

“That’s it?”


“Well, give her some more, Please.”

The doctor said nothing, and walked away.

That was the last time I heard my mother speak.

Needless to say, they didn’t give her oxygen.

Yesterday, I was reading about the horrible suffering of our soldiers who are dealing with PTSD. And one doctor said that he had a returning soldier that he was treating. He was so bad, his wife and family had almost given up on him.

The doctors in the VA put these soldiers on drugs, which of course, never work. They usually end up killing themselves…every day. Three soldiers a day kill themselves from PTSD.

But THIS doctor cured this solder, and his brain trauma with the hyperbaric chamber, and the right nutrition.

Haven’t heard of this? Neither have I, but it’s proven to actually heal brain damage. And it’s not just PTSD, also people who have suffered from sex abuse, or any traumatic injury.

Football players are coming back from serous injuries, and being helped with this.

And as you can see from this video, the sports world knows all about this, and all the sports players use these chambers.

So WHY do we not have these hyperbaric chambers in every hospital? Why aren’t doctors treating their stroke victims with this technology?

It’s just…OXYGEN for God’s sake, How expensive is that?

Or could it be, that they really don’t want anybody over 50 to live very long…for the simple fact that older people are a strain on the Social Security Ponzi scam? 

I think we all know the answer to that.

So this nobody is going to start finding a place with these chambers, and there are quite a few video’s on this.

Oh…it also helps patients with cancer…just so you know.

Oxygen can revitalize and heal cells?

Could it really be that simple?

Nobody Knows. 

And more importantly, why the Sam Hill did NO doctor EVERY mention this cure in all the years I have spent in hospitals.

Thank you Dr. Phil McGraw: Read his book” PTSD Breakthrough

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